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Latest News: Apr 16, 2021 |

Updates to Marketplace and Doge Transactions


As you may be aware, we have recently made some changes that affect the marketplace as well as Doge transactions — some of the changes have been in the works for a while and others have been made due to the recent price volatility.

  • There are now two EPIC cards that can be found in crates: Respec and Doge.

  • All accounts must be active for a minimum of 14 days before the account holders can withdraw Doge outside of the game environment.

  • The new minimum Doge transaction amount on the Market has been revised down to 5 Doge with a minimum fee of 1 Doge to Gamefiar.

  • The minimum Doge withdrawal amount has been increased to 52 Doge (50 Doge + 1 Doge to Gamefiar + 1 Doge network fee).

  • All current Doge transactions in the Market have been cancelled to allow players to re-post due to recent changes in value.


Let us know if you have any questions.