Let's Copy Them

LET'S COPY THEM We are an alliance built around overwhelming the experienced with effort, strategy, and teamwork!

LCT is the awesome combination of No One and The Force. We have cookies and vintage Rioja so come along and say hello :) Getting a good rank will NEVER come before standing up for our friends!

To watch our custom made ROC themed videos(cartoons), go to YouTube and search for "Lib3rate Yourm1nd".

Clan rules: We sab low hits. Less than 4 turns we consider low as do most people who've played this game for a while. We allow and encourage inchain hits Inchain sabs and probes are NOT allowed if your alliance profile says you do not follow other alliances policies.. we will not follow yours. Seems fair :)

Don't do online hits

We are a friendly group that are playing for fun & growth. If you want fast growth then join us as we already have a growth rotation running right now.

Battlefield Policy: No Probes allowed. No more than 2 hits per 24 hours. No low hitting allowed i.e. no less than at least 4 turns of gold. No unprovoked sabs allowed. Have an issue? Message a BF mod and we'll sort it. No online hits allowed. Making Jellybean sad will force us to ruin your life. If you breach your own BF policy, you will be approved.

The day of judgment is imminent. Will you be found standing with us or cowering before us?

History: ** Denotes an age compromised by cheaters.

Age 29b as Let's Copy Them (LCT)

Anteraz(TCL) #1 Dj-Otirik #6

3 Transferred Credits

EtaripDoolb #14

1 Transferred Credits

NamelessOne #24 Mister_Poker #27

6 Transferred Credits

IconicOne #29 Liref #30

Age 28 as May No One be With U(FORCE)

Luke_Skywalker #1 Wrickles #6 FORCE: #1 Alliance

**Age 27 as No One With Attitudez(NWA)

KillingSquad #5

**Age 26 as A Team Has No Name(No One)

No One occupied half(#2, #4, #6, #7, and #8) of the top 10 rankings. Never been done before by a single alliance.

2 Alliance with only 1/3 of the numbers. So #1 in our eyes :D

A_Man_Has_No_Nam3 #2 rank, #6 clicker Mister_Poker #4 Nothing2Do #6

3 clicker

Fac3l3ss_Man #7 Charly1710 #8 Kowalski #38 Shout out to WP, specifically Wildfire, who helped guarantee A_Man_Has_No_Nam3's #2 rank.

Age 25 as A Team Has No Name(No One)

Nothing2Do #6

2 clicker

Mister_Poker #9

Age 24 as A Team Has No Name(No One)

A_Man_Has_No_Nam3 #5 overall with no sells and no growth from clicks trickled up(Solo Age). #3 clicker

Not bad for such a few of us and not really clicking (ok well in Age 28 clicking quite a bit!!)......