Noone With Attitudez

LMAO - SPLoP bold_ally (not active) - banned for AC

Wassup?! This N.W.A.!!!

We doin' things a bit different this age. We want that bread, we want that cheddar, we want that #1 rank.

Y'all trippin' if you think we don't back up our members here. We all tight and ain't nobody here getting disrespected this age.

Last age was good shiz, getting 5 of them 10 high ranks, but you cant blame a crew for wanting a bit more. We putting the whole game on notice now, we competing with you this age.

If this sounds like the crew for you, hit up Tupac_Shakur or Easy-E, spit em a rhyme, and we'll get you in the crib dawg.

Don't touch our shiz policy:

Y'all better hit for minimum four turns or we be bumpin'. If y'all get excited and hit more than twice in 24 hours, we be bumpin'. If y'all try and get cute wit probes and sabs, we be bumpin'. If any y'all even try and take our bread while we are online, we really going to get bumpin'.

If y'all respect that policy, we gon' be straight

Any 1ssu3s, pl3as3 contact: Easy-E or Nothing2Do


Ag3 24: A_Man_Has_No_Nam3 #5 ov3rall w1th no s3lls and no growth from cl1cks tr1ckl3d up(Solo Ag3). #3 cl1ck3r

Ag3 25: Nothing2Do #6 overall, #2 clicker Mister_Poker #9 overall

Ag3 26: No One occupied half(#2, #4, #6, #7, and #8) of the top 10 rankings. Never been done before by a single alliance.

2 Alliance with only 1/3 of the numbers. So #1 in our eyes :D

A_Man_Has_No_Nam3 #2 overall, #6 clicker Mister_Poker #4 overall Nothing2Do #6 overall, #3 clicker Fac3l3ss_Man #7 overall Charly1710 #8 overall Kowalski #38 overall

Shout out to WP, specifically Wildfire, who helped guarantee A_Man_Has_No_Nam3's #2 rank.