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Latest News: Jan 10, 2021 | Welcome to Age 39 beta. Expect the unexpected.
Stuff will change in the middle of the age!

Here's a list of what's changed so far

  • Protect cards are 12 hours long and require 2x the cooldown upon returning. You can still play more than one at a time to get consecutive 12-hour periods of protection--play 2 cards to get 24 hours of protection, then you need to wait 48 hours before you can play protect again, etc.
  • Crates contain one protect card
  • Daily login bonus no longer starts over from the beginning if you miss a day
  • Sabbed weapons will no longer be removed at the end of the age if they didn't break (rejoice, all ye round number junkies!)
  • Your email and password are no longer required to reactivate or reset
  • Events that are scheduled to run within 3 hours are now viewable in your Base page