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  1. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking any of these rules. Read them, live by them, and ask somebody for help if you don't understand them.
    You can usually find somebody in the chat room who can help you understand a rule.
  2. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, with or without notice, and to make such changes to rules retroactive
    Sometimes, new circumstances or forms of gameplay take shape that aren't exactly in the spirit of the rules, but we haven't made a rule about it yet. We keep this clause handy for when we need to introduce such a rule. Most rule changes are announced on the home page, but we usually don't bother you about small wording fixes.
  3. We reserve the right to make exceptions to rules at our own discretion
    If we feel that some extenuating circumstance warrants an exception, we will exercise this at our discretion. These cases are rare, but can happen, and are done in a responsible manner.
  4. We reserve the right to fire the ban cannons for any or no reason whatsoever, if we feel it is deserved
    If all else fails and we think somebody is detrimental to this game, we will take the opportunity to remove them from it, even if there isn't a specific rule being broken.
  5. We reserve the right to remove or reverse a sell that has been sold off via illegal means
    If an account has been hacked etc, we reserve the right to remove and reverse a sell-off if one has been made through illegal means.
  6. We are not responsible for any damage arising from the violation of any terms and conditions, the inability to use the site or a specific feature on the site, or the delay of or lack of enforcement of a particular condition in any particular case
    While we will make every effort to ensure the rules are fair and enforced promptly, we are human (really!). Sometimes we make errors or are not particularly swift at dealing out justice or solving a technical issue. Because of this, we must disclaim responsibility for any damage related to this phenomenon.
  7. You must be at least 13 years old to play. We can accept no responsibilty for underage users creating an account.
    In the U.S., there is a privacy law, COPPA, intended to protect personal information of users under 13. While we wish we could invite people of all ages, we simply cannot take on the added time and expense of filling out the paperwork that this law requires. Therefore, we cannot allow people under 13 to play.
  8. We accept no responsibility for any actions taken by other players of Ruins of Chaos. This includes all social interaction through Ruins of Chaos directly, and through external sources. By registering you agree that Ruins of Chaos cannot be held responsible for the actions of any player.
    It's an ugly world out there, and some people go to great lengths to mess with other people. This is an unfortunate fact of the Internet these days, and there is not much that we can do to protect everyone from undesirable situations all of the time. Great care should be taken when interacting with players in the game and out of the game.
  1. You MAY play the game WITH your friends, family, co-workers, etc. even if you are in the same building.
    You MAY NOT, however, play the game FOR them, or have anyone else play for you.
    You MAY only register or play one account at a time.
    You MAY NOT share your login information.
    The object of the game is to compete against individual players, and for those players to team up in alliances to compete against each other. Allowing more than one person to play an account, or allowing one person to play more than one account, gives that person or account an unfair advantage against the rest that are playing fairly. There are plenty of ways to combine efforts without playing unfairly. Having multiple accounts in and of itself is ILLEGAL. There does not need to be any interaction between them, the mere use or creation of a second account is a bannable offense.
  2. You MAY gain a FAIR advantage by expending the most effort, being awesome at the game, and/or having the best officers under you.
    You MAY NOT, however, gain an UNFAIR advantage by bypassing security measures, using proxies to evade IP rules, otherwise breaking other game rules, exploiting people through tools or misleading information, or exploiting game bugs.
    You MAY NOT play an account for financial gain.
    You MAY NOT exchange gold or click credits with any account which you previously owned, or any account with which you share or shared an IP address.
    You MAY NOT abuse the recruit referral system which includes but is not limited to, spamming/repeatedly posting your recruit link via automated means, such as bots, scripts, etc.
    You MAY NOT use any intermediary or third-party to evade IP sharing blocks.
    The biggest part of the game is the social aspect of forming alliances to have fun and/or make it to the top ranks. This requires a lot of effort, and teamwork is a great thing.

    But it is not fun for anybody when somebody tries to gain an advantage by finding a way around the rules, or in a way that is not accessible by everybody. Autoclickers, autosabbers, auto sell-off catchers and the like are against the spirit of the game. Tools that aren't approved by the administrators aren't only against the rules, they can also be dangerous (who knows when you're going to get one that steals your login and allows the creator to sell you off?).

    Financial gain has been a controversial topic among the community, and the bottom line is that you MAY NOT utilize ANY PART of your account in a manner that will make you money. This includes selling your gold for real world money, selling your credits for real world money, or selling your account itself for real world money.

    You may not exchange credits or gold in any manner with somebody who plays (or played) on the same connection as you, or with an account which you have passed on. The game enforces a hard limit against doing this, so if you go around it by selling or sending credits to someone else that sells or sends to your intended recipient, you realize that you will get caught and banned.
  3. Passing an account to somebody else is allowed ONLY ONCE with prior approval -- contact an administrator or moderator for approval.
    Passing an account AGAIN is not allowed under ANY circumstance!
    Asking for approval AFTER taking an account IS NOT ALLOWED!
    Selling off to an account you are about to take over IS NOT ALLOWED!
    Selling off to an account you previously owned IS NOT ALLOWED!
    We allow approved account exchanges because we know sometimes a LOT of effort has been expended, and sometimes circumstances lead to an individual no longer being able to play an account. However, due to the possibility of abuse, this is allowed only once per account per age. Furthermore, selling off to an account you're about to take over is also not allowed because this is an unfair advantage to basically combine two accounts into one (see rule 2).
  4. You are allowed to build or use tools to assist your gameplay or track stats. Ads must be displayed either by using the actual game pages in a browser or browser control, or if a browser is not used, then by opening the game's break page. (break.php) All tools require prior staff approval BEFORE they are used.
    Developers are our friends. We like developers. Developers, developers, developers, developers! The game's advertisements will show at an appropriate rate on game pages, so tools must not filter out any instance of these ads while using the full pages. If the tool involves mainly clicking without seeing the full page, the following page must be opened at least once (usually upon completing the session): (changing the 1000 out for any desired number, e.g. NINE THOUSAAAND)

    GreaseMonkey scripts are allowed so long as they interact only with the loaded game page (i.e. no automatic loading of the entire battlefield at once) and do not attempt to bypass game limits or security measures (see rule 2).
  5. You MAY NOT use game messaging, profiles, chat, or forums to transmit
    1. Harassing, obscene, or illegal content
    2. You may not bypass any in game text filters in order to get around the above rule; this includes but is not limited to, creative spelling of offensive words by using symbols or spaces instead of letters.
    3. Unsolicited invitations to unrelated sites or sites which break any of the game's rules
      An unrelated site is defined as one having nothing to do with Ruins of Chaos; alliance and fan sites obviously have something to do with Ruins of Chaos)
    The game and the community are meant for everyone to enjoy. It's hard to enjoy when somebody decides to take it too seriously and start harassing or being excessively obscene.

    We are not a free repository of links and crap that are unrelated to the game. If your site is for your alliance, or is a general fan site related to RoC, feel free to spread the word, within reason. You still may not share the link to a site which involves breaking any game rules (e.g. harassing, auto tools, infringes our copyrights, etc).
  6. You are NOT allowed to automatically refresh pages or perform queries that harm the server or provide an unfair advantage.
    The pages on the site are meant to be viewed by humans in a web browser or web browser control in order to facilitate playing the game. Using scripts or programs that automatically load these pages and mine data or simply bog down the server is not allowed. There are developer-oriented APIs available for use with data collection scripts. For more details, and to gain access, contact an administrator.