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Latest News: Nov 24, 2020 | Overcoming challenges with the upgrade
Well, that was a fun week and a half of bugginess ranging from check engine light annoyance to full-blown windows update "we're gonna go ahead and do this now anyway and break something, hope you had a backup!"

The short answer is, the upgrade made some things go wonky, and the recruiter was not generating soldiers for a few days while it was rejiggered to give the correct amount. People were given an extra dose of soldiers that is greater than what they would've gotten from clicking every waking hour during that time.

If you were following the adventure on Discord while things were happening, whether you were offering moral support or brainstorming to help us knock that tough little bugger out, thank you! <3 A mostly complete writeup of what we know and how we'll manage future upgrades is available for your enjoyment and/or sleep-aid in the #programming channel on our Discord. I think the kids these days call that a post-mortem. Basically, from here on out, we're going to be using some battle-tested cloud magic to make updates to our game safer and quicker.

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