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Latest News: Oct 11, 2022 |

Yes! Old things are new again?


Welcome to a new age - an age where old things are new again…maybe.


We are glad you’re here to help us bring in a new age of chaos! But first, we would like to congratulate the top finishers of the last age, Age 44:  Psycho, Daemon, and Kronikdeath! You can check out the impressive final stats for the age here


Now, welcome to what might be a somewhat unusual age. The important changes in gameplay are listed below - but be warned, it’s very possible that during the age there may be unexpected, unusual, or unannounced changes! Yes! We’re bringing a bit of chaos back. So buckle up and have some fun!



  • All clicking buffs have been removed. There is no way to increase your CPM or add time to your clicking activities. It’s all on you (your fingers) now!

  • CPM (Clicks Per Minute) base is now 5 CPM with a maximum of 25 CPM. So you will receive 5 soldiers every minute just by staring at your screen, but with very little effort, you can receive up to 25!

  • Turns are capped at 1,500. This means that if you have 1,500 turns, you will not receive more until your total drops below 1,500. So, use those turns! Everyone’s a slayer!

  • Unit Production (UP) has been reborn and will be given at every turn. IMPORTANT NOTE:  UP does NOT trickle up. It is given throughout the day with every turn, so if your UP is e.g. 480, you will get 10 soldiers per turn.

  • Turn-Based Gold (TBG) for all soldiers and coverts has been reduced; weaponry and upgrades remain the same.

  • The infamous Respec Card? It has been retired; we had a great send-off party for him. The cookies and Rioja were a big hit. He left smiling.

  • The bustling Marketplace is still shuttered. Renovations are underway, but it's hard to get good help these days!

Have a great age - and remember, you were warned!

Watch this space...