Oct 11, 2022 |

Yes! Old things are new again?


Welcome to a new age - an age where old things are new again…maybe.


We are glad you’re here to help us bring in a new age of chaos! But first, we would like to congratulate the top finishers of the last age, Age 44:  Psycho, Daemon, and Kronikdeath! You can check out the impressive final stats for the age here https://ruinsofchaos.com/history.php?&gameid=57


Now, welcome to what might be a somewhat unusual age. The important changes in gameplay are listed below - but be warned, it’s very possible that during the age there may be unexpected, unusual, or unannounced changes! Yes! We’re bringing a bit of chaos back. So buckle up and have some fun!



  • All clicking buffs have been removed. There is no way to increase your CPM or add time to your clicking activities. It’s all on you (your fingers) now!

  • CPM (Clicks Per Minute) base is now 5 CPM with a maximum of 25 CPM. So you will receive 5 soldiers every minute just by staring at your screen, but with very little effort, you can receive up to 25!

  • Turns are capped at 1,500. This means that if you have 1,500 turns, you will not receive more until your total drops below 1,500. So, use those turns! Everyone’s a slayer!

  • Unit Production (UP) has been reborn and will be given at every turn. IMPORTANT NOTE:  UP does NOT trickle up. It is given throughout the day with every turn, so if your UP is e.g. 480, you will get 10 soldiers per turn.

  • Turn-Based Gold (TBG) for all soldiers and coverts has been reduced; weaponry and upgrades remain the same.

  • The infamous Respec Card? It has been retired; we had a great send-off party for him. The cookies and Rioja were a big hit. He left smiling.

  • The bustling Marketplace is still shuttered. Renovations are underway, but it's hard to get good help these days!

Have a great age - and remember, you were warned!

Watch this space...


Sep 25, 2022 |

It's time for a change!

Ruins of Chaos as we currently know it, suffers from a few issues that make it hard to keep running in the long term. We're looking for a way forward, which means we might have to rewrite the game, and refresh certain aspects of the game while we're at it. Before any decisions are made, we are looking for input from the community over on the RoC Discord.

You'll find a mini forum called "rewrite-discussion" where you can make threads to share your experiences, ideas and feedback: what do and don't you like about RoC? What changes would you make? What would you bring back? Anything is welcome to help us develop RoC into a game that can continue for many years to come.

So join us on Discord and make your voice heard!

Click here to join the discord

Aug 10, 2022 |

We would like to congratulate the top three finishers in Age 43:  SilverSurfer, Raiderfan8476, and pilferer. Great job, guys!

Check out all the final age stats posted here: Final Stats Age 43

Now, we all know that chaos never takes a holiday, so with that said, here are the major changes for Age 44:

1. This will be a "mini-age" which will last only 8 weeks. 

2.  A major feature of the game has been eliminated:  the in-game market.

3. Starting gold, soldiers  and turns have been doubled.

4. Bonus Points have been removed.

5. Respec cards can only be activated half-way through the age (@ 4 weeks).

6. Spies and Sentries can now be untrained.

So, gather your troops, grab your weapons, and get ready to battle! Oh, and don't forget to join the conversation on Discord.

The chaos continues...


Mar 27, 2022 | Welcome to Age 43!

Welcome to Age 43!

Congratulations to Uldrek on 1st place!

We've decided to go in a slight change of direction this age – some people won't like the changes and some will; we'll assess this at the end of the age, we can't be afraid of change(s).

Here is a list of changes that have been made to start the new age:

  • Weapons will now sell for 75% of their value, not 80% as in previous ages.
  • The (in)famous Industrious event is back!
  • Each account now starts the age with 1 Respec card; these cards will no longer be found in a chest. If you play your Respec card after the End of Age countdown timer has been activated, you will automatically be placed in Protect status during the 30 minutes of Respec. This means that you cannot attack nor be attacked.
  • The "Legendary" chest has been removed.
  • The Gold Rush event has been given a slight bump (now 10%, not 7%)
  • "Stealth Mode Go!" and "Cyanide" events will occur less frequently.
  • Turns and Broken Keys can be stolen via certain actions, at random, for all races.
  • ALL races have had slight tweaks to their bonuses.
  • Top Saboteurs is back! *
  • If you upgrade Smithing while a key is being repaired, the repair time will be reduced by 2 hours.

There may be additional game play tweaks made as the age progresses, so be sure to keep an eye on the News!

Have a great age, and don't forget to stop by Discord and join the conversation there.

Jan 24, 2022 |

A new, optional feature for the public player profiles has been added.  

You may now show your stats, ranks, credits, and turns to other players in your profile if you like.

As an example, your profile can now show:

My SA is 458,440,725 and it's #84
My TBG is ≈6,544,480
My Spy is 656,198,992 and it's ranked #78
I have 117,728 credits saved
My defense is ranked #88
I only have 557 turns left.

For the above example, here are the commands (please note that an extra line is needed between the lines):

My SA is {strike} and it's {strike_rank}

My TBG is {tbg} 

My Spy is {spy} and it's ranked {spy_rank}

I have {credits} credits saved

My defense is ranked {defense_rank}

I only have {turns} turns left.

If you have any issues or questions, contact one of the Game Staff on Discord.

Jan 11, 2022 |

It has come to our attention that some are trying to sell credits/gold for DOGE direct to other players and bypassing the market. We would like to remind all players of our previous News post, specifically:



You will no longer be able to buy/sell credits or gold using DOGE on the marketplace.  Circumventing this rule in any way is a bannable offense.


To confirm:  Both the buyer and seller accounts will be banned. DON'T GET BANNED.