A T3am Has No Nam3

Welcome to a T3am W1th No Nam3. We've gone by many a name in the past(UnderWorld(UW), No One's with Attiduez(NWA), May No One be With You (FORCE) and Let's Copy Them (LCT) but have arrived at this one as our favorite.

We have allies, we have enemies. They tend to change on an age-by-age basis ;). The wolves always hold a special place in our hearts though.

Many of us are former UnderWorld members and take pride in our roots. This alliance takes pride in the team aspect of this game. Winning an age is fun, but nothing beats an age where the top 10 is occupied by half of our members (Age 26).

We thrived when the game's clicking feature was still being used and were a major player every age. On ages we could not win, we usually had the tipping hand on who did.

To watch our custom made ROC themed videos(cartoons), go to YouTube and search for "Lib3rate Yourm1nd".

We are a very friendly group and encourage ALL players to come and go as they please. Ages are always more fun with new faces, but we don't pressure people to stick around.

Activity and teamwork will get you rewarded in this alliance. Main's and trickles are awarded to those who deserve it.

Battlefield Policy:

  • No Probes allowed.
  • No more than 2 hits per 24 hours.
  • Hit for 4 turns of gold or more
  • No unprovoked sabs allowed.
  • No online hits allowed.
  • If you don't follow your alliance's policy, don't expect us to either.
  • Don't do online hits. It's not cool. Don't be that guy/girl.

Have an issue? Message Lib3rateyourm1nd and we'll sort it out! Approvals are often for 24 hours if the violation is blatant.


** Denotes an age compromised by cheaters.

Ages 30-36B Our minds are hazy, but we're pretty sure we won them all.

Age 29b as Let's Copy Them (LCT)

Anteraz(TCL) #1 Dj-Otirik #6

3 Transferred Credits

EtaripDoolb #14

1 Transferred Credits

NamelessOne #24 Mister_Poker #27

6 Transferred Credits

IconicOne #29 Liref #30

Age 28 as May No One be With U(FORCE)

Luke_Skywalker #1 Wrickles #6 FORCE: #1 Alliance

**Age 27 as No One With Attitudez(NWA)

KillingSquad #5

**Age 26 as A Team Has No Name(No One)

No One occupied half(#2, #4, #6, #7, and #8) of the top 10 rankings. Never been done before by a single alliance.

2 Alliance with only 1/3 of the numbers. So #1 in our eyes :D

A_Man_Has_No_Nam3 #2 rank, #6 clicker Mister_Poker #4 Nothing2Do #6

3 clicker

Fac3l3ss_Man #7 Charly1710 #8 Kowalski #38 Shout out to WP, specifically Wildfire, who helped guarantee A_Man_Has_No_Nam3's #2 rank.

Age 25 as A Team Has No Name(No One)

Nothing2Do #6

2 clicker

Mister_Poker #9

Age 24 as A Team Has No Name(No One) - Solo Age and the beginning of No One

A_Man_Has_No_Nam3 #5 overall with no sells and no growth from clicks trickled up(Solo Age). #3 clicker