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20% Reduced Repairs Bonus
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Latest News: Mar 31, 2015 | Age 19
a-ayo ayo a-ayo ayo a-ayo ayo a-ayo ayo, but if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all

So the conversation on Saturday went something like this:

did we add anything new for the age??
quick! alter the race bonuses ever so slightly!
do something!! :D

Then I was totally gonna do stuff, I swear. Then flupocalypse, zombiepocalypse, or whatever pocalypse it is that I got, and I was totally out of it on Sunday and Monday. To be honest I'm kinda still out of it. But yeah.

So, today, I am going to make the biggest change ever to RoC:

  • Updated copyright year

[sad trombone]

But wait...there's more

  • Altered race bonuses ever so slightly!
  • Well, not too slightly, considering a built in race stats bonus has gone away in favor of what used to be just a secondary bonus.
  • Humans: Reduced repairs (20%)
  • Dwarves: Reduced casualties (20%)
  • Elves: Gold vision (33%)
  • Orcs: Convert casualties (10%)
  • RIP pixies and goblins?

"hey, why don't you do something about the sabbing for once?" - said nobody ever

  • Removed top sabbers daily, sab ranks will not be shown at the end of this age. Find a better reason to sab, you meanie! Like, a bona fide war, or something. Yeah, I know, I never finished the war system...:(

/me ducks

"Was the scavenger event just a troll event?"

  • Doesn't seem to have actually done anything before. Now it does stuff, though. I think.

Love you guys

- fury

edit: about the orc casualty bonus:

This is the casualty conversion bonus we had a while back, where some of the enemy's dead things convert into untrained soldiers for you. This counts for mercs, coverts, etc. If you use the maximum number of turns (12 usually, or 9 turns on alliance members, or 6 turns during double trouble), you get 10% of them, if you use 1 turn, you get 1/maxturns of 10%.

So, effectively, the double trouble event also happens to double the casualty conversion for 1 turn attacks.
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