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About (or: RoC according to andy)

Ruins Of Chaos was developed in 2008 by Dennis Field and Tim Potter, because they liked clicking and something something something. I honestly forget, it was a lot about hating Kings Of Chaos because the admins were jackasses that got rich by never maintaining their game, and clicking. The game was hosted by Andrew Townsend, who sometimes had to sleep at the datacenter because he was really bad at hosting and stuff kept exploding.

Tim and Dennis both moved on to other things, such as real life, and/or women; the kind of stuff we ignore around here. They dropped the game in Andrew's lap, and he was really bad at running the game as well as hosting it.

Brad Palmer and Zach Stein were both brought in to take over while Andrew drank himself silly, but that didn't work because Brad is British, and Zach had a mental breakdown where he saw zebras in bathing suits wandering down the streets of Philadelphia. This probably actually happened, because Philadelphia sucks like that, and you'd have to be on drugs to live there anyway, but Zach still quit before actually finishing anything. Andrew was once again stuck with coding and hosting, and had to cease drinking himself silly for a time.

In 2010, Andrew decided that he'd let someone else be bad at hosting, and started paying Carnage some money and blow to host it for him. He's still bad at coding, so he hired some guy he found in a park to do some coding for him. This will probably end badly.
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