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Latest News: Aug 10, 2022 |

We would like to congratulate the top three finishers in Age 43:  SilverSurfer, Raiderfan8476, and pilferer. Great job, guys!

Check out all the final age stats posted here: Final Stats Age 43

Now, we all know that chaos never takes a holiday, so with that said, here are the major changes for Age 44:

1. This will be a "mini-age" which will last only 8 weeks. 

2.  A major feature of the game has been eliminated:  the in-game market.

3. Starting gold, soldiers  and turns have been doubled.

4. Bonus Points have been removed.

5. Respec cards can only be activated half-way through the age (@ 4 weeks).

6. Spies and Sentries can now be untrained.

So, gather your troops, grab your weapons, and get ready to battle! Oh, and don't forget to join the conversation on Discord.

The chaos continues...