Legends Return

Let the fun begin!

(Currently recruiting) Everyone welcome!

Update: TheChosenOne will not be playing with us this round. There will be 3 slots under me for weekly cc. If I have more than 3 officers, the ones with the best rank gets the cc.

A little about us, we do not have a main, but rather aspire to get as many high ranked accounts as possible, everyone gets a piece of the cake, we also want to avoid wars as much as possible.


Battlefield Policy:

No Probes allowed.

Minimum 3-turn hit

No more than 3 hits per 24 hours

No unprovoked sabs allowed.

No online hits allowed unless hit is for 25x target’s TBG.

No breaching your own bf policy.

You may not use crate hunting as an excuse for breaching any of the above policies.

Don't want to be a recruit forever?

  • Loyal rank is achieved for staying 1 age
  • Legend rank is achieved for staying 2 ages

Do you want trickle spot? To be granted trickle you have to provide your officer with at least 30k cc a week. Also your officer(s) needs to be using the tag. Cheers!

Do you want to be BF mod? Msg me.. :)

Score: 85