Apr 7, 2019 | New Links! Fixes in progress!
There is now a link for the "Top" and "History" page at the bottom!

We're working on the CAPTCHA issues. Turns out they've been accusing you of being robots. Please excuse the dust as some of the checkboxes get booted out.

We are implementing reCAPTCHA v3 to provide a smoother experience. Please check their terms of service by clicking the little box in the corner. If you do not agree with reCAPTCHA terms of service, you may have a hard time using the internet.

Check the News page for the rest of the news
Apr 7, 2019 | Age 33 New thingies!
Return of the recruit link

  • Check your base for your recruit link. It's near your daily activity now for easy sharing.
  • Get 100 soldiers for each click you receive on your recruit link. Share it with all your friends! Each person can click once a day. If they're joining for the first time, or reactivating an existing account after clicking your link, they'll become your officer and you'll earn bonus soldiers when they've reached certain activity goals.
  • Earn 10% bonus gems from purchases made by the people you recruit or bring back to the game.
  • For a limited time, receive bonus gems from purchases made by all your current officers.

Crate adjustments

  • Gold has been reduced slightly
  • New cards have been thrown into the mix

New cards

  • A couple more event-like cards
  • Nightwalk: +20% spy
  • Scavenger: You have a chance to find extra gold on successful attack missions
  • More coming later this week, including Undead: Bring your zombies back to life for a short time. They fight like untrained soldiers.

Card adjustments

  • Protect cards will now expire if not used within a certain time, and cannot be used during the last week of the age

Coming soon

  • Fix activity log paging when filters are applied
  • Discord bot, notifications of game events, other cool things like that

Join us in Discord to hang out with the gang and watch as new goodies pop in

Feb 18, 2019 | Crates and Pirates!
This is a reminder for those who may be new to the game or those not yet accustomed to all the "stumbling on crates" action going on...

Remember, once the game clock resets each day, you have four opportunities to stumble on a crate full of beautiful, shiny gold. This means that until you have acquired all four of the daily crates, it is recommended that you immediately check your gold (at the top of the page) after EACH attack, sab, recon, or recruiter action! Many players are not realizing they have stumbled upon a big fat crate of gold and the treasure-hunting pirates who are watching the battlefield are able to steal the crate gold. Even if you do notice your extra gold, you must spend it quickly or there is a danger that it will be stolen.

So, keep the pirates away from your gold by keeping a very close eye on those crazy crates.
Feb 11, 2019 | Pesky non-working cards
Fixed a problem preventing a Sabber's Delight card from being used.

Note: You can't tell yet how many cards of each you have (other than the protect cards). This will be addressed shortly.
Jan 10, 2019 | Armory fix
Fixed the bug in the armory preventing you from spending in one transaction when you had damaged weapons and an available Unbreak card. Sorry about that! (Who'd have thunk HTML doesn't like you having a form within a form?)
Jan 2, 2019 | Working cards, extendable recruiter buffs, fixes
Most if not all of the cards that come out of the crates should be working now. Find them in your base or armory and check the appropriate boxes to play them. Time starts after you click "Use selected cards".

In case you missed it: (subject to change)

  • Respec card: For 30 minutes, change your race while keeping your upgrades, train your soldiers and spies for free (spes and sentries can be reassigned to untrained!), and sell weapons for free (same price you bought em)


  • Attack card: For 30 minutes when you play the card, get an attack buff (similar to the Charge! event, but just for you)
  • Sab card: For 30 minutes, get a Sabber's Delight buff
  • Protect card: Protects you from attack or sabotage for days (like vacation mode, but you still earn and can spend gold--you just can't attack)
  • Size Doesn't Matter card: Like the event, but (are you seeing a pattern?) just for you
  • More special events possible soon...
  • Some single use cards, as well, like:
  • Unbreak card: Returns all your current weapons to pristine condition--even the sabbed ones, if they haven't already been broken!


  • Gold: Instantly receive gold (amount varies with rank and will scale as the battlefield grows)
  • Turns: Get another couple of attacks in
  • Soldiers: Instant soldiers, just add water (1-3 hours worth, based on your current maximum rate)
  • Gems: A few gems to help you grab some more free game goodies

Couple notes to clarify:

  • Bought crates at this time do not have a chance to contain gems. It would be weird to spend gems on a crate that contains gems!
  • Common crates (whether bought or stumbled upon) open instantly. This means gold, soldiers, turns or gems are immediately added to your account without further action. Watch out for those big windfalls of gold after recruiting or spying! Check your base to see which crates you are still eligible to open.
  • The chances for attacking, spying, and sabbing only apply to the first of such actions on any unique target per day. In other words, if you don't find the crate on your first recon on that person, move onto the next.


  • New filtering in logs - use your ctrl/cmd key to select multiple items to filter by. Crates and daily login bonus, for example, fall under the "Bonus" category
  • The buffs that have been expired have been removed from the list on the premium page.
  • You can now extend the recruiter buffs with the same number of gems as it takes to buy a new one. This will allow you to have a buff that lasts 2 or more weeks without having to remember to go back to click the button each week..

If you notice any problems with them, let us know