Stomp Down Killaz

Age 44 Speed Round! Introductory Era

"Don't step to the best and expect respect, SDK is on deck so its best yall protect your neck! "

Try to keep it to 3+ turns guys and gals.. yall know you would not want someone hitting you every hour like clockwork so don't be a fly that ends up being swatted with a rolled up newspaper, because the paper's comin' in next week mafraka'z

As our friends at JD have said it best, we kindly extend their policies forward, with respect.

"Our only rule is that you follow your own. If we see fit to take your gold, we will.
We don’t care about your 4 turn policy. We don’t care about your farming policy.
We will not be bullied out of playing as we see fit and we will stand with any brother or sister who is being harassed.
We welcome all into the fold and will support all members equally. Our family always comes first."

25 Goons wearin' all black masks, that's facts.

StompDown Killaz will Bank, Click, Rank, Sab, Slay and you best understand, we're here to stay!

Any role that is needed we can and will fulfill.

Honor, Loyalty, Respect, Omerta. Something that a lot of yall ain't heard of! 

Darkness entangles every man, child and woman into it's clutches of fear. The struggle is real.

Score: 62