Join Humans
30% Reduced Repairs Bonus
Join Dwarves
25% Casualty Reduction Bonus
Join Elves
-25% Sabotage Damage Bonus
10% Weapon Theft Bonus
Join Orcs
8% Casualty Conversion Bonus
Join Pixies
20% Covert Ops Success Bonus

Latest News: May 21, 2016 | New Round, New Problems (Age 23)
The reset, some of you may have noticed, had some interesting quirks this time around – looks like our restoration from backup restored a few old accounts that lurked under the surface until we tried posting the age-end stats! Weeding them out ended up being somewhat impossible, so they'll stay there for the time being.

Swiftly moving on to new things...

  • Mercenaries now require upkeep, the cost will be deducted from your TBG at every turn (10 Gold for Attack and Defense Mercenaries, 5 Gold for Untrained Mercenaries)
  • Elves now have a 20% chance to steal 10% of what they've just sabotaged!

Problems? Message andyt683 if you find something that doesn't work.
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