The Crimson Legion

We are an alliance built around overwhelming the experienced with effort, strategy, and teamwork!

If you have any issues with one of our members, contact one of our BF mods and try to work it out, or it will be considered unprovoked: (Anteraz) (Kyrial)


-We allow TWO hits per 24 hours with 12 turns (6 for Double Trouble events)
-Hit for at least 4 TBG
-No probes (attacking with 1 turn)
-No unprovoked sabs
-Events are NOT an excuse to break these rules

Age 21 Anteraz #4
Age 22 Buffy_the_Slayer #3, bloodbad #10
Age 23 BlackPearl #5, Neuroticz #6, Zeshan #9, bloodbad #11
Age 24 Neuroticz #2
Age 25 TCL #3
Age 26 Bloodantz #3
Age 27 Bait-N-Rage #2 *
Age 28
Age 29B Anteraz #1
*Age compromised by unfair gameplay
Score: 0