News item posted detailing our Cloudflare switch. Still having issues? Report them! Reset is overdue, we know.

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Latest News: Aug 11, 2016 | Cloudflare
Okay, so things are almost settling down now, time to recap what the heck happened.

As we mentioned, back in January, we started hosting a new game on our server called Avabur. It's become pretty popular, but all hasn't been perfect. There have been two instances of troublemakers attempting to take the server down for everyone, across all our sites. In bird culture, this is considered a dick move. The first one was not enough to take extreme measures, but the latest one caused some severe issues. Traffic was saturating our network link, and without action, would cause a server bill in the thousands of dollars for the month.

Our solution was simple: the server did not move, but we placed a service called Cloudflare between the server and the internet. Cloudflare takes our incoming connections and filters them, removing any malicious traffic. Cloudflare then passes the "clean" connections to us. The server was then configured to delete any traffic not coming in via this new filtered connection.

Obviously, things are slightly more complicated than this sounds, and this has consumed the past 3 days. fury and andy have both been working on fixing all the issues, but there are still more problems ahead of us than behind. Keeping the sites online was the first priority, and we'll restore 100% functionality in the coming days and weeks.

The reset date may be affected by these events, as we want to have something ready for the new round. All non-essential work has been put on hold until the connectivity issues are resolved.
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