The Company

The Company
Clan rules:.
We sab low hits. Less than 3 turns we consider low as do most people who've played this game for a while.
We allow and encourage in chain hits
In chain sabs and probes are NOT allowed
if your alliance profile says you do not follow other alliances policies.. we will not follow yours. Seems fair :)

Battlefield rules:
2 x Hit in a 24hr period
14 x Hits in seven days
3 x TBG (minimum)
Probing = Sabs
Sabs = Sabs
Hits for less than 3 turns and defended hits = Sabs
All unprovoked sabs will warrant further actions
You cannot use crate hunting as an excuse for breaching any of the above policies.

BF Diplomat: SilverSurfer

Thanks to our allies and friends: To all of the members of Underworld and Wolfpack, it was great fun having Dexters Sabortory, I hope we will do it again sometime. Great job Killing Squad for winning Age 22!
Dexters Sabortory retires undefeated!

The Company has wins in age:
21-Ultra, history is lost, but we won't forget TC winning with Ultra account
0 gold lost and 1 tril. less SOV!!
22-KillingSquad as Dexters saboratory with Underworld!
29- SonicRage - Very special thanks to Wolves and Kings main Feril for the unforgettable sell near the end. Cheers!
33- SonicRage- As Wolf Company with Wolves and Kings. Thanks to all TC and Wolves and Kings that level of participation and cooperation both ages!
Age 32 #2 Malian,
Age 33 #1 SonicRage.
Age 36 #1 STEWnBaYern

Other notable finishes: Age 20 DS_TC #2, Age 23:SonicRage #3, Age 24 KronicDeath #3, Age 25: SilverSufer #2, #3 in clicks, Stoney #1 clicker!
Age 31 SonicRage-TC #2 Raiderfan8476 #7

Age 30 Gramps # 3 (personal best)
Score: 22