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Ruins of Chaos is a role-playing game. The role you play is in an interactive war. Your skill and determination are put up against that of thousands dozens of other players. You define your own success. You define your own war tactics. Build an army and execute missions of war, training, building, or trade in a series of web pages that work in just about every browser -- even a phone.

The game separates the play into periods of time called ages, which typically last 2-4 months. On each new age, everyone starts over anew to prove their worth. The culmination of that effort is recorded in the ever-building history books of the game at the closing of each age.

The objectives of the game within each age depend on what part of the game you enjoy the most. There are top ranks recorded at the end of each age in many areas, and your overall rank at any time is based on how well-balanced an army you have. But there is much more fun to be had than just numbers. The game is a society -- much more than what you can see on this website. People bring their friends along to play with them and compete with other teams of players. They test the limits of their competitors, sometimes making enemies out of them. They fight their enemies with their friends, sometimes ending up becoming better friends with their enemies afterwards, and the cycle starts all over again.

Gathering friends is one of the simplest ways to advance, yet hardest to master. Friends can build command chains together to work toward a common goal. The more power you have under your command chain, the bigger your army will grow, and the more power and influence you'll have in the game. The more influence you have, the greater the chance will be that one of your friends will choose to sacrifice themselves to make your army the greatest.