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Latest News: Oct 7, 2020 | Update on DOGE Transactions
On Sunday, 4 October 2020, a major change was made to one of our game features. Due to the rise of accounts that only exist to farm DOGE and do not play actively, we closed all market DOGE transactions effective immediately. We may re-evaluate this decision in the future depending on player input.

As a result of this new measure, we are aware that some players have continued to make marketplace deals in which the actual payments will be made outside of the game structure. Please be advised that, not only are these types of transactions discouraged and violate the spirit of the game, neither Gamefiar nor RoC will be responsible for any aspect of these trades.

If you decide to enter into any market transaction that is outside the scope of normal trading measures in the game, you do it with the clear understanding that the Admins and Mods can not/will not investigate or control or moderate these transactions in any way (to include missing or non-paid DOGE or any other currency/item.)

We encourage all players to once again read the game rules - in particular Rule #2.