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Latest News: Mar 27, 2022 | Welcome to Age 43!

Welcome to Age 43!

Congratulations to Uldrek on 1st place!

We've decided to go in a slight change of direction this age – some people won't like the changes and some will; we'll assess this at the end of the age, we can't be afraid of change(s).

Here is a list of changes that have been made to start the new age:

  • Weapons will now sell for 75% of their value, not 80% as in previous ages.
  • The (in)famous Industrious event is back!
  • Each account now starts the age with 1 Respec card; these cards will no longer be found in a chest. If you play your Respec card after the End of Age countdown timer has been activated, you will automatically be placed in Protect status during the 30 minutes of Respec. This means that you cannot attack nor be attacked.
  • The "Legendary" chest has been removed.
  • The Gold Rush event has been given a slight bump (now 10%, not 7%)
  • "Stealth Mode Go!" and "Cyanide" events will occur less frequently.
  • Turns and Broken Keys can be stolen via certain actions, at random, for all races.
  • ALL races have had slight tweaks to their bonuses.
  • Top Saboteurs is back! *
  • If you upgrade Smithing while a key is being repaired, the repair time will be reduced by 2 hours.

There may be additional game play tweaks made as the age progresses, so be sure to keep an eye on the News!

Have a great age, and don't forget to stop by Discord and join the conversation there.