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Latest News: Feb 1, 2020 | Spite!
Spite cards

  • Debuffs that you can play on any target at any time that for a short amount of time decrease your target's effective stats or income by 2%.
  • SA, Spy, and income spite cards last 24 hours, and DA and sentry spite cards last 8 hours
  • Multiple cards can be played on a target, but there are diminishing returns (98% x 98% x 98% x ...)
  • Does not affect rank. Not currently visible in recons
  • Anyone can play any cards on anyone at any time.
  • Protect cards can be played to ruin their fun tho. Can't stop a protect card. (Can take down their TBG tho)
  • The target will not see who played the spite card on them, just what effects are currently on them, when they were played, how long they will last, etc.
  • Everyone has been given a random spite card for starters, and new ones can be found in some crates. They have the same chance of appearing as all other rare cards. (Currently, Respec is EPIC and happens 1 out of every 250 cards, all other cards are RARE and happen 1 out of every 15 cards. Subject to change)
  • Or, of course, you can trade them on the market!

Also, as an update for those of you who have been wondering what will happen to gems you spent from the beta (or just before):

  • Gems have been scheduled to be reimbursed for those who spent gems on boosts during the last few days of last age. (Some amounts are prorated if further away from the end)
  • Check the bottom of the premium page to see a list of scheduled returns. If something there is missing that you think should've been there, let us know.
  • Clarification on which gem transactions are scheduled for return:
    - Paid gems spent on anything in the premium page (boosts, crates, services, or username change)
    - If you transfer gems to someone else through the gem transfer feature or the market, and then they spend them on something in the premium page, whoever is the final person to have spent those gems is the one who will get them back. If you weren't thinking about this while wheeling & dealing in the market, that makes two of us, because I didn't think about that when I wrote the code to automatically give gems back.
  • Not eligible for refund:
    - Free gems earned from bonuses in crates, daily login
    If some of what you spend is free and some is paid, only the portion which was paid will be refunded.

At this time, refunds are scheduled to happen at instaclicks. At the time of instaclicks, because of the gem refunds, we will also be canceling any active gem boosts at that time so that you can set them back up again after instaclicks to be ready for next age.