? Coup D`Etat ?

                  ?    RIP OUR QUEEN AGRONA    ?

Grivarin bows for the Queen

All of CDE mourn more then we can tell!

? Coup D`Etat ?

? We mourn the loss of hama2, a great player and a long time friend. May he now rest in peace and be pain free. Our hearts go out to his family and fellow friends who held him close to their hearts. ? ? RiP hama2 ?

??? The last TRUE Sabber Squad ???

~ Sab one of us, you get sabbed by all of us ~

We will sab you for failed recons , sabs, probes, multiple hits or hits for crap gold .. You have been warned!

~~ If you are being sabbed by CDE do not bother asking why. We call it pest control. ~~

?? CDE For Life! ??

..:: Adapt and Overcome ::.. ..:: Only the Strong will Survive this Chaos ::..

...::RiP BSS::... You were great before the infection.