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Latest News: Sep 25, 2020 | Age 38
We've changed the way buyable buffs work

  • Cost of buffs has been reduced to 500 gems to make it even easier for you to get your hands on some of that clickety clickety goodness.
  • Time buff now also extends the minimum time between clicks by 5 minutes each. Buy 5 time buffs and you can relax for at least 30 minutes before you have to click. Luxurious!
  • There is a limit of 20 active buffs per person at any given time. You may allocate these as you like: all 20 in max CPM, all 20 in base CPM, all 20 in time, or some mixture of the three, up to a total of 20. After that, you can either extend them, or you can send your extra gems to someone else to help them grow. Spread the wealth!
  • Diminishing effect when stacking buffs has been removed in favor of the limit of 20 buffs total. All max CPM buffs will be full strength.

Dogecoin is getting more fun

  • Make it rain! Easily send some amount of doge to each of the active players (whoever's online) or to some number of players at random.
  • So wet, much doge, wow! The soak button is kind of like rain, but where you split a certain amount evenly between each person, rather than sending a certain amount to each.
  • Golden Goose event: a new event where you can earn tickets for a large gold jackpot. This is kind of like baby boom, but with gold instead of soldiers, and you need to use one of the new dogecoin rain/soak buttons to earn tickets. At this time, you can earn up to 20 tickets per event. And if you win, the gold will get deposited right into your account. Spend it quick! There be sell catchers out there...

We've changed the way some cards work

  • Protect cards are now 8 hours long, and you must spend at least as long outside of protect before you can use another protect card

We've changed the way some crates work

  • You can no longer purchase crates.
  • Turn crates will no longer contain 12 turns. they will now contain at least 13!

Market adjustments

  • Market wallet will automatically withdraw its gold 24 hours after it sold if you're online and have not withdrawn it yourself. If you're not online, you do have a short window of time to log in, otherwise it will be forcibly withdrawn whether you're here or not.
  • Tax calculator added during the listing process where applicable, so you don't have to do the walk of shame and withdraw a market post after you realize what the actual final amount ends up as

Various quality of life changes and bug fixes happening real soon

  • Fix the !*%# timestamps once and for all?!
  • Auto-sabber: premium subscription service to click one easy button to sabotage your target 10x
  • More little bugs, stop by in the Discord to see that as they happen

Last, but not least

  • RIP Industrious. Long live Industrious. We will remember you for the way you singlehandedly helped the poor large unhittable accounts gain an even bigger advantage, and honestly didn't really do a whole lot for anybody else.