In the words of T0msky "You have your stupid bf policy and we have ours".

Taking it back to our roots as it should be. ES members are free to sab anyone for whatever they want as long as they aren't in chain but if others join/come back then actions from all may vary based on the circumstance.

These are things that you probably will get sabbed for:

  1. More than 1 hit in a week (don't like it see the first line).
  2. Probes
  3. Random sabs
  4. Trying to steal our members.
  5. Anything we deem twat like in general.

If you mess up the above and you have officers they will get sabbed too, just like in the old days. You're in a trickle spot you might just get your entire chain sabbed.

If you want the sabs to stop just ask.

Still around and still fighting the good fight.

You have to be in chain to join ES, feel free to join in on the fun.