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No, it’s not a blast from the past, it’s more of a R3Turn.

Originated in the beginning, don’t know, don’t care. Logs you are in, sabs will be tho returned. Enjoy!

BF Mod: ViralSt0rm

VS hit policy. offline and 4 turns 3x total per day. Sabs, approval. Violation of our policy, Provocation or threats, approval.*

*our own members follow our policy, not other alliances bf rules. Approval of our members for violating other alliances policies but don’t violate our policy will be handled case by case, however approval will be issued to all who appear in logs on approvals not cleared through our bf mods. Inchain allies exception we allow 5 hits a day from inchain members.

VS welcomes all crate sabs and recons, attacks too if your strike is 1/10th our da. However, when at war or weapons losses are occurring, you run the risk of being sabbed without first providing proof you did not remove weapons from our armory. We will not be held responsible for not reading your message before returning sabs. Enjoy!

All slayers welcome to our discord server for help finding gold, recons or DA updates. Ask a member how through ingame direct message system.
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