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Latest News: Feb 18, 2019 | Crates and Pirates!
This is a reminder for those who may be new to the game or those not yet accustomed to all the "stumbling on crates" action going on...

Remember, once the game clock resets each day, you have four opportunities to stumble on a crate full of beautiful, shiny gold. This means that until you have acquired all four of the daily crates, it is recommended that you immediately check your gold (at the top of the page) after EACH attack, sab, recon, or recruiter action! Many players are not realizing they have stumbled upon a big fat crate of gold and the treasure-hunting pirates who are watching the battlefield are able to steal the crate gold. Even if you do notice your extra gold, you must spend it quickly or there is a danger that it will be stolen.

So, keep the pirates away from your gold by keeping a very close eye on those crazy crates.