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Latest News: May 5, 2023 |



We are happy to announce that the game has had a re-write. It’s been a long, painful process, but we have made a lot of progress! While the re-write has been accomplished, the front end/UI has not yet been completed and is still a work-in-progress.


In the meantime, in order to support our community and satisfy their warlike habits, we have gone live with the previous version of the game – with two very important changes:


1.     The DOGE faucet has been turned off for now.

2.     Players can no longer buy Gems with PayPal; Gems can only be purchased with DOGE.


Please be aware that there will be very limited, if any, support while we are completing the re-write process. Additionally, it is possible that there may be minor changes made during gameplay, but these should not have much impact on the game.


We look forward to bringing you an updated version of Ruins of Chaos in the very near future. Until then, have fun, gather your armies, clean the cobwebs off your weapons, and let the winds of war blow!


We did not, of course, anticipate the re-write process taking this long, but life does what life does – in spite of our best intentions!


So, thank you for your patience!


Enjoy the chaos!