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BF Mod: nek_blek

If you have an issue with any of us, mail and we'll sort it!

[b]Our Policy:[/b] [b]NO Probes[/b] allowed. [b]NO More than 2x Hits in 24 hours[/b] [b]NO Low Hits[/b] allowed i.e. no less than at least 4 turns of gold. [b]NO Unprovoked Sabs[/b] allowed. Have an issue? Message a BF mod and we'll sort it. [b]NO ONLINE HITS[/b] (SELLS COUNTED) allowed. [b]NO[/b] breaching your own bf policy. *[b]You cannot use crate hunting as an excuse for breaching any of the above policies.[/b]

[b]Approvals:[/b] [b]24h[/b] -> [b]48h[/b] -> [b]Approved all age[/b] ALL approvals include ALL actions from our side.

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