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15% Weapon Strength Bonus
10% Covert Tool Strength Bonus
Join Dwarves
40% Defense Bonus
20% Casualty Reduction Bonus
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30% Spy Bonus
20% Reduced Repairs Bonus
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40% Strike Bonus
33% Gold Vision Bonus
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20% Strike Bonus
20% Sentry Bonus
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30% Sentry Bonus
20% Covert Ops Success Bonus

Latest News: Apr 11, 2014 | SSL: the conclusion: to be continued?
Well, that was fun. It slipped my mind that the SSL bonanza I went on caused the mobile site at to stop working. There are a couple contributing reasons for this:

  • The Strict Transport Security configuration was set to include subdomains. I meant for it to apply to both and but it turns out is also a subdomain. Whoops.
  • Even if that was not the case and you could get to without HTTPS, the game configuration was updated to instruct browsers to only send cookies over secure channels, so you wouldn't have been able to log in or stay logged in. Whoops.

That, on top of the time it took to get the certificate reissued, as well as the lack of a new start date when they finally did reissue, lead to what is hopefully the final-for-now solution to all of our problems.

We now have a new wildcard certificate from GeoTrust which works with * This includes,, and

In short, the mobile site at should work now. If it still doesn't, let me know. (Quick note: I also fixed the mobile training page.)

You can check the information for the certificate by clicking the lock icon in your browser next to the address. (might be on the left side of the address bar or the right side).
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