Age 21 ends in 2w25m57s

Jan 16, 2016 | Gamefiar LLC and the future of Ruins of Chaos
As some of you may have noticed, we recently launched a new game that is slowing down everything else slightly. We're working to correct the performance issues, but meanwhile, there have been quite a few questions floating around, so we're taking the chance to clear them up now.

First and foremost, don't worry! Ruins of Chaos isn't going anywhere. We're still committed to the game, and will continue to smash bugs and make new features for Ruins of Chaos. The two games are designed very differently, and appeal to different sorts of play styles. Avabur was a chance to try a new direction without alienating our core players that have been with us for years.

Secondly, no, Avabur didn't impact the development side of Ruins of Chaos. Our staff at Gamefiar is large enough now that we can divide our resources and still keep both projects flowing smoothly. Changes to Ruins of Chaos are in the pipeline that we're sure you'll love.

Thirdly, if you're interested in developing a game, or are handy with graphic design, we're always looking to expand! Let us know what your experience is, and any portfolio you may have build.
Nov 23, 2015 | Welcome to Age 21!
Welcome to Age 21 and congratulations to Teebee for finishing on top!

  • #1 Teebee (SP~LoP)
  • #2 DS_TC (TC)
  • #3 Saniflush (] UW [)

we'll be in touch with the winners shortly regarding the prizes!

We've modified the race bonuses ever so slightly!

  • Humans: increased repairs bonus by 10% (30%)
  • Dwarves: decreased the number of casulties by 5% (25%)
  • Elves: no change(s) to the Gold Vision Bonus (33%)
  • Orcs: decreased the casulties converted into untrained by 2% (8%)
  • Pixies: no change(s) to the Covert Ops Success Bonus (20%)*

* we found some leftover magical Pixie Dust that allowed us to bring Pixies back
Sep 2, 2015 | Age 20 - And you thought there was nothing new!
Age 20 will be unique in one very important way - prizes will be given to the top finishers as follows:

  • #1 First Place will receive an AppleTV Digital Multimedia Receiver and a US $100.00 iTunes Gift Card
  • #2 Second Place will receive an AppleTV Digital Multimedia Receiver and a US $50.00 or iTunes Gift Card
  • #3 Third Place will receive an AppleTV Digital Multimedia Receiver and a US $25.00 iTunes Gift Card

Now for a few details:

We really want to keep this simple. This is not a major sweepstakes or lottery. It is a simple prize offering to the top three winners of our game. Therefore, only the FINAL ranks at the end of the age will determine the winners. Period.

Any player with a current account at the end of the age is eligible to win, with the exception of any account that has been banned for any reason during the course of the age.

No donation or in-game purchase is required in order to be eligible for the final prizes. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO WIN. A PURCHASE/DONATION DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. How well you play the game determines your chances of winning.

If you win and you have the bad luck of living in a place where this kind of prize is taxable - you are responsible for those taxes. RoC/gamefiar, LLC will accept no responsibility. You're on your own!

Don't bother to whine about the prizes - if you don't like Apple or iTunes, don't win! :D (RoC is not endorsed by or affiliated with Apple, Inc. in any way. Not yet!)


RoC/gamefiar, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the prize offering should (in its sole discretion) a virus, bugs, non-authorized human intervention, fraud or other causes beyond its control corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness or proper conduct of the game.

By accepting one of the prizes, you understand and agree that RoC/gamefiar, LLC, will have the right, where permitted by law, without any further notice or consent, to print, publish, broadcast, distribute, and use worldwide in any media, now known or hereafter, in perpetuity and throughout the World, your game name and photograph, if available, as news, publicity or information for promotional purposes without any further compensation.

Aug 29, 2015 |
Mar 31, 2015 | Age 19
a-ayo ayo a-ayo ayo a-ayo ayo a-ayo ayo, but if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all

So the conversation on Saturday went something like this:

did we add anything new for the age??
quick! alter the race bonuses ever so slightly!
do something!! :D

Then I was totally gonna do stuff, I swear. Then flupocalypse, zombiepocalypse, or whatever pocalypse it is that I got, and I was totally out of it on Sunday and Monday. To be honest I'm kinda still out of it. But yeah.

So, today, I am going to make the biggest change ever to RoC:

  • Updated copyright year

[sad trombone]

But wait...there's more

  • Altered race bonuses ever so slightly!
  • Well, not too slightly, considering a built in race stats bonus has gone away in favor of what used to be just a secondary bonus.
  • Humans: Reduced repairs (20%)
  • Dwarves: Reduced casualties (20%)
  • Elves: Gold vision (33%)
  • Orcs: Convert casualties (10%)
  • RIP pixies and goblins?

"hey, why don't you do something about the sabbing for once?" - said nobody ever

  • Removed top sabbers daily, sab ranks will not be shown at the end of this age. Find a better reason to sab, you meanie! Like, a bona fide war, or something. Yeah, I know, I never finished the war system...:(

/me ducks

"Was the scavenger event just a troll event?"

  • Doesn't seem to have actually done anything before. Now it does stuff, though. I think.

Love you guys

- fury

edit: about the orc casualty bonus:

This is the casualty conversion bonus we had a while back, where some of the enemy's dead things convert into untrained soldiers for you. This counts for mercs, coverts, etc. If you use the maximum number of turns (12 usually, or 9 turns on alliance members, or 6 turns during double trouble), you get 10% of them, if you use 1 turn, you get 1/maxturns of 10%.

So, effectively, the double trouble event also happens to double the casualty conversion for 1 turn attacks.
Dec 25, 2014 | Age 18

  • New events
  • Altered old events
  • Slow News Day is funny again
Dec 20, 2014 | Next Age
With less than 2 days until Age 17 ends, planning for the next age is in full swing. Due to the timing of the age end, with regards to the upcoming holidays, we will have a brief (4 day) speed round to allow those who wish to actually see friends and family during the holidays to do so without being penalized in game for having a social life.

The nerve of those losers.

Limbo activations will begin at 12:01am EST December 26th and last for 12 hours. It's pretty much guaranteed that someone in the world will be offended by this choice, so Andy tenders his resignation in advance.

Let the games begin, and Happy Holidays from the RoC staff!
Dec 9, 2014 |
Today we learned the sad news of the passing of our friend and ROC member, Robert Allen a.k.a. Chromed. The severe pain and unrelenting suffering he endured at the hands of that beast cancer is now over. Our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies are with his family and circle of friends today.

RIP, Chromed. The gold is all yours now!
Nov 24, 2014 |
Changes galore:

  • New consolidated inbox with expanded (alliance, private, public and official) chats
  • Mod tool upgrades
  • Stats page no longer displays broken images in buddy type

More changes on the way in the coming days.
Sep 7, 2014 | Major fix
Fixed a bug causing a wrong letter on wtfletters to drop the entire batch.
Sep 6, 2014 | Age 17
Changes this round:

  • Okay, Slow News Day still isn't funny. Guess I'll remove it again.
  • Large events shouldn't bug out the base anymore.
  • Email verification is now needed at the beginning of each round. See below for explanation.
  • Swiper is still disabled.

Email verification! Last age, work was started on a messaging system overhaul, but a problem was encountered very quickly. We have entirely too many bad emails running around, so if we were to forward in-game messages to your email, or email notify you when a thread you marked "Important" was updated, there would be a decent chance we'd be sending it to a bad mailbox. This isn't a huge deal for you, you simply wouldn't get the message; for us, it's a bigger deal because we get penalized for sending emails out that are refused by the server. It looks like we're spamming people, basically. If we verify once, we can start adding in new features that use email without worrying about being penalized.

Tentatively, and absolutely no promises are being made here, my plan is to overhaul the messaging and attack systems this round. Neither should make a huge gameplay impact, so I'm not worried about "beta" or only changing things at the start of the new round. This is HIGHLY dependent on my work schedule, and with all our missed deadlines and wishlists in the past, take it with a grain of salt.
Jul 4, 2014 | Recruit Center Upgrades
There have been a number of questions about the new Recruit Center Upgrades. Here is how it works:

  • Soldiers received from Recruit Center Upgrade come in the form of an Untrained Soldier; they do not get added as a click credit.
  • These soldiers are not immediately added to your fighting force. They may be delayed up to one minute before you see a change.
  • These soldiers DO NOT trickle up (or in any other direction)
  • These soldiers NEVER turn into credits - even if you are banking credits.
  • These soldiers can not be transferred. If someone sends you 1000 click credits, you will not see any bonus soldiers; they've already been redeemed by the person that created the click credits.
  • To check the total number of soldiers you've received as a result of your upgrade, check your Base page

As an example:

Player clicks 100 credits with a 0.5 multiplier -> Player receives 100 (+ inflation bonus) credits instantly, as well as (100*0.5) 50 untrained soldiers - NOT CREDITS (when the next minute passes)
Jun 30, 2014 | Age 16
Congratulations to our Age 15 winners!

Changes this round:

  • You may now upgrade your Recruit Center with either saved credits or gold. This will add an extra 1/10th of a soldier per click for every upgrade level.
  • New Event: Click! - Adds 1/2 of a soldier for every click you do during the event.
  • Return of an old event no one liked! Slow News Day - Nothing happening. In local news, a cute little kitty was stuck in a tree.
  • Grave Robbing - Bonus has been reduced by 50% from 200 gold per zombie to 100 gold.
  • Alliance members with the proper level permissions can now see all members gold on the battlefield.
  • Alliance members with the proper level permissions can attack each other for 9 turns instead of 12.
  • Mail system is getting an overhaul in the next week to support new features
  • Slightly shorter duration for the summer, with side-by-side beta testing starting in the near future.
  • Word captchas are disabled due to a number of bugs pointed out last round. We'll bring it back within the first few days of this round. Sorry!
  • Swiper is still disabled

We will also be testing at some point a new attack mission and some other features (including new Premium features). A few new features might pop up mid-round, but nothing that will impact the actual gameplay.

Good luck players!
May 30, 2014 | Quick Change
As part of our admin tools overhaul, users now have the ability to resync their unread messages counter.
Apr 11, 2014 | SSL: the conclusion: to be continued?
Well, that was fun. It slipped my mind that the SSL bonanza I went on caused the mobile site at to stop working. There are a couple contributing reasons for this:

  • The Strict Transport Security configuration was set to include subdomains. I meant for it to apply to both and but it turns out is also a subdomain. Whoops.
  • Even if that was not the case and you could get to without HTTPS, the game configuration was updated to instruct browsers to only send cookies over secure channels, so you wouldn't have been able to log in or stay logged in. Whoops.

That, on top of the time it took to get the certificate reissued, as well as the lack of a new start date when they finally did reissue, lead to what is hopefully the final-for-now solution to all of our problems.

We now have a new wildcard certificate from GeoTrust which works with * This includes,, and

In short, the mobile site at should work now. If it still doesn't, let me know. (Quick note: I also fixed the mobile training page.)

You can check the information for the certificate by clicking the lock icon in your browser next to the address. (might be on the left side of the address bar or the right side).
Apr 10, 2014 | SSL
As you might know, OpenSSL was vulnerable to an attack that is now commonly referred to as Heartbleed.

Here is a list of all the facts I know about this at this point:

  • It was introduced into the wild (the internets) in March of 2012 in version 1.01
  • It was fixed on the 7th of April 2014 in version 1.01g
  • We've had an SSL certificate since July 4th 2013, and have been running on the current server since early September 2013. Its version of OpenSSL was probably vulnerable since then. It is unclear whether the older server was vulnerable, but that certificate was revoked when we moved to this one.
  • News of the vulnerability spread like wildfire on the 8th. I learned of it on my way home from school at about 7:45 PM Eastern on the 8th.
  • Any website running a vulnerable version of OpenSSL MAY HAVE leaked confidential data to an attacker up to and including the private key and unencrypted passwords.
  • Even though passwords are stored encrypted in most self-respecting user databases (including ours), the attacker using this vulnerability could still obtain an unencrypted password which was stored in RAM. From what I gather, the unencrypted password only exists in RAM during the instant of someone logging in or otherwise entering their password into a game form.
  • What this means is:

    - if the attacker obtained the private key during the time the website was vulnerable

    - AND they have a man-in-the-middle (MITM) position (this means they have compromised the security of the target computer, or the target computer is on an unsecured network where the attacker is able to intercept the traffic)

    - they could theoretically have impersonated or decrypted traffic they intercepted.

The likelihood of our little corner of the internet having been targeted by such a sophisticated and seemingly chance-based attack is minuscule, but better safe than sorry. Therefore, here are the actions taken to rectify this vulnerability and try and mitigate future attack:

  • As soon as I heard the news at about 7:45PM on Tuesday, I knew our server was running a recent enough version of OpenSSL to be vulnerable. I immediately parked at the nearest parking lot and whipped out my computer in the car to login to the server and update OpenSSL, which was finished somewhere in the range of 8PM-9PM.
  • We have been trying to get our SSL certificate updated with a new private key since 9PM Tuesday, and it was finally updated Wednesday by 4PM Eastern.
  • The original certificate which was in use during the vulnerable period was automatically revoked and it is no longer possible for the theoretical heartbleed attacker to impersonate the site or decrypt traffic from here on out.
  • Our SSL certificate provider, Comodo, would not update our certificate to have a new "start" date, it simply reissued the certificate with the same validity date as the old one. The significance of this is that there is no simple way for you, the user, to be certain that the SSL certificate is secure and that you are at the correct site.

    You can take our word for it, or you can test us at

    (I'm happy to report that our grade went from F to A+ in the span of a day. If only my precalc grade would make the same turnaround!)

    Or, if you know how to dig through your browser's history of certificates, you can compare serial numbers to see that the certificate now has a different serial number (if you know of a way, let me know).
  • I have enabled stronger SSL security as well as SPDY to help improve site speed and security.
  • I have also enforced HTTPS throughout the site, and strict transport security so that your browser can no longer get to the regular HTTP site and won't even try once it's been at the https site. Please let us know of any problems arising from this move, a lot of the code on this site was written with http in mind. One of these days I'll rewrite this thing.

Instructions for you:

  • Make sure you are not vulnerable to MITM attack (don't get on unsecured wifi, don't connect to networks that may log your traffic, etc.).
  • Change your password at this site and at any site you've used in the past which may have been vulnerable to this. I personally use LastPass to keep track of all my passwords and generate secure ones, and I suggest you do the same.
  • Internet Explorer 6 users on Windows XP may find that they can no longer access the secure site due to the updates. These users are encouraged to light their computers on fiar, as they are using a 13 year old browser.
Mar 30, 2014 | Brace yourselves
Just for funsies,

  • Sab cost has been reduced
  • The power of the 5x1 has been increased
Feb 11, 2014 | Rule Clarification
I didn't think this was entirely necessary, but the issue has come up a few times this round.

It's perfectly okay for people who live together to play different accounts. It's not okay to bank for them. Yes, we can tell. When you get banned, it's not because your roommate, wife, or cat plays on the same IP. It's because you're banking them because they're less active, less interested, or lack opposable thumbs.

Hope this clears things up.
Dec 27, 2013 | Age 14
The last round was supposed to be Age 14, and this would be Age 15, but obviously, things did not go as planned. Let's pretend that round never happened.

Changes this round are very few:

  • You now need 25% more spy than sentry to view gold on the battlefield. This is down from 50%
  • Swiper is disabled
  • Dwarves had too many bonus stat allocations. Their defense bonus has been reduced to 40% (from 60%)
  • Mail system overhaul will be added during the round

Beta server will be active in the next day or two, to test things for Age 15.
Dec 16, 2013 | Teamviewer
Use of Teamviewer and all other screen sharing programs to log into another player's account is illegal. The use of such programs for personal use is not expressly forbidden, but highly discouraged.
Nov 25, 2013 | Rankings
No longer will we be plagued by shared ranks. Thanks, unnamed hero!
Nov 14, 2013 | Changes
A couple tweaks, and a little longer term planning here, so catching you up on what has been discussed elsewhere.

First the tweaks:

  • Alliance option "require approval to join" was not working correctly. It is now fixed.
  • Alliance pages were sometimes squished to the very bottom of the page. They no longer are.

Upcoming changes in the next 3 days:

  • Chats marked important will email you when someone replies.
  • News posts will display as a chat in your inbox. Never miss a news update again.
Nov 12, 2013 | Mod Actions
We had a recent issue with a player telling other players that a moderator would ban them for not giving in to certain in-game demands. All moderator actions are heavily logged and reviewed, so rest assured, such threats are baseless. If you are threatened with a ban by a player, report it to the staff immediately.
Nov 11, 2013 | Account Security
As part of the ongoing effort to shore up our back-end, we have changed how we store your passwords to a more secure method. It was done automatically, but there are reports of a few accounts left locked out. If that happens, please stick around in IRC until a staff member assists you, or post in the forums with your account name. Our goal is to fix any account-based problems within 4-6 hours of being reported.

In the future, we'll be moving to a ticket-based system for player assistance, which will not require use of external sites or programs to get in touch with our staff.
Nov 3, 2013 | Reset
A quick recap of what happened last night, as far as I can tell. At the daylight savings changeover, the game started having severe issues, with the turn event misfiring, or not firing at all, and timed events going off unexpectedly (or, again, not at all). I'm not sure why this would cause a reset, but it happened while I was unable to get to a computer to fix things. By the time I was home to attempt a fix, over 100 players had already reset. I'll be looking at logs to try to figure out why it happened to prevent it in the future.

Our former server was set up to have incremental logs, and a daily full backup. Apparently, the new server was not set up in a similar way, and the reset was unrecoverable. What this means is two things: everyone will be forced to reset, and we'll require a day of downtime in the very near future to set up backups to prevent this, and run through a checklist of all our systems to see if there were any other corners cut while setting things up.

Moving forward, everyone will recieve a one-time stimulus package of 10,000 soldiers, and a fair amount of gold. The button to collect this stimulus will appear in your base in the next few days. This won't make up for the time and effort you put into your accounts prior to the reset, but will hopefully get things moving again a little faster.

Also, everyone that activates within the next 24 hours is being credited with $10 premium credit.
Oct 25, 2013 | Update on Message System
You now have the option to leave an in-game message thread.

Party @ Andy's place.
Oct 25, 2013 | In-game Messages
The in-game message system is not to be used to spam other players. If you are adding random people (outside your alliance) to your in-game message/spam stream without asking them, then you are mis-using the message system and your account is at risk of being restricted or banned. [Yes, there are glitches in the mail system of which we are very aware; they will be fixed. In the meantime, don't abuse those glitches. That is also against the rules.]

Just stop.
Oct 18, 2013 | Sabotage Upgrade
This is just a notice that the new mission will activate in one week. You will be limited to one sabotage upgrade per day. They do not accumulate if you don't use them.

If this delayed start thing works, it will continue on into other rounds the same way.
Oct 11, 2013 | Reset, Rest, and Repair
Time for another state of the game address from andy.

  • Final rankings for last round are in the history database, but I haven't altered the display of them, so they're wrong. I won't let that delay the start of the new round, and will make a news post when appropriate.
  • Sabotage Upgrade didn't make the cut last round, but should make it this round. There may also be a new feature added later, with plenty of details to follow.
  • I've begun some long-needed rewrites of the code. There will be bugs this round. There will be changes mid-round, though I'm attempting to get the major ones in before we start.
  • The end of age countdown is correct. It will not change.

As for the mobile apps, I'm going to be as transparent about this process as possible.

First and foremost, I do not have control over the iOS app, nor can I code for it. We are actively seeking experienced iOS developers, and will be making a public app API with the documentation you need if you choose to make your own. More importantly, the current official iOS app is limited to 50 testers, and we can only change that tester list ONCE A YEAR. This is a silly restriction, and you can point the blame solidly at Apple. As all 50 slots are filled, most by people that don't even play anymore, you WILL NOT get into the beta test no matter how hard you complain or threaten to quit. It's beyond our control.

Secondly, the code for the Android app has been sent off to a third party developer. Again, I don't control the testing or the coding of it. Android development has no limits on testing, so if you manage to get a copy, have fun using it, but I'm not liable for any account deletions that may occur from misuse of a beta app bug or malicious code. Again, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Only apps officially released by RoC will have any account restoration guarantee.

Thirdly, the swiper conversion factor is 2:1. Preliminary testing shows clicking is faster growth, and we're going to keep it this way, due to the majority of people not having access to either app beta. We may reevaluate this when it hits a wider audience.
Oct 3, 2013 | Deadlines are not our thing
I'm not going to give a timeline for the changes coming, this is more an advisory post.

Discussing things with some of our other admins, and where we want to go with the site led to a pretty big discussion tonight, and I thought I'd share the quick notes.

Changes implemented since Sept 6th (when andy started):

  • Flexible casualty ratios based on power differences between attacker and defender
  • Google Authenticator based two-factor authentication
  • HTML5 based sliders and other UI elements
  • A whole bunch of backend changes

    Things we want to do in the immediate future:

  • Finish the authentication process
  • Implement and test sabotage upgrade
  • Add an AJAX based page system to speed up page loading times
  • Complete the war system back end, including better logging and analytics for you to improve your effectiveness as an alliance.
  • Alter the flow of pages to better support modding and new layouts.

    Long term plans:

  • Update the look of RoC. To that end, we've hired an outside professional.
  • Redesign and get the mobile apps working. The android app is being helped along by a few helpers, but the iOS app needs some help too! Contact us if you know Objective-C and can help out. We want these in large-scale testing in the next few weeks.
  • RoC newsletter. I'll be adding an opt-out option in your preferences page so you don't clutter your inbox if you don't want it.
  • Major advertising push. This will include banner ads and affiliate programs, but also a new Recruit-a-Friend feature where you can earn premium bucks for introducing friends to the game.

    Things that must be done before the new round actually starts:

  • Ideally, all the short term goals will be implemented and tested. Not all features added during this time will continue into Age 14, they're simply things to try out now to improve a few aspects of the game and collect a bit of extra data for later features.
  • Long term goals should be finished before or within a few weeks of starting the new age.
  • More stress testing and some server changes.
  • A better premium system and some more ways of adding to your balance. A sudden influx of players might be a costly situation.
  • More developers and graphic designers. If you know anything about iOS apps, or are a graphic artist in need of work, contact andyt683. We pay!

So where does this leave us on a timeline? At this moment, we don't have a timeline that I am comfortable with. We can either continue to add features and test them outside of Age 14, or add them as we go after a reset. We have very vocal arguments for and against both options.

In the meantime, we're going to reset this murder round in 1 week, and revert to regular casualty rules. It will not be Age 14, unless we've made some serious progress. If fury is back online by then, and decides otherwise, it will be announced. It will have features added and tweaked mid-round. You'll see progress, and it'll happen fast. The past few weeks have been laying the groundwork for adding developers and decentralizing the decision making process. It's not the new age as promised, but hopefully this brings us closer to getting back on track.

If you have any questions or comments, pass them along to Shiggity or andyt683.

Sep 22, 2013 | Slight Changes

  • Added hooks for Sabotage Upgrade mission. Due to bug encountered during testing, it isn't enabled yet.
  • Damages for defenders that defeat their enemy by more than 50% are now quarter losses.

That's all for now, Andy's git client wasn't working properly after the hard drive recovery, so this was more of a test commit.
Sep 17, 2013 | Ooops
About a week ago, andyt's hard drive crashed (power surge), so for various reasons, he's been unable to update the murder round as much as he'd like. Sorry it's boring, there were a few features planned out (such as a sabotage upgrade mission) that would have spiced things up. Stick with it, please!

The real age 14 won't start for at least a week or two, depending on certain factors. We'll keep you updated.
Sep 8, 2013 | Quick Tweak
Just to maintain a little more balance (and let people log in 30s after a turn and still maybe have the gold from that turn), the max hits per player per day (MXPPPD) has been reduced to 2. This is temporary, while we look at a longer term solution for the gold without impacting your ability to kill and maim.

MXPPPD changes will not affect real rounds, and in fact, will likely return to 5 before this round is finished.
Sep 6, 2013 |
In answer to your many, many questions ... No, the actual (real) age does not start in a few hours. This is simply an interim round - primarily to test the awesome shiny new server we now have. Read below for additional information on this unofficial bit of mayhem created just for YOU!! Enjoy.
Sep 6, 2013 | Murder Round
Just to break the new server in (and while we wait on fury to finish a few things), we're going to start an ALTERNATE RULE round.

Rule changes:

  • No attack turns! The point is to kill your enemies, and the only way to do that is via a lot of attacking.
  • Casualties are increased (by at least double a normal round).
  • Casualties can be further increased by overpowering your enemy by at least 50%.
  • Rankings will be based not on your individual stats, but by how good you are at crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.

Holy crap! It's like a whole new game! But don't worry, at the conclusion of this round, all rules will be back to normal.
Aug 17, 2013 | Speed Round 4ever
Ten times as likely to not suck as Duke Nukem Forever!

  • Turns are 15 minutes long

  • Attacks/recons are per 12 hours, sabs are per 11 hours

  • Credits are worth 2 soldiers (are you getting the pattern? Game speed multiplier's set to 2)
  • More details at

  • more stuff here later

Aug 16, 2013 | Speed Round 3
This one's going to be a short one just to get the next one to start on the weekend.

  • Turns are 1 minute long

  • Credits are worth 30 soldiers

  • The clicks ratio has been scaled down so that a click is worth 1 credit, testers of the mobile app will notice that it takes 2 to get 1 credit now

  • Race bonuses were adjusted slightly

  • Turn-based gold was adjusted

  • - No more merc upkeep

  • - 45 per untrained (lower) or attack soldier (unchanged)

  • - 60 per defense soldier (higher)

  • - 20 per covert (unchanged)

Aug 12, 2013 | More goodies!
    The alliance level management system should work now (for Owners, by default). Most of it should be pretty self-explanatory. The one you should be careful with is the last one in the list - the ability to edit member levels. If this permission is given to any level, they can pretty much take over your alliance, so make sure it's only given to those you would consider co-owners and can trust them with the creation/management of member levels in your alliance. Some of these permissions aren't quite in use yet, stay tuned!
  1. Alliance messaging is now a go! Users who have permission to edit alliance chat currently get the ability to "pin" a thread to the top when they create it. Hopefully this serves all of your needs for alliance bulletin-type stuff and more. Editing/deleting/unpinning threads and stuff like that will come soon, too.

  2. The game now enforces a short delay and a temporary switch to the gold images on certain pages if it detects you have been loading them too fast. This activity is consuming too many resources on the server and so this measure is designed to balance that out.

Aug 11, 2013 | A number of things have been fixed

*: to be precise, you should never see them after a captcha click again - they'll still happen behind the scenes, but the game should keep trying until it goes through.
Aug 8, 2013 | Speed round: The Next Generation

  • Turns come every 6 minutes

  • Credits are worth 5 soldiers

  • Race bonuses have changed

  • Now requires 50% more spy than sentry to see gold, unless you're an orc (see race bonuses)

  • oh, and unit production is a bit different. Shh, don't tell anyone :P

Aug 7, 2013 | IRC - UPDATE
UPDATE :: IRC is back online. Let us know if you have any issues connecting.

Yes, IRC is down again - unexpected server maintenance. It should be back in a couple of hours. Thanks for your patience.
Aug 4, 2013 |
    Seriously, though, it won't take that long to start the next speed rounds, this was just a random fluke combined with learning how to use proper development tools
  1. Click credits each count for 10 soldiers during the speed round - the recruiter system was completely rewritten to support this (and to not make me want to stab my eyeballs out with a spoon when I was looking at the code), so it might be a little wonky, bare with me
  2. Growth tracking is now done separately from clicks, so people who don't get clicked on still get tracked. Additionally, growth tracking is not affected by training down to spy/sentry
  3. Alliance profiles can now be edited. I think.
  4. More news in a bit
Jul 25, 2013 | News You Can Use ...
So here you go - some useful information!

1. End of age timer has started. (See banner above)

2. After the Beta age has ended, we will begin a series of speed rounds of varying lengths.

3. Changes and modifications will be made during the speed rounds - some permanent, some just for lulz.

4. Speed rounds will be an official part of the game History archives.

5. You have questions. We will create answers when possible.

6. Official Age 14 will begin around 1 September 2013.

Thanks for playing guys! Happy cookies for all!!

Jul 17, 2013 | The best-laid plans of mice and men...
Something something and something something make fury something something.

OK, so here's what's going on.

1. I suck at meeting deadlines, in case you didn't already know. I am working on finishing all the things, but aside from failing to finish before I left for vacation last month, I got sick right at the end of vacation, still getting over it, shit also hit the fan at work and I've been having some troubles keeping focus. I need to start blogging again, or something, getting all of these random thoughts down on paper (or the electronic equivalent)

2. We have a new server just about ready to put into action, hopefully getting rid of the 504s for good. Unfortunately, the prime candidate for our new data center was a little spooked when I mentioned we have a history of getting DDoS'd. Does anyone know of a datacenter in the Louisville, KY area or roughly thereabouts that has good cheap colocation for a single 1U server?

FAQ: shared / VPS / dedicated hosting is not the same as colocation. I require a location to physically drive a server and hand it to someone who will physically plug it in to the power and the internets (this is what is commonly referred to as colocation, being that we own the server physically but rent the space and bandwidth to plug it in). In general if the price is less than $50 a month and/or does not mention specifics like pricing per megabit, per 1U, it's not colocation. If it says something about the amount of RAM or disk space, it's a shared / VPS / dedicated, which we wouldn't own. There is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, etc etc.

Here's a list of places I've already looked into, and their rough pricing for bare minimum 1U (keeping in mind that we may exceed bare minimum right off the bat or near thereafter -- I'm not exactly sure where we fall on the data usage scale but probably 1-2 amps of power is sufficient)

  • IgLou $69/mo 250 GB - tends to avoid game servers
  • BluegrassNet $193/mo half a megabit 95th percentile - a little out of our league
  • Peak10 sounded like about $100-200/mo for 1-2 megabit 95th percentile (going to tour their facility and get an exact quote)
  • - these folks don't do per-U colocation at their Louisville facility but may have a customer that does. One of these days when we have half a cabinet worth of equipment, maybe...
  • VilleColo $35/mo 200 GB - will check this out

Thanks guys and gal (I know there's at least one of you playing!)
Jun 11, 2013 | Downtime
Apologies for today's unexpected downtime, some inconsiderate moron hacked into the server and was using it for nefarious deeds...

Jun 8, 2013 | Nothing ever goes according to plan
Much of tonight's time fell victim to Murphy's law. I didn't get everything done. Then things I didn't expect to break broke at the very minute of the deadline when I was gonna put up what I had so far, so that took a couple hours to fix. And some of what did get done broke things that I didn't expect it to break, so I turned some of them back off for now. But the new mail system is live, at least! It's in sort of an infant state, but give it a whirl and get a feel for it, it's a taste of things to come.

Expect more "game changer" changes in a few hours, I'm gonna get some sleep and kick the crap out of this game til it fixes itself!

Jun 2, 2013 | War is beginning...
Ever since the beginning of time, civilizations and how they interact have defined the storyline of life. That is the same for Ruins of Chaos, now perhaps more than ever. Each time an alliance is forged, and people flock together to fight a common foe or click the crap out of each other, a mark is made in history. Forums, IRC, and messages have previously done the job of planning that story, telling that story, and leaving it as a record for future generations to dwell upon. As people prepare for war, trash talk each other, and brag about their spoils and wanton destruction, their storylines are woven together for posterity.

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce a huge shift in interactivity. We want to make it better than ever before to write the story of Ruins of Chaos. This will literally be a game changer in every way.

Part 1 is a new alliance system, built from the ground up, to give you more control and enable better teamwork.

Part 2 is a revolutionary war system that will blow you away--and perhaps even some of your enemies!

Part 3 is a complete overhaul of the messaging system, designed to make it fantastically easy to interact with your friends, enemies, alliance mates, and even the admin team.

We don't normally announce things before they're ready, in case they completely fail (*cough* Age 4 rewrite *cough*), but we figured this was big enough to give you some heads up. That, and fury needed an absolute deadline, or he'd never get it done. :P

This Friday, at 8:00 PM Eastern - midnight server time Saturday - expect a big change in how you play Ruins of Chaos.

Until then...start sharpening those pickaxes and shining up those massing boots.

It's beginning...

P.S. What about that new timer - and that new preference?!?!!
Apr 25, 2013 | Oh Those Pesky Rules
Apparently some players have a) short memories, b) didn't actually bother to read the rules, or c) are convinced that the rules don't apply to them. So, with that in mind, we 'invite' all the players to take a stroll over to the RULES tab and re-acquaint themselves with the official game rules. In particular, it seems as though Rule 5 is being ignored more and more - so to make it easy, here's a recap of Rule 5.a and 5.b:

5. You MAY NOT use game messaging, profiles, chat, or forums to transmit

- Harassing, obscene, or illegal content

- You may not bypass any in game text filters in order to get around the above rule; this includes but is not limited to, creative spelling of offensive words by using symbols or spaces instead of letters.

- The game and the community are meant for everyone to enjoy. It's hard to enjoy when somebody decides to take it too seriously and start harassing or being excessively obscene.

And in case there is any confusion, breaking the rules can result in restriction or banning of your account.

Be civil. You're not in grade school any longer.
Apr 8, 2013 | New Preferences
New account preferences have been added. Go try them out!

If you have ideas for other preferences you think would add interest to the game, take a fun trip over to GUA and post your ideas.
Mar 31, 2013 | New Activity Bonus
Effective immediately, a new activity bonus has been implemented. This means that once every 24 hrs. (resetting at midnight server time), you can visit your base page to choose an activity bonus. For the first day, the choices will be 1 turn or 100 soldiers. Each day will have slightly different options from which to choose, and Day 25 will have an additional bonus option. The cycle for the activity bonus is 25 days; in other words it will automatically repeat every 25 days. However, if you miss a day during the 25-day cycle, your activity bonus options will revert to the Day 1 bonus and you will in effect be starting over.

We may modify or enhance the Daily Activity Bonuses at any time - or not.

Have fun!
Feb 21, 2013 | Bug Fix
The 2:1 credits:clicks ratio has been fixed.
Feb 20, 2013 | Age 14 Beta Changes - Update 1
Global clicks are back, baby!
1 click on a game captcha outside the recruiter = 1 credit !

Premium subscriptions purchased at the end of last age have been extended by 7 days to cover the downtime between Age 13 and Age 14 Beta
Feb 20, 2013 | Age 14 Beta

What's a beta, you ask? Well, here’s the dictionary definition ::

/bay't*/, /be't*/ or (Commonwealth) /bee't*/ n.
1. Mostly working, but still under TEST; usu. used with `in': `in beta'. Beta releases are generally made to a group of LUCKY (or unlucky) trusted customers.

2. Anything that is new and EXPERIMENTAL. "His girlfriend is in beta" means that he is still testing for compatibility and reserving judgment.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now that we have that settled, let's get down to business...Beta business!

CHANGES to date (in no particular order) ::


- Human Bonus: 10% Weapon Strength + 10 Bonus Point
- Dwarf Bonus: 40% Defense Bonus + 10% TBG Bonus
- Orcs: 50% Strike Bonus + Converts "Slain" Enemies into Untrained Soldiers
- Elves: 40% Spy Bonus + 20% Reduced Repairs
- Goblins: 40% Strike Bonus + Can attack enemies 2/3 their size for full gold
- Pixies: 40% Sentry Bonus + 20% Covert Ops Success Bonus


- Covert Mercenaries
- Unlimited Merc availability
- UP trickle DOWN
- “Captured” Sabotages - all sabotages will simply succeed or fail


- Some events may only last between 8 - 15 minutes - random time selection
- Announcement of events may - or may not be - only 30 minutes before event starts.
- Many events have been modified in some way.
- Retired Event - Oh Baby!
- Retired Event - Damn Hippies
- Retired Event - Cat's Eye
- Retired Event - Rallying Cry
- Retired Event - Slow News Day (duh.)


- Clicking vs Swiping
- 1 Click = 2 credits
- 1 Swipe = 1 credit


- Sabotage limits have been changed to 10 missions per 22 hours
- Sabotage success now requires a 1:2 spy:sentry ratio rather than a 1:3 - you may, however, discover a way to succeed with ratios < 1:2 (but never < 1:3)!.
- Sabotaged spy and sentry weapons will now break exactly like SA/DA weapons when used.
- Sabotage damage formulas have been tweaked. Have fun!

UP is now capped at 30,000 and the prices have been adjusted.

Stay tuned! No, really....stay tuned!
Feb 10, 2013 | IRC v.2
The new and improved IRC server can (finally!!!) be accessed via ::

See you there!
Feb 9, 2013 | You've Got News!!
As you can see the End of Age timer has been activated. Once the age has ended there will be a short intermission and then Age 14 BETA will begin.

During the Beta, there will be many, many changes, so you definitely won't want to miss the mayhem and chaos!
Feb 1, 2013 | IRC
As you know, we have been experiencing issues with the IRC server; we are working on this and hope to have a solution in place within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience. See you on IRC...soon!
Jan 26, 2013 | Those Crazy Mercs!
You may have noticed that the mercenaries have been particularly sneaky and untrustworthy this age - seems we have a lot of rejects from the Foreign Legion in our merc ranks, and now we know why the were rejected! The good news is we now have them subdued and under our control. Here is a recap of the latest fix of their treachery...

1. The amount of regular (Strike & Defense & Untrained) mercs you can have in your army has been limited to 25% of your Total Fighting Force OR an amount equal to the maximum amount of that type of merc owned by anyone in the game - whichever is the greater number.

2. The amount of covert (Spy & Sentry) mercs you can have in your army has been limited to 25% of your total Covert Force or an amount equal to the maximum amount of that type of merc owned by anyone in the game - whichever is the greater number.

3. If mercs are depleted in between scheduled distribution (on turn), a smaller amount of them will be made available automatically until the next regular distribution.
Jan 19, 2013 | Covert Mercs
Effective immediately, a bug in the covert death ratio on attacks has been fixed. Additionally, the enemies' covert mercs will show on a recon report.
Jan 9, 2013 | New IRC Server
For those of you who may have missed it a couple of months ago, the new IRC server for RoC is ::

See you there!
Jan 7, 2013 | Attention Apple Device Users
Yes, we listened!! (Shocking, but true!)

So many of you have asked us to develop a true mobile app for RoC - not just a mobile site - and we are excited to announce that testing has begun on an app for Apple devices! If you have an iPhone/iPad etc. and would like to help us test the app as it moves through the development process, please contact Shiggity in game. As a condition of being added to the testing team, it's important that you be willing to provide plenty of feedback along the way. (At this time, the Android version of the app is not yet available for testing, but we hope to have it soon.)

We think that upping our game with the mobile apps will be a big step for Roc and will ultimately help us to attract more players for this crazy game we love to hate - or hate to love!

Thanks for your support!
Dec 21, 2012 | F3. It's here!
In spite of the fact that the "Naughty or Nice" list is heavily weighted to the naughty side this year (you know who you are!!), the RoC Santas have decided to give everyone a special gift!

Click here to open the coolest present you'll receive this holiday!

Special thanks and extra mistletoe and eggnog for our chief Santa, fury! (Yes, he really did!)

Happy holidays, everyone! And don't forget to show a little love this season to those who love you - in spite of your bad self!
Dec 9, 2012 | BOOM!!!!
That was the sound of the server exploding when some numbers went way out of whack.

Users who have been invalidly attacked during this time (either losing 0 gold, or losing a ridiculous amount of gold) have had their soldiers and mercs replenished and their gold set mostly back to where it was.

Users who attacked during this time have had their turns returned and their gold set back mostly to where it was.

Except people who abused the glitch and tried to spend the gold on goodies. Shame. Shame on you.
Dec 4, 2012 | Downtime compensation
Just a quick note: anyone who lost more gold during the period of random login failure than they did over the same time period yesterday has had it refunded in daggers. In addition, 8 hours of TBG (in daggers) and 16 hours of turns have been given to all players following the 8 subsequent hours of downtime.
Nov 24, 2012 | Age 13 Changes
After the chaos at the end of last age :p I've made some changes to increase the chaos for this age:

TBG can go negative
Thats right, you can have a negative income. Be warned however, unlike Greece (and some players last age) there isn't an IMF, EU or game bug to bail you out when the going gets tough. If you don't have enough gold to pay the highly skilled warriors you promised to pay... on your head be it.

Gold can go negative
Thats right you can go into dept what happens when you attack someone with -ve gold? Well, you get nothing.

Income has been tweaked.
Untrained soliders now pay 50, Trained soldiers pay 45.

Mercs have been tweaked.
Mercs are now cheaper, however they all have an upkeep cost: 5 for attack and defence mercs, 10 for sentry and spy mercs and 1 for untrained mercs. You may hire as many mercs as you need however you can only hire 1% of your TFF in one transaction.
Aug 31, 2012 | Unit production bonus
There have been a number of questions about the new unit prouction trickle.

Does the goblin bonus have any affect?
No, currently the bonus is based on raw unit production, neither the commander's or officers race is taken into account when calculating the bonus.

How long does it take to get the bonus after changing commander?
There was a bug with this where by the bonus would not be updated upon a commander change. This has now been fixed. Your unit production will take on its new value AFTER the next unit production distribution. This means it will take between 6 and 12 hours. This also prevents people jumping under a commander with high unit production 5 mins before units are distributed and leaving again afterwards.

How far down does the unit production trickle
Directly from commander to officer. No further.

Can you make it trickle further?
This might be something we consider for future ages, this age it will remain at 1 level.
Aug 22, 2012 | IRC
It's baaaaaack!!! IRC, that is!

Join us on IRC chat again by using IP / Port 6667. (It is not currently accessible through the game CHAT link - we're working on that.) Also, we were not able to import the old database, so you will need to re-register your nicks as well as your alliance channels. Please check with a Staff member if you have any questions or problems logging in.

See you there!
Aug 19, 2012 | Welcome to age 12
Thanks to everyone for participating in the end of age game, this might be something we repeat in future.

Age12 will be starting soon, I've made a couple of under the bonnet changes and have also made a few game changes:

* Gold bricks have been removed. (This will fix the mobile site)
* Spy and Sentry mercs have been added at a cost of 500 per merc. Unlike other mercs they have an upkeep cost of 5 gold per turn. This means that for every spy/sentry merc you employ your tbg will be reduced by 5.
* Unit production trickles down to your officers (only 1 level) so if you have 10000up, your officers get a bonus 5000up each. Note this bonus unit production isn't affected by the unit production bonus of either the officer or commander.

Aug 15, 2012 | End of age (for real)
I've finally finished the new EOA script.

Everyone will have a chance to influence the end of the age. This works as follows - my account (Carix) needs to be reduced to 0. (aka have all the weapons destroyed) so the age will end either 1 hour after this happens OR at the latest a week on Friday.


Aug 14, 2012 | Yes, IRC is down.
You may have noticed that the RoC IRC server is down. We regret any inconvenience, and we are working on solving the problem.

In the meantime, feel free to join us on Skype chat - this is not a Skype call, it is just a text chat :: Ruins of Chaos.

Aug 14, 2012 | End of age
Everyone has been wondering when this age will end, I don't have an exact answer (you will see why later) but it will probably be next weekend. I will follow this announcement up this evening with a few more details.
Jun 20, 2012 | Compensation.
On the one side, we have slayers who got some big hits in during the down time and on the other we have bankers who were unable to get in to spend their gold. Rolling back attacks would be unfair to the former, while leaving as is would be unfair to the latter. Thus the decision has been made to compensate people as such:

  • Attacks during the downtime are being compared to attacks made during the same period of time the day before.

  • Anyone who lost out in the comparison will be refunded gold, however the attacker will still retain the gold they stole

  • Since during the gold rush phase attack turns roughly doubled in their return value, the amount of gold refunded will be boosted by 40%

  • Gold bricks will be distributed at some point today aka when I get home from work.

Jun 20, 2012 | Game Issues
As you are (painfully) aware, there was a major issue with the game today which meant many/most of us could not log in for about 12 hours or so. The problem has now been fixed. So, keep an eye on your armories - you will soon be seeing some more of those super shiny gold bricks showing up as compensation for the downtime some of you experienced. Details to be announced. Thanks!
Jun 3, 2012 | Little update
As many of you are already aware, I have been working on a new in game recruter. (It's why I've been clicking so much, and NO I will not join you or send you CC!)

This recruiter has been designed to take a lot of the load off the server, so hopefully it'll mean far less 502 and 504 errors and faster clicking (especially at the start of the age). As such, once it is ready and fully tested it will be the only approved recruiter.

May 31, 2012 | Gold Bricks beat Daggers
The strangest thing has happened! Some of you may have noticed that in the process of giving you gold in daggers as compensation for the earlier downtime, a strange alchemy took over and the gold daggers actually became gold bricks!

We regret any confusion, but we hope you enjoy those incredibly shiny and perfectly stacked gold bricks you received. And to be clear, they actually are a part of your SA, in spite of their stubborn insistence on hiding in your sentry.

Thanks for your patience - and enjoy those gold bricks!
May 31, 2012 | Game downtime
The game was down today for a little under 10 hours due to a massive issue with the webserver, which has now been resolved.

As this downtime will have affected some players more than others (due to timezone differences) everyone has been given 16 turns worth of gold in daggers and 32 attack turns (so that slayers are not unfairly disadvantaged)
May 30, 2012 | Sad News
We would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Backbreaker/AdrianTheSlayer who died unexpectedly earlier this week. He was a long-time player and member of the RoC community; our thoughts go out to those he left behind.

R.I.P. Backbreaker.
May 20, 2012 | Ready or not - it's Age 11!!
Welcome to a new age of chaos and mayhem!

Here are a few of the changes you will encounter in the current age ::


Throughout Age 10, there were complaints about sabotage success rates being too high for people with a very low spy to sentry ratio. After looking into this, we decided to tweak the sabotage formula once again in order to correct this imbalance.

As a result of the tweaks, saboteurs with less than half of their target's sentry in spy will notice a reduced rate of success compared to last age. Everyone else will continue to enjoy failing numerous times on their victims while having their own armories reduced to nothingness by only a handful of people.


In an attempt to salvage the referral system, yet avoid having people abuse it by spamming their link, we have changed the way referrals work. When someone signs up using your referral link, you will still receive 5 soldiers; and you will also receive another 5 soldiers whenever they actually activate their account.

However, you will now gain an additional bonus (minimum of 500 of soldiers) based on your personal Unit Production whenever the new recruit's game play exceeds a pre-set activity threshhold - the precise amount to be determined by a formula combining log-ins with actual in-game activities. (No, we're not telling the formula! Stop asking!)


If you have not logged into your account within the last 5 (five) days, you will no longer accumulate attack turns, but you will still receive turn-based gold. Once you log in again, you will begin to receive turns as normal, but you will not be compensated for the attack turns you missed out on.

During any Double Trouble event, however, you will receive one additional attack turn even if you have not logged in for those 5 days. Why?? That's just how we roll.


The Rankers' Revenge event has been re-named to Sabbers' Delight. Only the name has been changed. No, really.


The History Page format was changed to provide a better presentation of results. Enjoy.

Thank you for playing Age 11. As always, we appreciate your thoughtful feedback and civil comments.
May 20, 2012 | Goodbye, Age 10! You over-stayed your welcome, btw!
Congratulations to the top finishers of Age 10!

#1 Nabooru (UW)
#2 Anteraz_TC (TC)
#3 GiRlneXtDooR (43rd)

Well-played, guys! You and your alliances did a great job.

And a big thanks to all the RoC players who stayed and fought through a sillylong age! It was certainly not intentionally an extended age, but sometimes life has a way of imposing its will, and we have no option but to roll with it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Now stay tuned...Age 11 just might be interesting!
May 19, 2012 | Want to know what's going on???
Join us in game chat for updates! #roc
May 5, 2012 | End of age ...
... will be announced soon-ish.

Stay tuned!
Jan 18, 2012 | IRC
IRC is up and running again. We apologize for the delay. Please let us know if you need anything.
Jan 18, 2012 | IRC Issues
The IRC servers were under a brief attack this afternoon, and as a result they must be rebooted. Due to r/l work schedules, this may not happen for about 4 hours from now (approximately 0200 hrs Server Time).

We will be getting the servers back online as soon as possible and are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your continued patience.
Dec 3, 2011 | In game recruiter changes
To assist a bit during the times when the server is over loaded I have made the following changes:

  • Recruiter now auto reloads failed images (instead of them needing to be clicked)

  • An average submission time has been added to the right of the pending batches, this shows the average time for submitting the last 10 batches

  • An estimated queue length has been added to the right of the average submission time. This shows the estimated time to submit all of your pending clicks, based on the current average.

Both times are in seconds, if the estimated queue lenght exceeds 600 seconds, there is a high possibility of losing credits so it would be a good idea to wait a while for the recruiter to catch up before continuing.

Dec 2, 2011 | Updates
The new Hard Drive has been installed and is currently being rebuilt. It usually takes roughly a day to complete so it should be in full action by tomorrow.

In addition to the hardware issues, someone thought it would be witty to attempt an attack our server with a DDoS. This obviously increased the complexity of the task at hand but we should have that under control shortly as well.

We again thank you for your patience and there should be more good news starting tomorrow.
Nov 29, 2011 | Server Issues
As all of you have experienced the game has been extremely slow to start the age. Due to the unfortunate circumstance of a hard drive crashing on the server the game is having issues coping with the load. A new drive was ordered and is currently on its way to the host to be installed. We anticipate that we should know more by the weekend withNO guarantees or time frames.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty during this tough time and we assure you the game will be back to 100% as soon as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to ask but be advised we are well aware that the game is lagging and that it will go down temporarily from time to time.
Nov 27, 2011 | Age 10

Welcome to Age 10.

Thank you to all who participated in the beta. Many of you provided valuable feedback and ideas which helped make some significant changes coming for this age.

New Changes for Age 10:

  • New Race - Goblins. Goblins have a race bonus of 20% Unit Production and a "Select your own bonus" in the forum of 15 bonus points on sign up.

  • Elves Race Bonus changed to 15% Spy and 15% Sentry

  • Inactive timer changed from 1 week back to 2 weeks

  • New Race - Pixies. Pixies have a race bonus of 20% Covert Ops Success bonus and a 30% Casualty Reduction bonus.

  • Increased Sabotage Success

  • Letter recruiter operates once again.

  • Event Changes:

    • Eagle Eye - Displays all gold on the battlefield. Gold you are unable to normally see appears in red.

    • Rankers' Revenge - Defense, Spy, and Sentry weapons are sabotaged for additional value. (Same max value as SA)

    • Cheap Tricks - Raised merc cost to 1500 from 1000

    • Size Doesn't Matter - Cooldown increased and will show up less frequently

    • Hippies - No longer allows sabotage during the event

Good luck to everyone in Age 10 and as always you can contact us in the Official RoC Chat, the Forums or via in game PM.
Nov 21, 2011 | Age 10 Beta

Welcome to Age 10 Beta!

The Age 10 Beta will officially last from now until Sunday November 27th, 2011. During this week we fully integrate a few new features, new race(s) and some new events. The task we place before everyone that chooses to participate in the beta is to please be mindful that there will be a lot of resets, bugs and other issues that we need you to let us know about should any arise.

There will periodic updates with different modifications that are made or added as the beta goes on so be sure to check the status bar at the top of your screen or the news link in the sidebar on a daily basis.

First and foremost on the list of changes we would like you all to welcome our newest moderator: OutlawDragon!! If you have any questions or concerns I am sure he will be happy to help you out!

Current gameplay changes so far:

  1. New Race: Goblins. Goblins have a race bonus of 20% Unit Production and a "Select your own bonus" in the forum of 15 bonus points on sign up.

  2. Elves Race Bonus changed to 15% Spy and 15% Sentry

  3. Inactive timer changed from 1 week back to 2 weeks

As always you can contact us in the Official RoC Chat, the Forums or via in game PM.
Sep 5, 2011 | IRC - it's all working
Thanks for your patience. The irc server maintenance is now complete! See you in #roc!
Sep 5, 2011 | RoC IRC
Yes, IRC chat is currently disabled while maintenance is being done. It will be up again shortly.

Jun 20, 2011 | Cooldown issue
Cooldown has been fixed and you will no longer need to use the previous work around. We are aware of the timer issue and that is being worked on as well. Though the timer is off the turns are still occurring at every half hour and rank updates at 5 minutes after the turn. If you experience any other problems please let one of us know.

Jun 13, 2011 | Age 8 and Bug Issues
Welcome to Age 8! There were minor tweaks made to this age from last age, the most noticeable will be to the sab damage on defensive action getting raised to 80%.

As far as the bugs go since the server upgrade, we are aware of most of them and are working to get them fixed as soon as possible. As always, due to time constraints this has been an issue but rest assured they are on the list to get fixed.

Furthermore I have come up with a temporary solution to the recaptcha issue. If you should encounter the recaptcha problem for now simply visit any other page that has a captcha on it (armory, training, etc.) and click a correct captcha on that page, be advised that you do not need to purchase anything on these pages, simply click a correct captcha. Re-visit the recruiter and the problem should be corrected.

We will keep you informed as to the status of the other problems as we are able to identify and correct them.
May 28, 2011 | Sab List Discount
The age is ending in a little over two weeks. What better way to ensure you end up on top of your enemies than to use the in game sab list? You can now get a sab list for your entire alliance for only $5 for 15 Days.
May 26, 2011 | Downtime
The server ruins of chaos is being hosted on is undergoing some upgrades and essential maintenance work next weekend (4th June) during which the site will be unaccessable. No turns will take place during this period. The exact time the work will take is unknown but it will be beginning around 10am GMT and we hope to have the site restored by around 8pm GMT. In addition to making some changes to the site to improve efficiency and speed, work will also be undertaken to stop the weekly crashes that occur Sunday mornings. During this period the games forums will also be down, however the IRC servers will remain running. Anyone who wishes to follow the progress of the downtime should remain in the #roc channel as periodic updates will be made there by admins.

[The 'ensuringruinsofchaosmakesenoughmoneytocoveritshostingbills' Admin]
May 9, 2011 | Armory Repairs
The game bug that has prevented players from choosing the weapons/tools they wish to repair - in the order they wish to repair them - has been fixed.

May 8, 2011 | Sab Bug
It was recently discovered that there was a bug with sabotage. Sabotage damage is based off of the target's sell off value(SOV), however if a player had damaged weapons (which get sold for reduced value), the sabotage formula was calculating their SOV as if the weapons were at full strength. As a result, the game was allowing people to do more damage than they were supposed to against players with severely damaged weapons, making it nearly impossible for accounts to rebuild.

Since this was obviously never intended to be this way and never fit in with the way things had been set up, the issue has been corrected. With that said there MAY be more accounts getting Jack Bauered. The Bauer limit checks the total sab damage to a target within the last 24 hours and compares it to their SOV. The result will be some players SOV dropping to where the level is supposed to be, those will be Bauered.

May 7, 2011 | Sab list update.
The sablist premium feature has been under testing for the past week and is now ready for release. To begin the release I'm offering a free 1 week trial of the feature to any alliance who is interested, all you need to do is send me (Carix) an in game message requesting your trial and I'll start it up for you.

After the free trial the feature costs just $1.50 (introductory price) for three days and is activated for EVERY member of your alliance.

Further information about the feature and how alliance features work can be found at the bottom of the services page.

[The 'ensuringruinsofchaosmakesenoughmoneytocoveritshostingbills' Admin]
Apr 17, 2011 | Premium update
First off, thanks to everyone who has purchased premium balance over the past few weeks, your continued support is vital to the future of this game. This update is to bring those of you who have already purchased premium balance, and those who are thinking about doing so, up to date with the changes that are planned and that have taken place over the past few weeks.

  • There is now a sale on the ad free premium feature, this will last until next weekend and gives you 40% off the original price. I hope that some of the players still using ad-blockers will use this opportunity to suport the game

  • Premium balance should now be automatically added to your account. If for some reason this fails, please contact an admin.

  • I have begun work on the sab list premium feature, the high price ($50,000) reflects the fact that its not yet ready for purchase*. Once finished it will be priced appropriatly and a further anouncement will be made to let everyone know it's ready.

  • At some point soon, I am going to change the current premium Balance into Premium points, $1 will equal 1 Premium point. This change will allow us to offer discounts for people purchasing a large volume of credits at once and also offer credits in different currencies

[The 'ensuringruinsofchaosmakesenoughmoneytocoveritshostingbills' Admin]

*If anyone wishes to purchase the sab list at its current price, let me know and I'll take a week of work to write it immediately
Mar 27, 2011 | Welcome to Age 7

Welcome to Age 7! Please take the time to read over the new changes below. While this will list most of the changes for the age, there are still some new surprise additions that are not listed below. As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  • Balance:

    • Human Bonus changed from 30% TBG bonus to 10% stronger weapons

    • Bonus Points are no longer multiplicative, but are additive. Previously, your stats were multiplied by your race bonus and then multiplied by your bonus points. Now, your race bonus and bonus points are added together, and then multiplied by your stats.

    • Fixed Bonus Point acquisition (siege/fort bonus points made identical).

    • Reduce sabs/day to 10 per person

    • New sabotage success formula

    • Remove daily sabotage limit

    • Change damage for spy (80%)

    • Change damage for DA (60%)

    • Emphasis on clicking in alliance rank formula changed to / 50000 from / 20000

      • Bugs:

        • People with no alliance can no longer see profile

        • Maintenance page when game not in maintenance

        • Non-English characters are no longer permitted in usernames

        • Unranked accounts can sab/recon

        • Zombie count (removed mercs and added spies/sentries)

        • Sabotage Cost - No longer includes broken weapons

        • Weapon costs now display properly in the armory during the Industrious event.

        • Sabotage successes now display captures

        • Fixed attack logs for stealth events (made it harder/impossible to figure out who attacked)

          • New Events:

            • Reduced Price Mercenaries

            • No repairs when sabotaging

            • Zombies give TBG

            • Double attack turn production

              • Event Changes:

                • Min/Max duration settings per-event, in addition to event cooldowns

                • Make events occur more often (every 5-8h now)

                • Industrious -> 5% cost reduction (from 2%)

                • Removed Lucky (+25% spy success chance)

Mar 12, 2011 | Premium feature changes.
I've been making some changes to ruins of chaos in order to bring in enough income to cover the server bills for both the game server and the IRC servers. The first of these changes was to put ads back onto the site, however, due in part to people using ad blockers, the revenue from the adverts covers only half the monthly bills that ruins of chaos has. To make up this short fall I have been working on improving the offerings of premium services. The changes are detailed below.

  • Added a new Sab stats premium feature.

  • Added better descriptions to some features

  • Lowered premium features to just $2 each

  • Added a game pack, includes all the features for a $3 discount

  • Premium menu now shows if you have a positive balance or if you have any feature enabled

Over the coming weeks, I have a number of other changes which will be implemented including:

  • Automatic balance crediting; no more waiting for an admin to edit your premium balance, funds will be available instantly

  • Alliance based premium features

  • Additional premium features

We would like to thank all the premium members for their support and hope that more players will join them with the improvements listed above.
Feb 25, 2011 | The Beginning of Beta 7

Age 7 Beta has begun! For those of you wishing to participate and test for us please visit: Beta 7.

Before doing so we ask that you please read the news page which can be found on the "Beta 7" link at the top of the sidebar or in the status bar located at the top of your base page. Inside you will find important information regarding the beta and all updates, changes and bug fixes that are included.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact a staff member and we again thank you for your participation and any feedback you can provide!
Feb 25, 2011 | The Beginning of Beta 7
Age 7 Beta has begun! For those of you wishing to participate and test for us please visit: Beta 7.

Before doing so we ask that you please read the news page which can be found on the "Beta 7" link at the top of the sidebar or in the status bar located at the top of your base page. Inside you will find important information regarding the beta and all updates, changes and bug fixes that are included.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact a staff member and we again thank you for your participation and any feedback you can provide!
Feb 16, 2011 | Mid-Age Report Card

We are at roughly the midpoint of this age, and we are here to check in with some new game features and other news!

At some point in the near future a beta will be opened. There will also be additional means of communication available to you which you will be able use to provide us feedback on the game and related issues. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we post announcements and more information.

Alliance Statistics Added to History and Cumulative Sabotage Stats Condensed on the Base

Recently the history pages were amended to add Alliance history. You can access this via the History link in the sidebar.

Cumulative sabotage statistics have been condensed and are linked on the base page next to your sabotage total. Instead of having to look through page after page of stats, the data is now available in short form for quick and easy access.

Paypal Donations

To remind everyone again, please make sure to PM a staff member if you have donated and did not receive your premium funds. Paypal information does not always include a donors game name, which sometimes makes it difficult to determine who is actually sending funds.

Lastly, we remind you that if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any member of the staff. We can be reached via in game PM at the following links: rouen, Shiggity, or Gambino. We are also available most of the time in #roc, the official IRC chat channel.
Jan 20, 2011 | Alliance Bulletins and Alliance Issues

Group Based Alliance Bulletins are now operational!

The good news is that you can now send specific messages to certain ranks in your alliance. The option works as follows:

  • Bulletins sent to your Admins will get sent to Admins and Owner.

  • Bulletins sent to Elders will get sent to Elders, Admins and Owner.

  • Bulletins sent to Loyal will go to Loyal, Elder, Admins and Owner.

  • Bulletins sent to All Members will go to all ranks including Newbie.

Unfortunately, during the implementation of the new system all Alliance ranks were reset to Elder. As a result you have to change your members ranks to whatever group you would like them all to be in.

I apologize in advance for the inconvenience this has caused and if you should require any assistance with fixing your alliance please do not hesitate to contact any staff member via in game PM or on IRC.

There will be another, more detailed news update within the next few days with various updates as to the happenings in the world of ROC. If you should ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the staff and we will be happy to assist you.
Dec 28, 2010 | Age 6 and the end.

Age 6 has begun! The changes are as follows:

  • Daily sabotage limit raised to 390.

  • Modifications to external recruit link to prevent spammers from giving RoC a bad name.

  • Misc. bug fixes.

  • Andy quits.

Sabotage limit has been increased to enable continuing alliance warfare. Insufficient testing during Age 5 beta led to incomplete data. This is why we test things, instead of whining about how you can't rank when Andy keeps resetting the stats.

Spamming your recruit link (although there was no specific RoC rule against this) is a douchebag move. Yes, you FreqZ. And you, Rush-VS. Changes to the external recruit process will lower the instant signing bonus for every view on your link that does NOT result in a signup. The bonus will instead be delayed until they pass activity thresholds.

Andy is officially stepping down from the RoC team, after a long run of messing things up in spectacular fashion. The moderator team of Gambino, Shiggity, and our evil half-admin Rouen (only half because although he HAD admin powers, he never used them) will be taking over all aspects of the site. Running Ruins Of Chaos is a challenging task, and real life beckoned to Andy.
I'd like to say it was fun, but that would be lying. :)
Sep 24, 2010 | Turn downtime, and other stupid things

Never added an official new age post, so here are the changes:

  • Successful sabs per day capped at 225.

  • Noob mode is active, and explained in your base.

  • Sabs per target per day is now 15 attempts.

  • New look, some other stuff.

Andy is out of the office until Monday, it'll have to do.
Jun 4, 2010 | Age 4 is here!

Thanks to all of you who played Ruins of Chaos last age and congratulations to our winners. Rankings have been posted in the history page.

The changelist is as follows:

  • Due to a bug with the Captured sabotage outcome, we have standardized the rates. Over a 3:1 ratio will result in a 5% chance of capture, over 1:2 will result in a 10% chance, and 1:3 is a 20% chance.

  • Upgraded clicking system (will activate later in the age).

Also, a warm welcome to our newest administrator, rouen. Let the cheating accusations commence!
Apr 1, 2010 | What the hell, guys?

Okay, the hate aside, we're back up and running. I'm back in my old position as manager, I guess. Welcome to Age 4 beta 1. Right now, it looks identical to Age 3. This is intentional, since it was a wonderful place to start from. You'll be seeing more features and changes added as we go along, we just needed to get everything up and running.

Right now, the game is on the old server. At some point in the future, we will need to move back to the new server, but that time is not right now. Expect to see that happen down the road. For now, enjoy the return of the game you love to hate.

-Andy (and all the rest of the staff)
Mar 21, 2010 | Speed Round?
Since the new admins are awful slow at changing over to the new server, Andy has decided it's time to party like it's 1999. SPEED ROUND, BABY.
Mar 5, 2010 | You Asked For It, You Got It!

Thanks to all of you who have been active members of the Ruins of Chaos gaming community this age.

We are pleased to announce that Age 3 2/3 will end on Saturday, 20th March 2010, at 12:00 Server Time.

As with all great plans, sometimes unexpected changes must be made somewhere between concept and completion, and that is what has happened here in Ruins of Chaos. While it was our intention to run Beta 4 concurrently with the end of this age, our plans were delayed and ultimately changed due to unfortunate and unforseeable circumstances. As a result, Age 4 Beta will begin right after the end of Age 3 2/3.

We are excited about the coming Beta and Age 4. Players can expect to benefit from many changes including upgraded features, totally new code, redesigned graphics, a more powerful server, and other game enhancements as the beta progresses. We also want to make sure the DNS switch is successful, the new server is steady, and the Beta is up and running smoothly before we start game play again; so there will be up to 12 hours of downtime between the end of Age 3 2/3 and the start of Age 4 Beta.

Remember, your participation in the Beta will help us make Ruins of Chaos an even better gaming experience for everyone. So get ready to experience the fun and chaos of Age 4 Beta!

Mar 1, 2010 | Mandie and Ray + IRC.
Mandie, Ray loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

You don't have to say 'yes' to forever, but all of us think you should say 'yes' to giving it a shot.

What do you say? Let's see some fireworks.

- RoC Community and Staff.

8:24am (EST): We are currently investigating network issues in the Newark, NJ facility.

8:42am (EST): Network issues in Newark should be resolved.

IRC might be offline or unreachable for a few minutes later on in the day.
Feb 18, 2010 | Rule addition
In light of recent illegal activity, we have decided to update the rules.

The following has been added:
"We reserve the right to remove or reverse a sell that has been sold off via illegal means"

Note: Expect a news bulletin regarding Age 4 Beta shortly
Dec 17, 2009 | Site being unavailable (504 Gateway Timeout)
We're sorry that the server wasn't responding this morning.

The FastCGI protocol died which took the entire server down with it temporarily until we got online to restart the process.

Due to the minor length of the downtime (3 hours) there will be no compensation given.
Dec 2, 2009 | IRC: hub @
hub @ had some connectivity issues which split and from each other.

The issue seems to of been fixed now and services seem back to normal, sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Services of IRC resumed back to normal at 2:07 PM server time (7:07 PM GMT).
Nov 29, 2009 | Welcome to Age 3 2?3!
Congratulations to Phoenix for winning Age 3!

As of this post, Ruins of Chaos is now officially in limbo mode; this will end in approximately 8 hours. The purpose of the limbo period, is to give players time to organize alliances, get their accounts started in the right groove, spend all that shiny gold, train troops, settle officers/chains, sort out IRC channels, and basically get prepared for the official start of the age.

During limbo, there will also be no attacking, sabotaging, or clicking which gives all players time to organize without the distraction of looking over their shoulder and wondering who's sneaking up on them! You will notice a few changes in graphics (later on), information presentation and features; there will be more of these coming in the hours ahead.

So, stay tuned, get ready, and have fun!

Thanks for playing Ruins of Chaos Age 3 23!
Nov 23, 2009 | Happy... Fall!
Fall is here! The days are colder, the leaves have turned bright colors, the hot apple cider is brewing, and we're starting to think things like 'OMG! Where did the year go!'.

For those in our RoC community who celebrate the occasion - Have A Happy Thanksgiving! For those who do not, celebrate and enjoy the fall season - and our new fall graphics.

Note: Don't worry if your pages load just a bit slower than usual; once the new graphics are cached, everything will be back to normal. Everybody is a horrible dark-red color, this is intentional - not a bug.
Nov 19, 2009 | Games News and Updates
This news post is to let you all know a few things that are happening behind the scenes regarding the development and timelines for the current and future ages.

As you have possibly heard - and we are pleased to confirm - Age 4 will be a very different Ruins of Chaos than past ages. In order to ensure a successful transition to the next generation of the game, we have decided to invest the additional time required to properly write the code, create the new graphic content, and write the necessary markup to ensure an exciting look and feel in Age 4. By taking the necessary time to fully develop the back-end of the game, we will have a smooth running game - one that also allows tweaks and changes to be made in the future with minimal effort and disruption to the current code.

Also, Age 3 23 will have minor changes, tweaks and the addition of some fun stuff to keep you entertained for those times when your troops return exhausted from battle and are too tired to party with you! So, while you will not see sweeping, game-wide changes in the next age, there will be a few changes just to keep things interesting.

The following is the approximate timeline:

  • Age 3 ends 29th November 2009

  • Age 3 23 begins 29th November 2009, within hours of the end of Age 3

  • Age 4 Beta begins on or about 10th January 2010*

  • Age 4 begins around 14th March 2010

* For the players who would rather not participate in the beta testing environment, keep in mind that Age 4 Beta will be running concurrently with Age 3 23, we anticipate that once the beta has begun, Age 4 will begin about 2 months later.

We are working very hard on new concepts as well as tweaking some of the standard game features currently in use. As always, we welcome your thoughtful input and ideas. If you would like to add to the dialogue about possible Age 4 changes, features, enhancements, or ideas, feel free to PM us, post on the forums, or find us on IRC in the #Age4 channel.

Thank you for choosing to play Ruins of Chaos. We hope you enjoy your game play and are finding your niche in the thriving RoC online community. Oh, and follow us on Twitter - and join our Facebook group!

Stay tuned for more news as it happens!
Nov 7, 2009 | Age 3 Comes to an End.
The Ruins of Chaos administrators are pleased to announce that Age 3 will be ending on 29 November 2009 at 08:00 server time!

We have experienced some unexpected delays in the development of Age 4, so we have decided not to release it quite yet. However, we are releasing an in-between round while we continue working on Age 4 coding and development. Therefore, Age 3 and 23rds will begin a few hours after Age 3 is ended.

We thank you all for joining our community and playing Ruins of Chaos and look forward to your continued support as we work hard to improve the game.
Nov 3, 2009 | End of the Age Plans
We're noticing a lot of false information floating around about the exact timing of the end of Age 3, and feel the need to clear the issue up.

First and foremost, when we decide on an ending date for Age 3, it will be posted immediately. If you hear an end date from a source other than official communication, rest assured the source is just making stuff up. As of right now, we have no concrete date ending the age, and you will receive at least 2 weeks notice when we do finally set a date.

As for the status of Age 4, things are a bit more complicated. We are rewriting the code completely, due to the difficulty of making rapid changes and additions in the current code. This is a large and difficult task, and one we don't wish to rush. Development of Age 4 is still in very early stages, and hasn't advanced to the point where we can upload any of it to the beta site (which is currently closed and redirecting players to the main site). Development is still on-going, despite any outward signs of progress. This is intentional, as opening these things to the public tends to lead to rushing things, and we want a system in place that will last for years.
Oct 31, 2009 | Happy Hallowe'en!
Happy Hallowe'en to all of the ghouls, goblins, ghosts and zombies of Ruins of Chaos!
Enjoy your mountains of candy and witch's brews and most of all, have a safe night.
Note: Don't worry if your pages load just a bit slower than usual; once the new graphics are cached, everything will be back to normal. Everybody is blue, this is intentional - not a bug.
Sep 22, 2009 | IP Sharing

  • The IP matching system has been updated and we can now grant exceptions to mobile IPs which will remove any linking of accounts from that IP. If you receive the shared IP warning on somebody you know you don't share a land-line IP with, then contact an administrator and they will be able to check the IPs and add any applicable IPs into our list of mobile IPs. As stated in the rules, you are not allowed to attack anybody you share an IP with, but we have historically granted one-time exceptions when permission is asked and the IPs being shared are verified as being mobile only.

  • Along with the update to the IP matching system, we have made the game enforce a hard restriction from attacking or sending credits to anybody on the same IP. This means you will not be able to attack them or send them credits at all, as long as the age lasts. And no, don't try sending it to a middle-man with which neither of you shares an IP -- we can catch that, too. This rule is in place to keep it level with everybody that doesn't have friends to play the game with in person, and unfortunately due to abuse in the past it must remain -- even if you swear on your next of kin's life that you and your brothers and sisters and uncles and cousins all live in the same house and aren't cheating. We can't take your word for it any more easily than we could knock on everybody's door and ask for IDs and shoe sizes of everybody in the house playing the game.

  • No, you still can't play your multis from your Blackberry, either. We'll still catch that.

  • Unfair? Yes, we know. Suggestions for a better solution are always welcome.

Sep 15, 2009 | Contest Winners

  • Congratulations to the winners! Here are the two grand prize winners and their respective prizes:

    • Vrasp, with 13 referrals, also the first person to receive 100 external clicks in a 24 hour period... a whopping 189,000 credits won!

    • laxx, with 515 external clicks coming in during the contest period, as well as the second and only other person to receive 100 external clicks in a 24 hour period... 60,000 credits won!

  • Congratulations to the following runners-up!

    • Kingbaumer with 10 referrals: 40,000 credits!

    • NamyarIsRelentless with 9 referrals: 37,000 credits!

    • Elvesnator also with 9 referrals: 37,000 credits!

    • Gnal_norim_TLL with 8 referrals: 34,000 credits!

    • ManOwaR with 6 referrals: 28,000 credits!

  • Prize winners will receive their credits as soon as fury clicks them. Please be patient, there's a lot of prizes to be sent out!

Sep 11, 2009 | Poll Results, Contest Time

  • The contest will end at 8:00 am server time on Saturday. So, you've got about one more day left to get your referrals in!

  • The polls we ran have been analyzed by our expert team of monkeys, and the following data was gathered:

    • Does 5x1ing rock this age? 217 people say yes, 142 say no

      • By half of game (division is by ranks):

        • First Half: Yes 192 vs. No 114

        • Second Half: Yes 25 vs. No 28

      • By number of turns used:

        • 0-199 turns used: Yes 40 vs. No 38

        • 200-399 turns used: Yes 19 vs. No 10

        • 400-599 turns used: Yes 13 vs. No 14

        • 600-799 turns used: Yes 21 vs. No 12

        • 800-999 turns used: Yes 24 vs. No 8

        • 1,000-1,199 turns used: Yes 26 vs. No 18

        • 1,200-1,399 turns used: Yes 20 vs. No 15

        • 1,400-1,599 turns used: Yes 54 vs. No 27

      • By number of clicks done:

        • 0-99k clicks: Yes 150 vs. No 108

        • 100-299k clicks: Yes 42 vs. No 18

        • 300-799k clicks: Yes 20 vs. No 15

        • 800k+ clicks: Yes 5 vs. No 1

      5x1ing seems to be a relatively lost art in some segments, but obviously not with the people who use all their turns. 5x1ing is a tactic used to make 5 attacks, each with 1 turn, to cause a lot of damage and casualties on your target (along with covert casualties, if you win the attack). This is an effective tactic in wars, especially when many players use it.

    • Does sabbing rock this age? 237 say yes, 144 say no

      • By half of game:

        • First Half: Yes 213 vs. No 114

        • Second Half: Yes 24 vs. No 30

      • By total number of intel operations:

        • 0-999 ops: Yes 146 vs. No 111

        • 1000-1999 ops: Yes 37 vs. No 17

        • 2000-3999 ops: Yes 34 vs. No 10

        • 4000+ ops: Yes 20 vs. No 6

      • By number of clicks done:

        • 0-99k clicks: Yes 156 vs. No 112

        • 100-299k clicks: Yes 47 vs. No 19

        • 300-799k clicks: Yes 29 vs. No 12

        • 800k+ clicks: Yes 5 vs. No 1

      So, for the most part, people think it rocks, but this is mostly from the people who already use it a lot anyway, who probably wouldn't if it didn't rock. Inconclusiveness for the win!

    • Does recruiting other players rock this age?

      • Yes: 52

      • It's too hard for them to learn how to play: 47

      • It's too hard to get them to click the link in the first place: range">104

      • It's not worth my time: 169

      Ouch! This tells us that above all, it's not worth the time (can has rocket science degree?) - but also partly that it's not enticing enough to start or easy enough to learn how to play.

    • Are you having fun? 339 say yes, 86 say no

      • By half of game:

        • First Half: Yes 305 vs. No 54

        • Second Half: Yes 34 vs. No 32

      • By total number of intel operations:

        • 0-999 ops: Yes 231 vs. No 68

        • 1,000-1,999 ops: Yes 46 vs. No 8

        • 2,000-3,999 ops: Yes 40 vs. No 7

        • 4,000+ ops: Yes 22 vs. No 3

      • By number of turns used:

        • 0-199 turns used: Yes 75 vs. No 27

        • 200-399 turns used: Yes 28 vs. No 5

        • 400-599 turns used: Yes 23 vs. No 8

        • 600-799 turns used: Yes 28 vs. No 11

        • 800-999 turns used: Yes 28 vs. No 6

        • 1,000-1,199 turns used: Yes 41 vs. No 11

        • 1,200-1,399 turns used: Yes 31 vs. No 8

        • 1,400-1,599 turns used: Yes 85 vs. No 10

      • By number of clicks done:

        • 0-99k clicks: Yes 236 vs. No 67

        • 100-299k clicks: Yes 64 vs. No 9

        • 300-799k clicks: Yes 35 vs. No 8

        • 800k+ clicks: Yes 4 vs. No 2

      At least we have that much to go on! Most people who are playing the hardest now are having fun. But a lot aren't, who are either in the last half of the ranks or aren't very active. We can't tell if this is because they just aren't having fun, or they aren't having fun because they're stuck in the last ranks with no clue what to do.

    So, we're not sure exactly what we can take away from this data just yet, so we can't tell you what we'll be changing, but suffice it to say we'll probably be doing more of the same until we figure out the next brilliant idea! Thanks for your response, and your comments and suggestions about these results will be greatly appreciated!

  • Actually, one thing we have changed already was to fix the auto focusing on the sabotage result page which was supposed to work but didn't scroll to the image if you couldn't see it.

  • We also threw in the last 24 hours of sab logs as an easily copy/pastable chunk of sabby goodness as soon as you finish performing 10 attempts on your target.

  • In spy reports, you can now click on the name of the weapon (if it is known) to immediately switch to the sabotage page to target that type of weapon.

Sep 10, 2009 | Bulletin and IRC Fixes

  • Sending bulletins to existing alliance members only should now be fixed.

  • Sending bulletins to alliance will now attach the sender's link to the message. This will only work for new bulletins, not existing bulletins. This means new bulletins you send out can actually now be responded to like normal messages.

  • Taking down bulletins sent to your officers or alliance will now REALLY work (as long as you are an admin of the alliance). This takes them out of your outbox AND the inbox of any recipients of the bulletin. Handy for taking down those drunk alliance bulletins you now regret sending.

  • Alliance bulletins will now not show up in your inbox until you are approved as a member of the alliance you joined.

  • Our IRC servers have had a rough few days, but have been upgraded to a new, more stable thingamajiggy and should no longer split at the worst possible times. Take a gander at the Chat page and try out the Java chat to get your feet wet. We think you'll find the IRC chat to be a fantastic place to hang out now that our servers are supplied with a steady stream of coffee 24/7.

Sep 6, 2009 | Mobile Fix

  • The CAPTCHA input on the mobile site has been changed again. Please let us know if the change fixes or breaks your phone.

Sep 4, 2009 | Small Tweaks

  • Kicking and banning from alliances is fixed.

  • Highest Rank has been reset for all players, and will now show the latest time you had that rank instead of the earliest time. Also, the Highest Rank will not show on stats pages if they are currently at their highest rank.

Sep 3, 2009 | Revisiting History

  • We've managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat and grab many stats from past ages that we didn't have a good way to show before now. Check out the newly redesigned History page!

  • A bug on the Final Stats page has been fixed which caused on-hand gold to be listed instead of TBG.

  • Suggestions for better layout for the History page or Final Stats page will be quite welcome. We're getting headaches just looking at it, too.

  • We have made MasterHernan's in-game recruiter the new default when clicking on the Recruiter menu button. Thanks for all your help and feedback!

Sep 1, 2009 | Recruit Links

  • We've heard your feedback about the short link and the random ID digits being a little hard to convince people to click on. Now there is a way to send a recruit link based on your name:

  • Got something else in mind for recruit links? Send us your feedback in the chat or forums!

Aug 31, 2009 | Alliance Leave/Join Bug

  • An obscure bug has been identified and fixed which allowed an alliance admin to kick or ban the alliance owner from the alliance, who could then join another alliance but then no longer be able to leave or join any other alliance due to still being listed as the founder of an alliance. Holy run-on sentence batman.

  • Users affected by this issue should contact an admin to get their case resolved, as it involves performing a complex ritual of dancing around a fire and sacrificing various pointy-eared animals. In other words, it's hard to tell exactly who got bit by this bug, and there is no easy-button way to resolve it. Only two cases have been known to exist so far.

Aug 30, 2009 | Important Clarification

  • Yesterday's news post reiterated that proxy clicks/referrals are not counted. Not only are they not counted, but they are against the rules of the game. (specifically, rule 2, which had previously implied it by "bypassing security measures" or "breaking game rules", and has now been amended to explicitly declare this)

  • This is the final clarification on this issue: Proxying (including switching dynamic IPs) to click on your external link is not allowed, and is a bannable offense.

  • Existing offenses may be banned or have the soldiers removed at our discretion.

  • Congratulations to Vrasp, who has already reached the 100 external clicks per 24 hours goal! We certainly did not expect this kind of participation this soon. Keep it up, everybody, and stay tuned for announcements about additional, runner-up style goals in this category!

Aug 29, 2009 | Recruiting Contest

  • There is something a little different about the external recruit link. It's in your base...killing your doodz! RUN!

  • Over the next two weeks, we want to see people getting new folks clicking on their links and signing up. New is defined as not from an IP matching any current player or link click this age. (It will tell the person viewing the link if that is the case.)

  • You will be able to see your tentative progress by checking your recruit link area. NEW link clicks and referrals since this news post will count towards this purpose, so if you've already sent out your link, then start counting up from 0 as of now.

  • Winning:

    • Two grand prizes, one with the highest number of new external recruit clicks and the other with the highest number of new referrals, will each receive a prize of 50,000 credits, plus 3,000 more credits per successful referral (when someone signs up to play and keeps their account active through the contest period).

    • Five runners-up, in order of the number of active referrals, will receive prizes of 10,000 credits each, plus 3,000 more per successful referral.

    • One special winner, the first (if any) to reach the uber-secret external recruit link limit in any 24 hour period, will receive a special bonus of 100,000 credits on top of any other winnings.

    • Consolation prizes: Don't sweat it, each click and referral that you do get, even if you don't come up with one of the grand prizes or runner-up prizes, will instantly give you soldiers, so that you're not left out in the cold if you were just barely outside of the fifth runner-up spot.

  • Prize payment timeline will depend on participation, but will be no later than within two weeks of determining the winners. In other words, depends on how many clicks fury's gotta cough up for the prize payments. Don't you love how we just casually volunteer him for that?

  • Simple contest rules:

    • Proxied referred accounts will not be counted.

    • Proxied recruit link clicks will not be counted.

    • New referrals who delete their account or never activate a valid email will not be counted.

    • No purchase necessary to win, anybody playing now or anybody signing up within the contest period are eligible to participate and win.

    • fury is not eligible to win anything, obviously, since he'll be clicking up the credits to send out. Everybody else is fair game. The goal is getting links out there on the internets. We're all in this together.

    • Contest details may change within the first day or two, depending on if we've consumed enough soda and sleep to properly think it through.

  • Good luck!

Aug 18, 2009 | Alliance Management, Recruiter Update

  • We've put in a highly requested feature: Alliance leaders now have more control over the chain position of their alliance members and may now force an alliance member to join or leave a commander, or manage their officers.

    • Reason boxes are given for a forced join/leave or officer discharge/move so that the original commander, new commander, officer being managed, and the one forcing the change all have a record posted in their activity log with a reason if one is given.

    • The link to force a join or move officers is placed in the right column of the stats page of the given user, and will only show up when you are in the same alliance as the member, and you have leader or owner status in the alliance.

  • News from MasterHernan:

    • Since the new experimental in-game recruiter was released, many changes and upgrades have been made. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to send me (MasterHernan) an in game message. Keep in mind that this will not guarantee the implementation of your idea due to system limitations on user systems. In english, not everybody has a good system setup.

      If you are having problems with the recruiter, please make sure you clear your cache or temporary internet files, then reload the recruiter. You might be using outdated files that haven't been updated in your system. If you're still having problems, please message me in-game with as much detail as possible. Example of what NOT to send:

      • "The recruiter is not working."

    • Changes & Upgrades:

      • Major upgrade: the recruiter has been re-written for browser compatibility. Every change done to the recruiter is tested in Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, Opera 9.64, and Safari 4.

      • 'Clicks pending' is the amount of clicks that have not been submitted to the server. You don't have to do anything for them to be submitted, just wait.

      • 'Alert me on turn' will alert you 5 seconds before a turn.

      • 'Alert me when I get x amount of credits' will alert you when you reach the amount entered. While you're clicking, the box where you entered an amount will be counting down.

      • 'Recruitment Session Info' displays information gathered since you loaded the page. Once you leave the page, the information will be lost.

      • 'Batch history' will show the history of all batches submitted in that recruitment session.

Aug 17, 2009 | RoC Graphics Inquiries

  • As part of the RoC administration crew, my role is to always keep the graphics department up to date, and always eye appealing. With this in mind, if there are any ideas that you would like us to think about in terms of graphics (low file size) please feel free to send me an in-game message to my account, Reconciliation. Any ideas are welcome, and I will do my best to please the general public, as long as its feasible.~Reconciliation.

Aug 15, 2009 | New experimental in-game recruiter

  • MasterHernan has written a different javascript-based in-game recruiter for us all to try out and admire. Check the new stuff out at - if all goes well, this will become the standard in-game recruiter.

Aug 14, 2009 | Fixes

  • A glitch involving a blank IP address log (in entries that should otherwise have an IP address associated with them) caused 32 players to be mistakenly listed as "shared" with each other. This has now been fixed. If you were confused as to the reason for somebody you don't know matching an IP address with you, then this may have been the cause. If you check again and they are still showing as "shared" with you, then it's not a glitch (most likely you both have mobile phones with the same carrier that are getting similar IP addresses).

Aug 13, 2009 | New Feature

  • Alliance owners may now promote a member to leader. This will demote the current owner to the rank of admin.

Aug 12, 2009 | Credit transfer changes, and reminder of recruit links

  • You may no longer send fewer than 100 credits to another player. You may still save any number of available credits to your bank (e.g. 42), but when sending to another player, you must send at least 100.

  • Comments in credit transfers are now limited to 30 characters. Comments are meant to be really short, like to refer to deals, agreements, or messages you've already exchanged. If you need to send them a novel or an in-depth description of your payout (2/3rds of 5/8ths of 3/4ths of clicks today plus 9/10ths of your growth minus credits I sent in the last 24 hours, plus 30 for the time it took you to read this comment!), send them an in-game mail. It's free and only 13% as annoying. Current transfer logs have been trimmed, but long comments (wee, %%%%%%%%) in the entries in your general activity log will remain as they were in case you need to refer back to them.

  • We'd like to remind you that NOW, not later, is the time to use your external recruit links. Check your base page for your unique link, and send the link out to everyone you know who isn't already playing (and isn't already in your house/school/etc). Here are the benefits:

    • Easy soldiers: Even getting them to click on it gives you a quick boost of soldiers, either 1 soldier or 1/100th of your unit production, whichever is bigger.

    • Lotsa soldiers: If they sign up after clicking on it, you will get a bigger quick boost of soldiers, like half of your unit production (max. 640 soldiers from this bonus).

    • Convenient: Anyone signing up after clicking on your link will automatically become your officer and apply to join your alliance. No need to work them through the process of finding your page, clicking Join and clicking a CAPTCHA, and then finding your alliance and clicking another Join button.

    As you can see, these are small benefits in the big picture, but they can give you an edge in a close race here in the first few days of the age. Use them now while the day is young, because it's a lot harder to keep a new officer interested in playing if they have to play catch-up all age.

Aug 11, 2009 | Mobile site link and issues.

  • We've had a number of reports about some phones not being able to complete the CAPTCHA on long pages in the mobile site (short/full armory, training). We're aware of this and working on a solution. Please excuse us if in our attempts we accidentally break it for a few hours...we're trying to make it accessible by all phones. Please chime in on the chat room or the forums with your phone model, browser type, and if you have any issues. Include screenshots, and check with your phone to see if you can update the software on it to a newer version which may be more compatible.

  • With that said, anybody who doesn't generally have a problem accessing the mobile site with their phone can now do so from a shorter URL,

  • Thanks to Reconciliation for the much nicer looking Search box!

Aug 9, 2009 | Welcome to Age 3!

  • Final stats for Age 2: Age 2 Final Stats.

  • There is now a news feed for Ruins of Chaos news:

  • Race bonuses are unchanged.

  • If you mess up your initial activation, you can still reset while in limbo, but if you mess that up too and the game is started, you're out of luck for the next 24 hours.

  • Rules page has been reworked, and one rule has been amended:

    • It is no longer allowed to sell anything (gold, credits, accounts) for real money, even if you are otherwise an active player. Players who break this rule will be banned permanently from the game and never allowed to join again in the next age.

  • Repair cost for spy/sentry weapons is reduced from 40% to 30%.

  • Sabotage adjustments:

    • Sending fewer spies does more damage than it used to.

    • You take less damage during a sabotage mission than you used to.

    • You no longer take far more damage than your opponent does when sabbing not very many weapons.

    • Another digit of precision is added to changes in weapon strength to facilitate a more sensible "minimum" amount of damage.

    • Simplified: The success formula has been simplified and is now based solely on the ratio of spy vs. sentry, and the number of spies sent. Bonuses applied (by race or by upgrade points) go only to the stats instead of working as a "double modifier" as in the past (which was applying to sabotage success rate formula AND stats, the latter of which was also a determining factor in success).

  • Unit production is higher for the same price.

  • There is a new armory available to Mad Pack users which offers a streamlined design and real-time purchase/sell calculation updates.

  • Added User search box on the sidebar. This will allow you to search for a user by name or ID number. If you enter an ID number, you will go straight to their stats page. If you type in letters, you will do a battlefield search for any name containing those letters. If only one match is found, you will go straight to their stats page. Otherwise, you will go to the battlefield with the search results listed.

  • Recruit link unique IDs have been shortened from 8 characters to the first 4* basically because we'll probably have way more problems on our hands than running out of 4-digit recruit links by the time we get 1.6 million players! Links still pointing to 8-digit recruit links will still work just fine - it will redirect automatically to the correct shortened recruit link.
    *: Amazingly, the random digit generator still managed to duplicate the first four digits in 13 cases (the first 4 digits of the recruit links of 26 people matched with one other), so those people's links were shortened to the LAST 4 characters. It will still detect the correct recruit link when redirecting an old long link.

  • There is now a short URL service that you can use to send your recruit links in SMS messages or Twitter posts. Check your Base page to see what your recruit link is now. Basically, will go to Much shorter to type, amirite?

  • You are no longer able to train to covert soldiers if the end result is more than 25% of your army as mercenaries.

  • If your army is comprised of at least 75% trained soldiers (not including mercs), your casualties will be reduced by half (this is in place of the old method, keeping more than half of your soldiers armed with weapons).

  • Mercenaries are now able to be dismissed.

  • Bulletins you wrote may now be deleted. This will remove everyone's ability to see it, not just your own.

  • The Chat page is now a splash page describing how to get into the chat or offering the link to the java chat instead of going straight to loading up the java chat.

  • There is now a channel field for alliance owners to be able to put in the name of their alliance's channel (residing on

    The new Chat page will show this next to the options for the public chat, and the alliance chat link will automatically join the channel as set by the alliance owner. If the owner has not set a channel, this option will not be shown.

Jul 31, 2009 |
Jun 27, 2009 |

  • The public beta is open at The users, stats, and weapons were copied over from Age 2, so log in with your Age 2 login, not your Beta login if you had one. (forked, so Age 2 actions will not affect your Age 3 Beta account from here on out)

Jun 26, 2009 |

  • All beta testers were credited $5 in premium services bucks due to the beta not having worked since...uhh...Moses?

  • Stay tuned for some exciting news about next age, beta, and for the server to crash again!

Jun 21, 2009 |

  • Clarification: Sabotage and recon is allowed on the same IP address.

  • Sorry about the domain mix-up this month. The GoDaddy account got locked out so that the domain couldn't be paid for. Also, fury sucks.

  • Changed captcha font to throw off the auto-clickers. (Yes, I know they can be updated again anyway)
    edit: removed the dotty font and reduced the font size to try and avoid cutting off the ends of 7s

May 13, 2009 |

  • An issue with referring new players via the recruit link has been fixed. The referral bonus was not given if the player activated their account by clicking on the change email confirmation. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot track down any bonuses that were missed as a result of this oversight. Hopefully this didn't affect too many people yet.

  • Clarification on the recruit link clicking:

    • Each IP on the Internets can click one recruit link all age long. Furthermore, it has to be one that has not played the game this age. Each click gives the recipient a sum of soldiers roughly equal to 1% of their unit production. Within a 24 hour period, only 100 such clicks can occur on any account.

    • After signing up from the recruit link, and activating the account by clicking the link they get in their email, the person who referred the new player gets a bonus of soldiers roughly equal to 50% of their unit production, up to a maximum of 640 soldiers. If the new player changes commanders before activating, the bonus still goes to the original referrer.

May 12, 2009 |

  • Sending, saving, and retrieving credits is now more intuitive, accepting keywords as an input. This will allow you to send whatever you have at the moment of clicking the button, instead of having to manually adjust the number of credits to guess how many you will have by the time you click the button.

    • The keywords "available", "banked", or "all" correspond to your credits, your saved (banked) credits, or the combined total, respectively.

    • Sending credits accepts "available", "banked", or "all" as input (without the quotes).

    • Saving credits accepts "available" as input, and will save your current credit count (anything above 0) to your bank.

    • Retrieving credits accepts "all" as input, which withdraws whatever you have saved to the bank at the moment of clicking the button.

  • All of the above sections have had the quick pre-fill links updated to use the keywords instead of the numbers you have as of the time you load the page.

May 11, 2009 |

  • Most consistency errors when training should be fixed now.

  • The "Sabbed" indicator on the mini stats bar should work now (except it does not yet update while clicking in the triple-window recruiter)

May 10, 2009 |

  • Buddy marking and last reconned has been disabled until load decreases.

  • Alliance tags are also disabled.

May 9, 2009 |

  • The older version of VRC (Dharma) will work fine after the limbo mode ends. It won't matter what username you put in the login box.

  • VRC Enigma for Beta does not work here, use this link for a version of VRC Enigma that works on Age 2.

  • The problems with attacks should be fixed.

May 8, 2009 |

  • Welcome to Age 2!!!

  • Final stats are Here. Congratulations to StewRF

  • The new age will not begin immediatly. Instead, there will be a 12 hour limbo mode which will allow everyone to

    spend and get organized.

  • New players will have 3 days in which to validate their email addresses. This should make signing up a lot


  • There are now customizable bonus points that you can receive after completing certain upgrades:

    • At siege level upgrades: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x

    • At fort level upgrades: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x

    • At covert skill level upgrades: 300x, 600x, 800x

    • At unit production level upgrades: 80, 1,280, 20,480

  • Bonus points can apply an extra percentage increase to any of the four stats or TBG

  • Covert troops will now die if you fail to defend an attack. Keep up your defences!

  • Alliances now share recon data, but recons are now harder to do.

  • The game has far less choices, such as weapons you can buy, so should make things more fun!

  • Outside recruit link now gives 1/100th of Unit Production up to 100 times a day. Each IP may click it once an age,

    so long as the click isn't coming from an existing player. This means it really needs to be sent out to new people who

    do not play.

  • Recruiting a new player to sign up to the game will give you an extra soldier bonus instantly

May 2, 2009 |

  • An issue with 0 SA not failing an attack has been corrected (divide by zero?! O SHI-)

  • Weapons broken with attacks that should have failed have been returned, and the affected attacks have been set to the proper state of fail

Apr 20, 2009 |

  • The shorthand number formatting (for slayer list and intel file list) has been updated to correctly label values in the hundred billions and trillions

Apr 18, 2009 |

  • Due to increased stress on the server from the buddy list and intel file linking on the battlefield, we have had to temporarily remove those items from the battlefield.

  • No need for GreaseMonkeying it anymore! The battlefield will now allow you to sort each page by gold.

Apr 17, 2009 |

  • The end has been declared! Since nobody reads the front page anymore anyway *sniff* it shall be posted up on every page as you can see now. We'll tone down the font size a bit after everybody hears the news.

  • Greasemonkey scripts have historically been allowed per the rules under the one condition that they do not create an unfair advantage. Consider this your official clarification: Greasemonkey scripts may NOT load pages automatically. Greasemonkey scripts may perform actions (sorting, filtering, editing, etc) on page objects AFTER loading, but they may NOT automatically load anything in the background. The user must initiate every action by loading the page as they normally would in the browser.

Apr 15, 2009 |

  • We've improved the performance of checking for IP sharing (which happens automatically whenever you view somebody's stats or attack page).

  • We have restored alliance rankings by changing the way certain stats were recorded, so that rankings could be calculated more quickly. As a side effect of this change, there are now running totals stored in your account on the following three items: turns used, intel operations executed, and total sabotage damage. These items, and more, are now displayed in the base underneath the troops table.

Apr 2, 2009 |

  • Alliance scoring/ranking has been temporarily disabled. Rank updates should go faster now and no longer kill the site for 3 minutes every half an hour. We'll work on a permanent solution and let you know when the scoring and ranking resumes.

Mar 30, 2009 |

  • We are pleased to announce that we have been busy working away on Age 2. There is currently a private beta test running, and if you have not received an invite, you may use your premium balance to request one. Click Here if you wish to obtain an invitation.

    See you there!

Mar 17, 2009 |

  • Working on the rank update to alleviate lockups and database errors - this may require a change in the alliance scoring formula

  • Here are our thoughts on involving real world money with game assets: Nothing is wrong with offering up gold or click credits for sale, so long as neither party are only in it for the profit. The game is meant to be fun, and as long as people are playing it for that reason, everything's good. Where it would cross the line is if somebody became a "professional" account builder, where the only reason they are here is to get cash for game assets. We don't believe in that any more than we believe in giving bonus turns or gold to people who donate money. However, between two peers playing the same game we're all playing, it is no worse than a friendly game of poker, or a friendly office pool on a race or a football game. As long as nobody gets hurt over it, everybody goes home happy. The spirit of the rules is to ensure that nobody is playing the game for the wrong reasons. In-game politics are the heart of the community, and that's how it should stay.

  • Regarding a recent controversy of note: no real world money was exchanged.

Mar 8, 2009 |

  • Mercenary production has been reformulated to gradually increase as the total battlefield army size increases

Mar 6, 2009 |

  • There is a page currently in development that lists all of your successful sabotage missions from the beginning of the age:

  • Check it out and let us know what you think!

Mar 5, 2009 |

  • Clarification on the IP rule below:
    • You may not attack, sell off to, send credits to, or receive credits from any player, brother, sister, cousin, friend, dog, apparatus, or game account being played by a ten foot pole who has ever shared an IP with you
    • Further clarification should not be needed in most cases. Contact a moderator for special permission, if you are certain you do not share a connection with a particular person.

Mar 1, 2009 |

  • The game will now show you every person, without fail who has ever shared an IP with you. Attacking any person which the game warns about will get you banned.

    • We are aware that some services, such as opera mini and blackberry use the same ip's worldwide. If the person you wish to sell to has a warning message that they share an ip, and you are certain you have never interacted with them, you may message an admin for permission to attack them. Anyone who fails to do this will be banned.

  • We are amending the rule involving sending mail through the in-game message system:

    • Posting material via the game's messaging system, profile system, chat, or on the forums which falls under any of the following categories:
      1. Harassing, obscene, or illegal

      2. Unsolicited invitations to other sites, whether for commercial gain, personal gain, or no gain at all

Feb 25, 2009 |

  • Due to complaints and unfair advantages gained last time, and the short duration of this downtime, there will be no compensation given. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Turn counter will be stuck until the next turn, please be patient.

Feb 23, 2009 |

  • Clarification: The multiple browser recruiter rule is no longer in effect because recruiter clicking has been sufficiently optimized. We will review this possibility again at the start of the next age, but we think it will not be necessary.

Feb 19, 2009 |

  • The long-awaited alliance merge feature has been completed:

    • If you own an alliance, click on an alliance you wish to merge into from the battlefield or the alliance list. Check the Propose to Merge checkbox, and click the CAPTCHA

    • The owner of the target alliance will see your request in the Edit Alliance page, and select whether to accept or decline this action, and will also decide whether to keep your alliance's member levels when transferring over.
      • If so, all member levels will be preserved except for the owner (which will be moved to admin).
      • If not, all alliance members will be Newbie until the admins of the target alliance so decide to promote them.

    • Accepted mergers result in deleting (disbanding) the original alliance - preserve any URLs or profiles you would like to keep before proposing a merge!

    • Declined mergers are simply cleared off the merge list for the target alliance, notifying the proposers accordingly.

  • The username change premium feature has finally been finished. You may access it once per age for $5 of premium balance. Use this feature if you picked the wrong name and don't want to reset, or if you picked up somebody else's account and you would like to change it.

  • We would like to remind you that passing an account is allowed ONCE per age, ONLY with the approval of a moderator. NO selloffs of prior accounts are allowed to the account in question prior to the new owner taking it over. (i.e. no, you may not sell your account to someone else, and then take over that account)

  • Review the game rules here: Rules

Feb 18, 2009 |

  • You may now unban players you have previously banned from your alliance.

  • Alliance admins may now approve and promote members, and create bulletins.

Feb 13, 2009 |

  • Mercenary production has been doubled.

  • If all types of mercenaries are depleted in between turns, another supply of 10,000 each is produced.

Feb 10, 2009 |

  • Alliance scoring is being tweaked a little more, reducing emphasis on raw combined stats. Don't be alarmed if your alliance's points drops suddenly.

Feb 9, 2009 |

  • Player links in the Inbox now properly show whether they are online or not.

  • How pure are you? Find out HERE! and post your results HERE!

  • We have taken steps to improve the communication between admins and players by adding a Ruins of Chaos Official Communication badge. This seal indicates that the message is in an official capacity, rather than just a game message. You should immediately respond to any message with this icon as it is either 1) your opportunity to explain an issue we've noticed about your account, or 2) information you can trust, coming straight from a game administrator.

Feb 8, 2009 |

  • We've added a sorting feature to the alliance management page so that you can review new applications all in one page.

Feb 7, 2009 |

  • The game poll from the last few days was overwhelmingly in favor of making CAPTCHAs globally count as recruiter clicks.
    • Yes, make everything count as a recruiter click right now, here in this age 1350

    • No, this is too drastic a change to make in the middle of this age 658

  • Additionally, we reviewed results from various groups of players, including which page of the battlefield they are on or how many clicks they've done, and in each category, Yes was similarly overwhelming, from non-clickers/light-clickers to top clickers and from rankers and bankers to hiders and casual players. We believe the change will improve everybody's gameplay.

  • Here's how it's done:

    • Every game CAPTCHA outside of the recruiter is what we're now calling a "global click", and results in a single recruiter click similar to going to the recruiter page and clicking once for each time you train soldiers, buy weapons, or pillage your farms.

    • A new option was made to auto-save these "global click" credits into your credit bank, separate from your regular auto-save setting. We will be creating a new options page to control this, as well as all of your other various settings soon. For now, everybody is defaulted to auto-saving global clicks. You can retrieve your credits the same old way from the recruiter's Retrieve Credits page.

    • The default was chosen to auto-save global clicks so that people who prefer to keep their total fighting force low may choose whether or not to retrieve the credits. This may actually provide them with a way to improve their rank, by selling off their extra credits to another player.

    • Nothing else has changed about recruiter clicks.

Feb 3, 2009 |

  • Premium Services Update:
    • Command Chain messaging is now available. Simply scroll to the bottom of the Command Chain page and fill out the message as you would a normal message, and it will send a message to everyone in your command chain. (i.e. your officers, their officers, and so on and so forth)

    • Messages will appear as normal messages in your outbox for each person, as if you had manually traversed your command chain and sent each one a message individually, except you do a timewarp and message them all at the same time. Kind of like how Santa delivers billions and billions of presents in a matter of a night.

Feb 2, 2009 |

  • We're adjusting alliance scoring, please excuse any anomalies. We are mainly trying to get rid of negative scoring, but also would like to try reflecting more on member activity than raw member count.

  • Alliance scoring currently reflects total member stats (no longer reflects ranks) as well as a sampling of member activity from attacks, covert operations, and recruiter clicks. The weight of each bit of activity may be adjusted further in the near future as this new scoring scheme is fleshed out. We think it will lead to more meaningful alliance rankings eventually. Thanks for your patience.

Jan 31, 2009 |

  • The other ruinsofchaos.* domains now redirect properly. Sorry about that!
    • .net .org and .info redirect to .com

    • is now another access point to the mobile site,

  • The massive amount of clicking today has temporarily caused some slowdown. This should be better now. There was also an issue with the recruiter's re-inflation condition (clicklist smaller than 10) which has now been solved. Your saved credits should reflect properly on your clicking from now on.

Jan 30, 2009 |

  • In case you had not noticed yet, the Top Players page has been revamped. It now includes top clickers so far this age, more stats for the overview, and is redesigned to be clearer and cleaner.

  • Recruiter click back speed has improved dramatically, and we think we have found the point at which it is stable. The excess of available credits has been remedied, and a click list size of about 30-40 seems to be the sweet spot. If we think the click list size is too big, the overview on Top Players will indicate this by coloring the click list size in red. Keeping the click list size down will help everybody get their credits back more quickly.

Jan 28, 2009 |

  • In light of recent events surrounding the game, the Ruins of Chaos Team has prepared the following statement:

    Over a considerable period of time, the Ruins of Chaos Team has become aware of unacceptable incidents involving some of the players of Ruins of Chaos. The actions of these players, although strictly speaking have not violated written game rules, have warranted the permanent removal of these players from Ruins of Chaos, and its associated outlets. Ruins of Chaos is a game, and we believe it should be a fun and enjoyable environment for all players. The aforementioned players have undermined the principles of the game and have put the Ruins of Chaos Team in a difficult position. We feel that we must take these steps now to avoid involving law enforcement agencies. Ruins of Chaos hopes that this is the only time this course of action must be taken, but will not hesitate to remove any player in the future if required. We thank all players for your understanding, co-operation, and support and wish you luck for the remainder of the age and in future ages.

  • Here is a clarification to the multiple browser recruiting rule: You may not utilize multiple browsers or applications to use the recruiter (either in-game, VRC, or CF). You MAY, however, use another browser to play the rest of the game (spending, attacking, messaging, etc) while using either a browser or program to use the recruiter.

Jan 27, 2009 |

  • The mobile site now has a quick banking armory that shows only Daggers and automatically fills them in

Jan 26, 2009 |
  • Premium Services:
    • The feature to turn 20,000 credits into $1 of premium services balance now works. (It does not work the other way around - you cannot turn $1 into 20,000 credits, nor can you cash out on your premium balance at this time)

    • Credits submitted for premium balance are burned, i.e. taken out of the game. We keep track of how many credits are submitted, for record keeping purposes, but those credits do not get deposited elsewhere.

    • Username change premium feature coming soon

  • Recruiter balancing: To try to improve click back speed, people should now be taken off of the click list as soon as they reach 0 credits, allowing everyone else's credits to be traded in more quickly.
Jan 25, 2009 |

  • 2 days of tbg + turns has been credited to all active accounts.

  • All on hand gold has been banked to daggers.

  • Weapons and upgrades have been rolled back to 5am EST yesterday, clicks are unaffected.

  • All accounts have been set inactive and will have untill the next ranking update after they login to spend gold in safety.

  • You may see logs from about 5h ago when the game was down for most. All stats were rolled back to before this point, so these attacks have not affected you.

  • Unit production was not given out, and is now not possible to give this.

  • Jump is now added to the intel page.

Jan 23, 2009 |

  • The least populated mercenary pool will now get 20,000 per turn instead of just 10,000.

  • Some ads have been removed from frequently loaded or refreshed pages.

  • We're aware of the consistency error on training page when receiving clicks, and are now working on a fix.

Jan 22, 2009 |

  • All inactive alliances have been deleted.

  • Searching for alliances now works.

Jan 18, 2009 |

  • We will be rewriting the alliances pages, so some features may be unavailiable.

Jan 16, 2009 |

  • Some recruiter queries have been streamlined and things should speed back up a bit now.

Jan 15, 2009 |

  • One of the ambiguous fonts has been removed from the CAPTCHA, and the density of the noise has been reduced slightly. This should make it a bit easier to read.

  • You may now view bulletins you have sent. Deletion and editing coming soon!

  • We've introduced a batch feature to the in-game recruiter.
    • When you build up a batch of clicks waiting to submit, it should submit them all at once instead of one at a time.

    • The initial bugs have been worked out, including not working in some browsers, locking up, and not counting every click.

    • We have received reports that the recruiter has been tested successfully with the new feature in the following browsers:
      • Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 (you may need to switch compatibility mode on or off to get it to go fast)

      • Opera 9.6.3

      • Safari 3.2.1

      • Firefox 3.0.5

      • Chrome

    • Chrome, Safari, and Opera have been reported to be significantly faster. Firefox, as well, when it's fresh (or has no addons). If you have not already tried them, go for it.

    • The scripting required to make this feature work was updated on the server, but your browser may still have the old script. You may need to refresh your browser to get this functionality (or to fix it). To force it to refresh, hold Ctrl while clicking Refresh, or alternatively, clear your cache (a.k.a. temporary internet files)

  • We deeply apologize for the varied availability and behavior of clicking so far this age. We would have been making changes to it in the beta if we knew we needed to -- the load we experienced at the start of this age was an eye-opener, and far above and beyond what we experienced in the beta. We are working as quickly as possible to optimize the recruiter to be back to its old speeds. Thanks for your continued patience.

  • Premium service updates:

    • Smart Stats now includes advice on whether to upgrade instead of buying a particular weapon with how much gold the upgrade costs.

    • Command Chain now lists growth and clicks in the last 24 hours.

Jan 14, 2009 |

  • The base page has been tweaked a bit, removing the link to the single-window recruiter and making the wording on the page a bit clearer.

  • The Recruiter link on the sidebar has been updated to point only to the triple-window recruiter.

  • The in-game recruiter has been updated to show a simple click speed counter at the top. You will need to press ctrl+refresh to download the latest javascript code in order for this to work. Please let us know if this does not work in your browser.

  • A slight cosmetic issue with recruit links was fixed - the army size shown now includes the soldier you just gave.

Jan 8, 2009 |

  • 24h of gold, turns and UP have been credited to all active accounts.

  • You are only permitted to use ONE browser or instance of ClickFeast at a time to click on the recruiter. Any user caught will be suspended for THREE days, and banned if they offend again.

  • Premium services:

    • Ad-Free is improved by actually bringing in the extra shortcuts that were described. Yay! (a few page links in the sidebar, attack buttons on the battlefield, more to come later)

Jan 3, 2009 |
Welcome to Ruins of Chaos Age 1! We hope you'll like it. Age 1 Beta final stats are here. Thanks to everyone who played and contributed feedback!

Here is a short list of what's different since the last time you saw:

  • Unit production has been revised:
    • Unit upgrades now provide you instant gratification; as soon as you buy a unit upgrade in the Training page, you will instantly get 24 hours worth of soldiers from the new upgrade

    • The higher end upgrades are now more...productive

  • At long last, premium services are in the works. Meaning you can actually activate some services now.

    Currently, we have parts of the first three premium services, which we have given names for clarity's sake: Ad-Free, Smart Stats, and Command Chain. They are available to use now. You can see descriptions on the Premium Services page. These services will continue to get better in the near future, and the rest of the previously announced premium services will also make their reappearances. Thanks for your patience!

  • The game rules have been slightly reworded for more clarity.

  • Due to a screwup all accounts which were in vacation mode as the age ended have been deleted. Please make a new account, or message vengefuldeath87 on IRC (Chat) with your username, and I will restore your account.

Dec 23, 2008 |

  • Attacking should now work correctly.

Dec 22, 2008 |

  • Attacking a player much stronger than you will force you to run away and cry!

  • Age 1 will not be as feature complete as I had hoped for, but will be a proper age and contain no mid age gameplay changes. Game enhancements such as premium features and alliance features will be added throughout the age.

  • Sellcatcher protection mode will now kick in automatically as soon as an age end is set.

Dec 10, 2008 |

  • Database structure has been tweaked for performance.

  • Added page jumps to attack logs and activity logs, more pages to follow.

  • Ban appeal system works fully now.

  • Login form will advise if you have caps lock turned on.

Dec 7, 2008 |

  • The poll results are in. The majority voted to keep playing the current beta age. The beta should end at the end of January.

Dec 5, 2008 |

  • Weapon damage is now not repaired when buying weapons. This means that the more weapns you buy when your weapons are damaged, the more repairs will cost you. You should repair weapons before buying any more.

  • Damage cost when sabbing has been reduced.

  • Repair costs for tools has been increased.

  • All weapons have been repaired to stop discrepencies.

Nov 25, 2008 |
Good news everyone!

  • You now have 15 spy turns per person, per day. This means you can do a max of 10 sabs or recons on a player, up to a maximum of 15 in total.

  • To clarify what was said yesterday, there was a bug which caused selling one tool, and rebuying it to repair all costs. What has been changes is rebuying one tool will only repair the amount of damage one tool is worth. This does not affect selling sabbed weapons which have not been broken.

Nov 23, 2008 |

  • Selling weapons and rebuying will now repair your weapons by the cost of those weapons.

Nov 19, 2008 |

  • We have created our own IRC network, and will be creating some cool new IRC based game features soon. The game chat links will point to the new network, and that is where all the admins will be. We look forward to seeing you.

Oct 30, 2008 |

  • You can now recon a person 5 times a day, and sab 10 times.

  • If all goes well, sab will be enabled tomorrow

Oct 15, 2008 |

  • Final stats for Age 0 can be found here.

Oct 15, 2008 |

  • Welcome to Age 1 Beta!

  • Sabotage is disabled while a new formula is developed

  • All banned accounts from last age have been deleted, you may sign up again with your old details

  • You can only see when alliance members were last active

  • As this is a beta age, changes will be made continuously, and without warning.

Oct 12, 2008 |

  • Due to suspected sell catcher use, the alternate captcha has been set permantly until the end of the age.

Sep 28, 2008 |

  • It has come to my attention that an account has been hacked after signing up to the site "Toxinsofchaos". I strongly advise that players not sign up to this site, but if you have already, change your Ruinsofchaos password, as the site does not encrypt your passwords.

Sep 25, 2008 |

  • You may now sort activity logs.

  • You really can delete inactive buddies now!

Sep 18, 2008 |

  • Accounts that share your current IP now have a warning message on the stats, attack, and send credits page. This will show up for any player who has used the same IP as you at any point during the age.

Sep 6, 2008 |

  • If you wish to change your username, PM vengefuldeath87 with the username you want to change to, and make sure you have at least $5 in premium balance.

  • New Signed up officers should no longer require approval into an alliance which does not require approval to join.

Sep 4, 2008 |
Due to the actions of several players, we have had to introduce some new game rules.

  • Creating an account with the sole purpose of financial gain, i.e. creating an account to sell click credits

  • Interacting with an account which you have previously owned

  • Attempting to obtain programs which violate game rules, i.e. autoclickers

The following rule has also been ammended slightly

  • Attacking, spying, sabbing or sending credits to an account that is played by someone on the same Internet connection

We also warn users that although we may not be able to prove accounts are connected to a player, suspicious activity such as large credit transfers and sells will be removed if one of the accounts is found to have broken any of the game rules.
Aug 31, 2008 |

  • Spy tool repair bug should be fixed.

Aug 26, 2008 |

  • Logging out now marks you as offline.

Aug 25, 2008 |

  • You can now mass delete buddies.

Aug 17, 2008 |
We would like to remind all users about the game rules.

  • More than one account per IP is fine, IF YOU DO NOT LOGIN FOR EACH OTHER/SELL TO/RECON/SAB or SEND CREDITS. Those who violate these rules will be suspended or banned.

Aug 13, 2008 |

  • Commander change bug has been fixed.

Aug 11, 2008 |

  • Some time between a week before or after the 13th of October, we will gauge the opinions of the people, and decide the schedule for the end of the age. The age may end in this time period if it is decided at that time, or it may be extended further depending on how many people start wielding torches threatening bodily harm on us if we end it early.

Aug 8, 2008 |

  • Age 0 is here! (Yes, it's called Age 0. Age 0 Alpha -> Age 0 Beta -> Age 0)

  • Goblins were removed from the game, and one of their concepts has been integrated into the other races: Weaker weapons are more cost-effective than the strongest ones.

  • Top attack/defense weapons are still 12,800 strength but reduced in price to 850,000 gold.

  • Commander changes are still unlimited.

  • Deleted accounts have now really been deleted. Sorry about that.

  • Reminder of a change from the beta: Arming more than half of your fighters will reduce your casualties by half. (i.e. arm more than half of your attack soldiers, mercs, and untrained soldiers and mercs with attack weapons: you get half as many casualties when attacking)

Aug 7, 2008 |
Welcome to Age 0!

  • Congratulations to MineKeeper for winning the recruiting competition!
    Runners up: Cybernardo, RaNDoM_ProBinGs, tater, TheDuke420, kynto, Okays, Major13astard, Vengerboy, Cipher

  • Final stats for Age 0 Beta Here

Aug 3, 2008 |

  • Sabotage has been reenabled, and we think we have come to a decent compromise:

    • Selection for number of weapons to sabotage is back.

    • Sabotaged attack and defense weapons will break and be removed when used, spy and sentry weapons are still only damaged.

    • Bauer limit is 10% per target

    • Success rate should now be based on your spy vs. the target's sentry (indirectly affected by elf bonus - since the elf bonus goes toward the stats, and the stats comparison makes the result): 1/4 of the target's sentry means you have a very rare chance of getting in. 1/2 of the target's sentry means you have a rare chance of getting in. 3/4 of the target's sentry mean you might get in about 2-4 times per 24 hours. and 1:1 or higher means you might get in 3-5 times per 24 hours. These figures are still affected by the general type of weapon you are attempting to sabotage.

    • Amount of the armory you can take in one go depends on your covert skill, the amount of spies you send, and the target's armory. Maximum is roughly 0.23% of an armory per successful attempt, but experimentation is needed to get the exact figure for your target.

Aug 1, 2008 |

  • The Premium Services page will provide a button as soon as the service activation feature is ready. This will not be ready until each of the monthly services are functional, but you will notice (if you donated) that one of the services is already activated. To make up for the long wait, everyone who has paid at least $10 til this point has received a free month of the $10 ad-free service, and will be able to apply their balance elsewhere, or continue extending their existing ad-free subscription once this part is ready for prime time.

  • To reiterate our previous statements on the matter, you will not be able to buy extra in-game bonuses like turns, gold, or soldiers. You'll still have to get all those the old fashioned way - waiting, attacking, and recruiting.

  • Sabotage will be undergoing another overhaul this week to either try another style or bring it back to the way it was before fury started screwing with it.

  • All weapons were repaired and de-sabotaged to prepare for the next attempt at the sabotage formula. Sabotage will soon be returning back to weapon breaking (destruction), but you will not be able to take as many weapons. The difference in sabotage difficulty between each general weapon type will be greater.

Jul 28, 2008 |

  • Setting your alliance to Admin Approval now works, and doing this will hide your memberlist from non members, and hide alliance tags from unapproved members.

  • Fixed bug causing vacation/inactive/banned people to get Unit Production.

  • Alliance Owners may now send Alliance Bulletins.

Jul 24, 2008 |

  • The Bauer limit is higher, now, but the individual damage a sabber can do per attempt is lower. Success rate should be a little higher for those weaker sentries.

  • Unread message count should now be fixed.

  • You can now send bulletins to only your current officers.

  • You can now delete bulletins.

  • You can now promote users in your alliance, although they can do nothing extra just yet.

Jul 23, 2008 |

  • Sending fewer spies should now once again make it easier to get in on a target. The damage rate and limit have been tweaked again.

Jul 22, 2008 |

  • High-alert condition is now fixed (there was a bug causing it to proceed instead, and show up as a blank weapon type)

  • All weapons have been repaired and de-sabbified as of 6:20am server time, and your stats should now reflect 100% strength. Now get more sentry. It actually works. :P

  • Refunded the money spent on repairs from the last 48 hours in the form of knives/daggers. we're aware some people have not gotten this refund, and that some people received a glitchy amount. We're working to fix this problem. Thanks for your patience, everyone will eventually get the right refund amount, and the people who got glitched will be fixed back to normal as soon as possible

  • We're aware of the growing concerns over the use of remote desktop connections to cheat, and we share them. We need input and ideas on what to do to prevent, or at least detect and stop this behavior. Because of the difficulty of reliably detecting use of a remote desktop connection, it's not as clear cut as, for instance, looking through somebody's logs and seeing two IPs logged in at once.

    The only thing that is clear is that paying money is NOT a way to avoid scrutiny, we will examine anyone and everyone and take the necessary action when we have sufficient proof.

    Please discuss the situation and possible solutions, or ways that the negative effect on gameplay can be reduced in this thread.

  • We're aware of the anomaly with the sabotage success rate, it's unintentional and unexplainably screwed up. We're trying to get this back to normal.

  • The initial 6 users who sold the glitched knives refund from earlier today have all been returned back to normal. We have not yet tracked down all of the stolen gold from this incident, but we're hoping to get it resolved soon so that the stats from the beta aren't tainted for too long.

  • Users who were told in their logs that they were refunded some knives/daggers but didn't have any have now received those knives/daggers. Sorry if you did not feel like you received enough, but we only waded through a 48 hour period of repairs in order to save stress on the database.

  • The sabotage success rate should now be reverted to the way it was before we started messing with it, please give it another shot and let us know if the success rate is fixed now.

    The ratio of spy vs. sentry should again be roughly next to impossible after the sentry is more than 3 times higher than the spy, and anywhere below 2:1 spy vs. sentry should be as easy as pie. We're just as confused and frustrated by the strange behavior of the sabotage as of late, and we're still trying to figure out what has gone wrong.

    Rest assured that we intend to get this right, and are not going to be influenced into a lopsided sabotage formula. This is a necessary element of the game, and requires careful tuning, and...well, we haven't exactly been very careful. Sorry.

Jul 21, 2008 |

  • A 24 hour sabotage damage limit has been reinstated, but it works a little differently than it did before. We're not exactly sure how it will work, but it will work differently. Let us know what you think of it after a couple days. We are aware of the discrepancy in covert tool damages vs. regular weapons, and we're not sure why this happens, but we think it has something to do with fury not being a math genius. We'll be working to adjust this soon. Thanks for your patience!

  • The cost of completely repairing from 0 strength has been reduced to 15%, and the highest sale value of weapons has been increased to 80%.

  • The damage a successful sabotage mission can do has been slightly reduced

  • The chance to successfully sabotage targets with smaller sentry than your spy should be greater now.

  • The total repair cost that can occur on each target in 24 hours has been reduced to 5% of their total armory value (by original cost of weapons). This condition, called "high alert", causes you to be limited to 1 spy at a time on the target at that point, and if you try to use more, you will be booted back to the sabotage selection screen.

Jul 20, 2008 |

  • Elves bonus has been enabled (read: fixed) in the formulas for sabotage missions.

  • Moved the Mercs below the CAPTCHA in the training page to provide more separation and avoid confusion (like accidentally hiring defense mercs instead of training defense soldiers). All training and mercs operations are still done at the same time.

  • The rules have been up for a while, now, and you should make sure to read them.

  • The casualty formula has been updated to reduce your amount of casualties if more than half of the fighting soldiers are armed (i.e. if you are the attacker, arm at least half of your attack soldiers, attack mercs, untrained soldiers, and untrained mercs with attack weapons). This applies to attacks, recons, and sabotages for both parties.

Jul 19, 2008 |

  • Attack turns required to make a full attack has been raised from 10 to 12 in order to round down the amount of full attacks acquired per day to 4. There is still no limit to the amount of attack turns you can stockpile, but you'll just need to use your attack turns a little more wisely, now; sorry for any inconvenience and confusion!

  • We are planning on expanding the recruiter stats capabilities soon to allow for alliances to track clicking competitions.

  • We will post the ending date of the beta at least a week in advance, and a countdown to the exact time at least 24 hours in advance. Any recruiter credits not yet spent at that time (24 hours before the end) will be automatically turned in for soldiers (including any bonus soldiers to commanders). So, keep on clicking; those credits won't go to waste!

  • We'd like to remind you about our friend Shane's Windows program that hooks up to the Ruins of Chaos in-game recruiter. Check out ClickFeast and send Shane your comments!

  • Ads on most game pages starting today will be transitioned to text-only in order to make them faster to load and less likely to slow your browser down during critical moments of gameplay; such as in the armory, training, and attack pages. Some pages that do not need quick, repetitive loading will still contain image ads, such as the home page and the recruiter. (since that does not reload at every click)

    We are still experiencing a large amount of bandwidth overage, and are trying to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible so that people do not feel the need to use Ad Muncher. Our goal is to make it so that the ads load instantly and don't interfere with your gameplay.

    Read the July 16th update for details on how running Ad Muncher causes us more bandwidth usage and might actually slow you down. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

  • The training and mercenaries pages have been combined to reduce the amount of clicking around you have to do, as well as reduce bandwidth requirements from the server.

  • In case you hadn't noticed, sabotage now damages instead of destroying weapons. The sabotage success rate and damage count are being tweaked, along with the armory repair costs in conjunction with this concept. Sabotage will remain a part of this game, but we're trying this out right now and tweaking things to see if and how well it works. As stated before, this is why this is a beta, so that we can test to see if this is the right way to go, instead of making this kind of dramatic change in the middle of the game when everybody has already planned their strategy.

  • Spy and sentry tools no longer break limited to however many spies were sent on the mission. Spies will instead haul every single Pickaxe and toss them back in the bag when they find one that's been sabotaged. Torches are, of course, sabotaged by pissing on them, and due to drinking so much beer and eating so much pizza, your spies are able to break an unlimited amount of Torches (etc) when reconning.

  • Repair costs slightly increased again

  • Sabotage will continue being adjusted. Thanks for your patience while this is totally turned inside out and upside down. We'll get it right, eventually.

Sabotage Comparison
  Before Now
Chance to get in at 1:1 spy:sentry, sending 25 spies 50% 70%
Chance to sabotage attack weapons once getting in 7/15 11/15
Chance to sabotage defense weapons once getting in 6/15 10/15
Chance to sabotage spy weapons once getting in 5/15 9/15
Chance to sabotage sentry weapons once getting in 4/15 8/15
Percentage of weaponry you can sabotage in one mission at the top covert level 0.375% 1.875%
Cost to target of breaking that percent of a 1 billion gold armory per attempt 3.75m to buy again 4.69m to repair
Average times the above mission would work out of 11 2.5 5.6
Jul 18, 2008 |

  • The Delete account function has been completed, and can now be found in your base underneath the recent activity log.

    Please use the Delete function carefully. It will remove your account from gameplay, but your username and email address will not be made available to use again until the end of the age where accounts are physically deleted.

    You should delete your account if you are using or will be using someone else's account for the remainder of the age.

    Also, if you are not prepared to handle changes made while the beta is in progress, please delete your account and come back when Age 0 has begun. For the beta, we are testing a wide variety of formula changes that may cause serious shifts in balance, and occasionally (particularly with sabotage and attack) you may get a significant chunk of your army damaged or destroyed while the formulas are undergoing adjustment.

    We welcome everybody's input, and would like for you to stay, but we understand if you do not wish to play in a game that changes. That's why we're in beta right now, and when Age 0 launches, the game will remain static for the most part. Unless some amazingly serious bug pops up in the middle that we didn't catch in the beta.

    Note about the rules: Logging into an account just to delete it will not be regarded as a violation of the rules if you are currently playing another account. You will not be banned in this case. Just make sure you get the other one deleted. We will be reviewing logs for signs of cheating, including selling off a second account to yourself before deleting it. That will indeed be grounds for a ban.

  • Vacation mode is now available in the Base, under the Account Management section, just above the new Delete account link.

  • You may notice new alliance features start to show up. We will advise you when these actually work!

  • Sabotage has been slightly revamped. There is no longer a 15% limit in armory damage per 24 hours, and the per-attempt maximum damage has been tripled, but breaking weapons now causes reparable damage instead of removing the item from the target's armory.

  • Automatic armory repairs have been adjusted to account for how much gold you have right now. If you cannot afford to repair all of your weapons, your automatic repairs will fill in up to the point where you can afford it.

  • Fixed the casualty fluctuation where the attack would record you having lost one more troop than you actually did.

  • Repair cost has been adjusted to go along with the new behavior of sabotage, and weapon damage per attack has been halved

  • Covert skill strength has been reduced by half, and covert weaponry has been increased to 2x their original strength, so covert tools are now more effective in your spy/sentry stats

Jul 17, 2008 |

  • Sabotage formula has been refined further. The damage per attempt has been reduced, but the success rate is much higher now. We're very appreciative of everybody's patience and understanding. This is going to continue to take some time to adjust it and get it right, but the important thing is that people stick around to see, and test, and provide feedback.

    The top spies list has also been removed from the top players page, for now. We are open to suggestions of what can go in its place, or a way to provide it without encouraging thoughtless sabotage.

Jul 16, 2008 |

  • We're working on the sabotage formulas right now, please bear with us while we adjust it. We're trying to strike a good balance between what can be sabotaged and what can't be. We want to make it so that people are touchable no matter how small, but that it's hard to clean out a significant number of the armory. Currently it is set as a percentage of the target's armory at a time (with a small minimum), and this number is currently being tested for whether it's too much or not enough on a variety of armory sizes. We're sorry if you get caught in the crossfire if the ratio goes up too high - these adjustments are being done now to keep the worst case scenarios out of the "golden" age.

    We appreciate your patience. These adjustments will probably be on-going throughout the day.

  • We're using a lot of bandwidth, and would like to humbly ask that you exit Ad Muncher while playing. Reason is that Ad Muncher does not allow your browser to request compressed pages, which are much smaller in download size (by 50-90%).
    You may even find that, by exiting Ad Muncher, you actually get better performance overall, as the overall time it takes to download the pages is much quicker. We have taken a lot of measures to ensure the ads load fast.
    For proof of the fact that your browser does not request compressed content while Ad Muncher is on, please visit this compression test site. Then exit Ad Muncher and refresh that page. Turning off Ad Muncher's filtering does not have the same effect, since it's still passing the connection through and not allowing the compressed content.
    Many thanks in advance for exiting Ad Muncher, if you do! <3

Jul 15, 2008 |

  • A problem with activating a new account has now been fixed. Sorry bout that!

Jul 14, 2008 |

  • Fortification and siege upgrades have been modified to scale more closely together. Siege upgrades are now in multiples of .25 and fort upgrades are now in multiples of .2

    The final multipliers for both are still equal, but the siege upgrades finish faster because attack is a more expensive stat to maintain due to repairs, casualties, and the relatively lower difficulty of sabotaging attack weapons

    We're sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused!

  • Unit production has been modified slightly to be able to divide by 4. (first upgrade is now 20 instead of 25)
    As a result of the new division, unit production will now be evenly distributed every 6 hours (4 times per day), one quarter at a time.
    Everyone received an extra unit production upgrade, and the prices have been switched around a bit again.

  • The 24 hour limit before a target is on "high alert" is now 15% of the target's armory.

    Sabotage missions on targets will no longer use up one of the allowed mission attempts per 24 hours. When you encounter a target on high alert, you will simply be directed back to the sabotage selection screen. Just use less spies until you do get in.
    Sabotage has also been made simpler by removing the input for number of weapons to sabotage. Your number of spies and your covert skill level will determine the number of weapons your spies attempt to sabotage.

  • We are aware of the problem with unread messages count, and will have to rework the bulletin system in order to rectify this issue.

  • A rudimentary banning structure is now in place which is very basic and manual for us to do at the moment, but it was set up to be able to punish offenders sooner rather than too late.

    This system will be improved as time goes on, but for the moment, a ban simply means you cannot login or play until the ban is lifted. Your turns and gold will not accumulate. Later, as we add more to the administrative side of the game, we will add the option for somebody to contest their ban, to have a dialogue with the admins available even though the rest of the game is inaccessible while banned.
    To kick start the ban cannons, we have already begun banning offenders sending harassing, vulgar messages in the game's messaging system. These kinds of messages are against the rules, and are grounds for instant one-week bans.

    We intend to eventually create a reporting button to alert us to messages that violate the rules. For now, if you receive a vulgar message, forward it manually by copying the message, and then sending to fury or vengefuldeath87. If you could also please include the message ID which shows up in the URL when reading the message (after readmail.php), that would help greatly. We will then be able to take the necessary actions.

Jul 13, 2008 |

  • The sabotage formula has been adjusted to attempt to simplify. The total gains equation was removed from the maximum amount the target can lose. Another mission result was added to indicate "high alert" status on the target, resulting in your spies aborting the mission. This is what you encounter when you have attempted to sabotage over your target's daily limit. The daily limit was actually 5% on accident (divided by 20 instead of 5), and this has now been set to 20% for real this time. At the point where a sabotage attempt is aborting, you may only send one spy at a time at the target.

    We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to refine this important feature. This is why we're here in the beta doing this, so that it doesn't get messed up in the middle of the real thing.

  • Goblins' strongest weaponry has been adjusted upward in strength, although it is still somewhat less cost effective than other races' weapons.

Jul 11, 2008 |

  • Mercenary distribution has been refined to add a smaller amount of mercs every turn, and add a larger amount when the total amount runs below 100,000.

  • Casualty formula has been slightly adjusted to take the battle damage ratio into account.

  • Sabotage formula has been slightly adjusted so that on the "high alert" condition of losing a lot in the last 24 hours, instead of the sabber being forced to a maximum of 1 weapon, the sabber can send a maximum of 1 spy and do however much damage that single spy can do.

  • andyt683 has completed the upgrade to the server! We now have twice as many processors and 8gb of RAM. Everything appears to be in working order now, and the initial stress test had up to 45 users clicking at the same time without so much as a hiccup. We should see great performance from here on out, until the next time we double our user base. Everyone give him some love for working overtime on this and owning so much!

  • Rules have been posted, and we are now working on a banning system with which to punish any and all people who have violated any of them.

Jul 10, 2008 |

  • As we indicated in an obscure corner of a news update some time ago, only clicking a CAPTCHA updates your online status now. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused to people who did not notice the change. To help clarify, we have now added your own Last Active indicator to your base, along with a note just below it saying it is updated whenever you click the right number on a CAPTCHA - e.g. after you spend your gold in the armory, or click for a soldier on the recruiter. This change was made to prevent people from using browser reload-every-x seconds features to keep their accounts indicated as "online". Many players tend to avoid even looking for gold to take from those who are "online" because they believe they are there to spend it. Auto-refreshers were causing this to be an inaccurate measure of whether someone was actually active. Again, we apologize for the confusion, and we hope this is not mixed up any more in the future.

  • More optimizations have been made to speed up the inbox and the battlefield. This in turn appears to have sped up the site overall, allowing us to carry more players on the current server setup. We will continue to make these optimizations alongside making preparations for server upgrades. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the white pages or random errors that you get while a game file is being uploaded.

  • We are aware of the issue of unread message count being inaccurate, and we may need to clear out the bulletin system to rework it into a new structure. We will save the old bulletins and try to bring them back into the system if we have the time to convert after a new system is developed.

  • Premium funds balance can now be transferred using the Send Funds page. This is available in advance of the premium services so that you may send your friends and officers a premium balance to get them ready for the first available offerings.

  • You may not join the command chain of anyone that has you on their ignore list or that is on yours.

  • Purchasing an upgrade will also now cause your online status to be updated.

  • One of the optimizations done on the recruiter caused a minor issue in which people who were previously not clickable and were sent credits would still not become clickable. This issue has now been fixed, and any credits sent are now being used.

  • Goblins' middle weaponry has been adjusted down slightly to balance out better with other races. Sorry for the confusion, and please remain patient while we adjust this every so often to try and get it right.

Jul 8, 2008 |

  • Initial sabotage break-in success chance has been increased. Chance of successful damage is still the same: based on the general type of weapon, and the comparison of covert skills.

  • Buddy list feature is done, and allows you to set an icon as well as save a note of up to 50 characters per player. Currently, you will see an icon on the battlefield, the user stats page, and the inbox. We may be expanding the showing of the icons to other pages, as well, but we want to make sure first that it doesn't put too large a strain on the poor little server.

    The ignore link is now working in the inbox, as well. Buddies that have been set to "ignored" will not be able to send you messages or credits, nor vice versa.

    The buddy list page is currently set up to show similarly to the battlefield, with the one exception being showing Notes in another column. We welcome suggestions on how this page should be laid out.

  • The processor upgrade didn't quite go as expected. We missed an important detail and will be fixing it by next week. We're also buying more memory tonight, so that we can try again later and get it right next time. We are currently still running on one processor (albeit, dual core). Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Our friend Shane has made a Windows program that hooks up to the Ruins of Chaos in-game recruiter. Check out ClickFeast and send Shane your comments!

Jul 7, 2008 |

  • Server will be getting upgraded with the new processor on Tuesday at 6 PM EDT. The expected downtime is 30 minutes, and there will be a good half an hour or so before we put the game back online.

  • We are already looking into backup plans for a second server in case that's not enough.

  • A new officer management page has been created, the main feature of which is to allow you to discharge them or move them to your commander or other officers. You may also see their growth and attack totals for the last 24 hours.

Jul 6, 2008 |

  • Training cost has been reduced to 1,000 Gold. Users were refunded some of the price they originally paid, and will be able to recoup 75% of the extra gold spent by selling off their newly given knives/daggers.

  • More optimizations have been made to try and cut down on server usage. The heatsink is not installed yet, but Andy is working as quickly as possible to get an appointment set up at the datacenter to enter and access the server.

Jul 5, 2008 |

  • Only successfully clicking a CAPTCHA will update your last activity timestamp; simply refreshing a page is no longer enough.

  • Fortification upgrades have been made slightly less expensive (relatively, still more than siege technology). All players' fortifications were upgraded to reflect the price they had paid for the upgrades thus far.

  • Goblin weaponry has been adjusted further to try and strike a better balance between the soldiers they bring in and the amount of cheaper weapons they can buy.

Jul 4, 2008 |

  • Latest about heatsink and optimizations

  • Price for untrained mercs has been reduced to 3,500 Gold.

  • Covert weapon damage for recons and sabotage has been reduced.

  • Happy Fourth of July!

  • Changing email/password works now. (In the case of the email, you must be able to receive mail at the new address in order to change your account's email)

  • Armory repair bug is fixed (where you'd enter 1 point and it'd still repair all of them, but only charge you for the one)

  • Bulletins to officers are now working. Bulletins are more like messages, in that they appear in the recipient's inbox page and bump up their "unread messages" counter. Bulletins for alliances are forthcoming, and as you have already seen, bulletins from admins are also working.

  • Broken "unread messages" counter bug fixed - deleted messages should no longer count toward your total, even if you never read them.

  • All unit production upgrades have increased to 5x their original strength. Players' unit production amounts have been updated accordingly to the new levels. (e.g. if you were at 80 before, you are now at 400)

  • The CAPTCHA response box now accepts the keys "u i o" as 4 5 6 and "j k l" as 1 2 3 so that you do not need to toggle NumLock on laptop keyboards.

Jul 3, 2008 |

  • We apologize deeply for the long downtime today! It was unintentional...mostly caused by fury...we won't let him near the server again

  • Stronger weapons have been added. Weaker Goblin attack/defense weaponry has been increased in strength as well.

  • The new weapons are the same price per strength for now to prevent changing the balance too much.

  • Losing more spies than you send in a sabotage mission should now be fixed.

  • It should take longer than you might think to totally demolish somebody's armory with the rule mentioned yesterday about a 20% armory limit. 20% gets smaller every time it happens, so out of 100 dragonskins, 20% is 20 first, then 16 the next day, then 12 the next day, 10 after that, etc... It should ultimately take 3 weeks of dedicated sabotage of a player that is no longer improving their account to get complete destruction. The sabotage formulas will continue to be refined to make this as fun and fair for everybody as possible. Without proper villains, who would you need to protect yourself from? And on the other side, without proper limits to the damage, who would bother to build up an account?

  • Reports of enemies successfully breaking into your camp no longer show up in intelligence operations. Sabotaged sentry weapons can only be broken by a recon, and this is the only case that will still show up in your general activity log.

  • Bulletins (to officers or alliance members) are unfinished as of yet, but will be done soon

  • Recruiter links for people who have clicked more than 20,000 now have an absolute maximum negative limit of -200.

Jul 2, 2008 |

  • Forums are up at now! We are hosted free there in exchange for using them as our official forum. They are in need of donations as well, so please consider them if you would like to support their service of offering gamers like us a great forum to go to.

  • Fan update

  • Sabotage probability rate has been raised upon breaking through the opponent's sentry (after applying random factor) so that weapons are relatively easier to sabotage, but still not overly easy. Sentry weapons are now only as hard as attack weapons were before, which have now been decreased in difficulty accordingly. The order of difficulty from lowest to highest remains the same: attack, defense, spy, sentry.

  • An opponent may only lose 20% of their total weapon value OR their potential gains (from attacking and 48 turns of income) in 24 hours, whichever is smaller. After they have lost this much, all attempts will fail, due to their sentry being on high alert.

  • We apologize for the brief outage yesterday throwing a strange error message. We're trying to configure our server to work as efficiently as possible, and one of the configuration changes made the database server stop working. We will be more careful in the future about these updates, and give ample warning of any planned configuration changes. With that said, we will also provide a countdown message to the server being taken offline for the CPU upgrade, once the fan gets here (if it gets here... read the fan update thread linked above)

Jul 1, 2008 |

  • Status update of the CPU fan order: Due to lack of coffee in the employees at the store we bought it from, the fan order was just now processed today and we are told it will be shipped overnight.

  • Sabotage formula is refined further to try and avoid somebody losing their entire armory too early in the age.

  • This beta will last at least 4 more weeks. We will continue refining the game play over this time period until it is all harmonious and stuff, and then we will announce the certain ending date and time for the beta.

  • The first complete age of the game will likely require more turns to make a full attack; it is mainly reduced for this beta because there is not as much time to stockpile attack turns. There is no limit to the amount of attack turns you can store, and there will not be any sort of turns required to sabotage.

  • The recon and sabotage missions will now automatically fill in the last details you selected (i.e. number of spies, type of weapon, number of weapons)

Jun 30, 2008 |

  • Sabotage formula has been adjusted, it was mistakenly EASIER to sabotage someone who already lost a lot - the intent was to make it harder as they lost more, and that should now be the case.

  • There is now a mode on the recruiter to automatically save new clicks to your bank instead of your available credits. You will store clicks on other people into your bank as soon as it is made. However, to keep credits coming through the system, you will still receive a clickable credit for each time you click on yourself. Sorry for the glitch that happened earlier where nobody was getting credits!

  • The single-window recruiter has been fixed. However, in Opera, both recruiters are still inoperable. Sorry!

  • There was a bug caused by the recent change in the recruiter that caused some folks to get an out of control number of soldiers. This bug has been fixed, and the affected accounts have been rolled back to what they were before.

  • The alliance scoring system has been adjusted to reduce the difference between the top few and the rest.

Jun 29, 2008 |

  • Some changes have been made to the 3x recruiter to try and smooth the experience out, and reduce the load on the server. This is still a highly experimental feature and is prone to going wrong. Try it out on every browser you have. If it's working, it should be updating the amount of images available in the window title bar (where it says Ruins of Chaos :: Recruit Trading Center). If you see this number get low, it means you're clicking too fast. Try and let it catch up to 30 if you run out of images to use.
    We very much appreciate your patience as we work to perfect this feature, and we invite you to leave your feedback on #roc (or click the Chat link in the banner at the top)

  • Sabotage success rate is dependent upon your spy vs. target's sentry, the general type of weapon you are trying to sabotage (attack, defense, spy, sentry), the value of weapons the target has lost to sabotage in the last 24 hours, and the target's gains from income plus attacking over the last 24 hours. Each one of these factor in to create the initial success (breaking in)

    Assuming you can get in, trying to sabotage too many weapons past the limit will not lead to a strict stopping message, but instead will simply fail and be caught before any damage is done. This means be careful with the blind testing of the top limit of sabotage - gather a full intelligence file on your target first and then make your guess based on that.

    The absolute maximum value of weapons you can sabotage is limited by your covert skill level.

    Assuming you can otherwise get in, you will always be able to sabotage at least one of the specific items you are wishing to sabotage. That means if your opponent has one lone dragonskin left, they can lose it.

    Spy and sentry tools are sabotageable, but relatively more difficult than attack and defense, and not instantly broken. Spy tools are broken by using them in recon or sabotage missions, similar to attack weapons. Sentry tools are broken only by a recon on the sabbee following the sabotage mission. In neither case does the mission have to be a success or failure; simply causing the tool to be used will be enough.

    Selling weapons of any type will automatically pick sabotaged weapons to sell first, allowing you to recover some of their value. There is no price difference, and will be no indication that some of the weapons you sold were sabotaged; you need only to make sure as usual that the strength is full in order to assure the full 75% sale value.

Jun 28, 2008 |

  • Welcome to Age 0 Beta!

  • Forgot Pass link works now.

  • Thanks to your tremendously quick support, we have now ordered the fan needed to upgrade the server's processing capacity. It's shipping next day air and we'll let you know when it's ready to be installed.

  • The number of attack turns required to steal the maximum amount of gold has been changed to 10.

  • Goblin size is now accounted for in the pillage formula by reducing the counted size by half

  • Development note: If you see a white page that shows a cryptic error message like "unexpected $end" or "Fatal error", it is probably me uploading the file. Refresh the page in a few seconds and all should be well. If it is not, that means I missed a ; or a $ or a } somewhere, and it will be back up in a jiffy :P

  • Final stats from Age 0 Alpha

Jun 27, 2008 |

  • 8 turns are required now for the maximum gold steal, instead of 15. The purpose of allowing you to select the number of turns to use is to let alliances coordinate large attacks to deal damage and casualties by each player using only 1 turn 5 times. This was a strategy used in vintage Kings of Chaos.

  • Attack formula has been refined to fix unrealistically low defense casualties.

  • For the shorter alpha/beta test stages where there is not as much time to stock up turns, the amount of turns required for an attack will probably remain 8. The first full age will more likely be 10 or 12 turns to make a full attack, as these longer periods of the game allow players to develop a long term strategy for their game play.

  • Greater size ratios are further taken into account now when attacking: the random range starts at the difference in army sizes. If you are a smaller player, you are very likely to take most, if not all of the gold. If you are larger, your pillage will be randomized between your size difference and 100%

  • The amount of attack turns you can hold is and will always be unlimited.

  • Working on messaging and sabbing, stay tuned and be ready to test it on me...the messaging, not the sabbing!

  • Working on a better solution than the 3-minute cooldown, but this may not arrive until after the Beta begins.

  • Any unused credits in the recruiter will be turned in for soldiers a few hours before the end. This means if you held onto 20,000 banked or available credits, you will get 20,000 more soldiers a few hours before the end of the game to give you an extra boost for your spy/sentry, or that little extra piece of income you need to make the last upgrade. We will plan on this being a recurring closeout deal to the in-game recruiter, so adjust your strategy accordingly! You might be able to offer someone credits with which to grow at the end of each age, in exchange for them to sell you off some of their gold.

  • You may now kick and ban members from your alliance. At this time, you cannot unban!

  • You can now send and receive messages. When a new message has arrived, you will see a yellow indicator showing how many unread messages you have in the mini-stats bar on the side.

  • A problem with passwords containing apostrophes/single-quotes/double-quotes has recently been discovered, and you may have trouble logging in if your password contains one. Try adding one or two forward-slashes (this kind of slash: \) just before the apostrophe, single-quote, or double-quote.

Jun 26, 2008 |

  • Cooldown trigger is now 5 wrong numbers within 10 clicks of a captcha or 10 minutes, which ever ends first. The period of a cooldown is still 3 minutes.

  • Possible solution to recruiter slowness/bugginess: Try exiting Ad Muncher if you have it. Ad Muncher does not support page compression, so the page downloads are bigger while you have Ad Muncher on, even if you've told it to disable filtering. Right-click it and exit completely.

  • We are investigating a login problem with Internet Explorer. For the moment, try logging in with another browser if you have an issue in IE.

  • We appreciate all the vigilantes on the hunt for bugs and glitches! Feel free to be bold in your attempts, just please be conscious and careful; report anything the moment you find it. Don't intentionally try to bug your account to where it has 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 gold. A few things that might save you some time: (if you don't want to double-check anything we've already thought of)

    • This game was written from scratch, not based on the KoC Clone script that is running rampant around the web; so, the same bugs that work in the clone are not very likely to work here. Furthermore, that clone is not the actual Kings of Chaos code, nor can any site ever actually have the original Kings of Chaos code - the admins there did not ever release their source code.

    • Number inputs (buying/repairing/selling weapons, training soldiers, hiring mercs, sending credits, etc) are all stripped of any non-numeric characters and rounded down. Negative number spending does not work anywhere.

    • String fields (comments, username inputs, etc) are escaped with PHP's mysql_real_escape_string() function, and when echoed, are given an htmlspecialchars()

    • Every purchase/sale operation should have a consistency check to make sure everything in the database matches up with the actions that were just performed. If the consistency check fails, that should be reported so that we can make sure the code handling the operation is secure. Consistency errors are the last stop between the input and a glitch rolling gold or soldiers or something back to 2^32 or 2^64; we don't want the action to get to the point of the consistency error.

Jun 25, 2008 |

  • You can now disband your alliance

  • There will be at least 24 hours of notice when the time of the reset is decided. Right now is considered the alpha test. The beta test, after this, will last roughly 2-5 weeks, or however long it takes for us to determine any adjustments we need to make. Age 0 will then begin and run for at least a few months, but no more than 6. We will stay up to date with how much fun people are having, and decide the exact length as it goes on.

  • The Intelligence Files list at the bottom of the Intelligence page has been reorganized to look better. Information that is new will show highlighted. Older information turns grey. The Intelligence files themselves are now working, and you can click on the details listed in the files table to get to the full report for that target.

  • Spy reports and intelligence files (compilations of the latest information from all your reports) have both been enhanced to show a stat in red when it beats yours. For example, an intel file showing that somebody's strike action is 35 million will show this information in red if your defensive action is less than 35 million.

Jun 24, 2008 |

  • Raise your sentry. This is your only warning.

  • We are now on Facebook! Join up! and invite all your friends too!

  • The upcoming reset may not happen on Friday, or yet. We are still working on some integral game features and would like to have them all up before the game is reset. There will be ample notice, and a reset countdown on every page when the exact time and date is known. Stay tuned.

  • You may now reset your account with the Reset link in the Command Center.

  • Development note: If you see a white page that shows a cryptic error message like "unexpected $end" or "Fatal error", it is probably me uploading the file. Refresh the page in a few seconds and all should be well. If it is not, that means I missed a ; or a $ or a } somewhere, and it will be back up in a jiffy :P

Jun 23, 2008 |

  • You can now create alliances.

  • Come chat with us! Hit the Chat link, or join us on IRC here!

  • Reconning works now.

  • You can store recruiter credits in a bank by sending credits to yourself. Go to the Send Credits page, and find yourself. Credits saved to the bank will be automatically withdrawn by sending someone else credits. Soon I will make this easier to understand, as well as add the ability to retrieve credits back out of the bank to earn the soldiers.

  • You can now edit your alliance.

  • There is an ad on the recruiter page. Please don't filter this. I have it set up so that it has a minimal impact on your performance. It will only load once, when you enter the recruiter, and will not refresh after every click.

  • Players now start with 30 turns (everyone else was given 30 to make up for it)

  • New players are properly protected until the next rank update. You may not attack unranked players. There is also a hidden feature which may show up soon, if we keep getting new players at this rate.

  • Retrieving credits from your bank is now possible in the recruiter. Still working on the interface here, so for now, please excuse the dozen page links you need to hit to get back and forth between recruiting and sending/saving/retrieving credits.

  • The triple number recruiter is back up at

  • Logins should be kept for up to 3 hours now. Online indicators still go out after 24 minutes.

Jun 22, 2008 |

  • Max gold fixed to take into account repairs/number of untrained soldiers. Function to automatically insert the max number added.

  • You can now join and leave alliances.

Jun 21, 2008 |

  • The in-game recruiter system now allows you to send credits to other players. Below the recruiter link in your command center, you will find the link to the page to send credits, followed by a detailed display of your recruiter status (total clicks/transfers).

  • You have a small negative allowance, based on how many clicks you've given on the recruiter. You will be able to receive (clicks given / 100) beyond 0 before your link will be taken off the recruiter link list.

  • You will receive a credit for clicking on your link in the recruiter, so as to insert more clickable credits into the available pot.

Jun 20, 2008 |

  • The in-game recruiter system has been ajaxified. That means it should work a little faster. This is the first time I've tried something like that, so it might not work, but give it a shot. Tested in Firefox 3.0 and IE 7. Don't click the numbers too fast, it doesn't seem to be able to keep up well enough with the speeds you're used to going on DDL.

  • The mobile edition of the in-game recruiter system is up. (This one isn't ajaxified.)

Jun 19, 2008 |


  • There will be a reset on June 27, 2008 after more game elements are completed. A reset counter will be put up shortly.

  • Commander changes work now. For the time being, they are unlimited.

  • Unit production is NOT passed up through the command chain, partly for technical reasons (it'd be a hard query to figure out), and partly for balance reasons (sign up 50 fakes, get them all some unit production ftw?).

  • Goblin bonus explained:

    • 2 soldiers for every recruit click, 1 soldier for every officer click, 0.5 for every subofficer, etc... (this is twice as much as normal)

      • A non-goblin commander will still only get 0.5 soldiers for every recruit click on his officer. That means a Goblin that grows 200,000 soldiers will still only make his Human commander 50,000 soldiers big at the most

    • 2x what the unit production level says. e.g. Tent (5x) yields 10 soldiers per 24 hours for goblins.
    • Goblin soldiers/spies make half as much gold. (i.e. 25 and 12.5)

    • The strategy is in the weaponry, which scales differently than traditionally.

      • The weaker weapons are more cost effective, e.g. 25 strength for 1,000 gold, as opposed to the usual 5 strength.

      • The catch? You need more soldiers to hold all those weapons.

    • Goblins' impact on the gameplay will be reviewed heavily and adjusted as needed, sometimes without warning. (for instance, I recently made their top weapons be less cost effective than the top weapons of the other races, to deter the use of Goblins as ultimate sell-off recipients)

    • Should they be named Halflings for the mother Frodo'in win?

  • In-game recruiter system is up and running. Click here when logged in to use the new in-game recruiter system. It's fairly rudimentary for now, check back often for more updates on this new feature.

Jun 17, 2008 |

  • The display of army size in public has been changed to reflect only total paying soldiers.

  • Your commander's recruit link is now displayed in your command center. There will also soon be a way on the stats page to get the recruit links for people who have the same commander as you, or people who are your sub-officers. (officers of your officers)

  • The mobile version of the armory is up at - you may be able to use it from your phone to buy weapons or upgrade your siege or fort. However, I only have an iPhone and a simulator of Opera Mini, as far as actual mobile browsers go, so I am not quite sure how it works on everything else. Let me know, and if at all possible, send screenshots or pictures of anything that gets jacked up on the mobile edition, and what phone/model/carrier you're using.

  • Recruit links REALLY are fully functional now. There was an error with sign-ups attempted after clicking a recruit link. This has now been fixed. So, if you have not signed up yet because you were waiting for this error to get fixed, go ask your friend for the link again, and click through it, then click Join The War. Even if you've already clicked it in the last 24 hours, clicking the link will set it up so that you will sign up under them as an officer.

Jun 14, 2008 |

  • Recruit links are fully functional; people signing up after clicking your recruit link will be your officer. You will receive notification in your command center when they sign up, and then again when they activate

  • Officers will also automatically join the same alliance as you, once the alliance system works.

  • Clicks on each recruit link are allowed once per 24 hours per IP address. There is no limit to how many recruits you can receive.

  • Logging in has no effect on recruit links. An in-game recruiter system will be built to serve this purpose.

  • Goblins have been made available to all new sign-ups. Goblins will shortly be made available to those who already registered, via the upcoming reset page. Hang in there for it, it will be built shortly.

  • A mobile edition of the game is being built at alongside the standard edition. The mobile edition currently has the index page, the recruit page, the command center, and the error page. It is designed for mobile devices, but can also be used by a standard web browser if you find it easier to read and go through.

Jun 13, 2008 |

  • Command center now contains highest rank, and list of recent activity (any login, purchase, or sale at the moment, including details such as any stats it affected)

  • Recruit links groundwork built

  • Alliance system groundwork built

  • Spend your gold :P

Jun 9, 2008 |

  • Command center: kinda working

  • Armory: working. Sale value of all weapons: 75% (including spy/sentry)

  • Training: working

  • Upgrades: working (in Armory and Training)

    • Siege and fortification levels max out at the same multiplier, but siege levels are still cheaper to get

    • Covert and unit production levels have names

    • Fortification and unit levels have very costly final upgrades

  • Battlefield: working

  • Turns: working. One per 30 minutes; standard income is 50 per soldier, 25 per covert operative

  • Unit production: distributed 4 times throughout the day (2/5ths at midnight, 1/5th at 6, 12, and 6)

  • Concept in testing now: Goblins. Higher unit production/recruiting, but half income per troop (25, 12.5). Weaker weapons are more cost-effective for Goblins, as opposed to the way they have been, traditionally, where the stronger weapons are more cost-effective

Jun 6, 2008 |
Welcome to Ruins of Chaos!

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