We're having a beta round to develop new features. It will be shorter than a regular age, and changes will be made as we go. Please test all new features thoroughly.


BF Policy, Same as yours. :)
Also included "Defended" = sabs
Min 4 Turn hit.
More than 2 hits in 24 hours = sabs.

In game events and card usage are not an acceptable reason to break this policy.

If you have any problems or looking for a small team to join then please contact me.

Cold Beer & Pizza served fresh daily. :) :)

Gramps: Age 31 Rank: #3
Gramps: Age 32 Rank: #3
Gramps: Age 33 sold to TheClown
TheClown: Age 33 Ranked: # 4
Gramps: Age 34 Ranked: # 4
PsychoticOrc: Age 35 Ranked: # 4

BF Mod: Gramps.



Have a great day everyone.
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