Jun 14, 2021 |

Welcome to Age 40!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend away from clicking, sabbing, warring and general chaos!  Below are some changes you will see in the new age. While this post does not include all of the planned changes for Age 40, it will outline the the most recent ones.

1. We have moved the game to a new server.

2. No soldiers will be awarded from external clicks during Limbo. You may, of course, still share your recruit link, and we hope you do!

3. Speaking of recruit links... you will notice that your recruit link has been shortened (i,e, https://ruinsof.ch/aos/xxxx).

4. All Marketplace transactions are now anonymous. Don't try to work around that.

5. The ratio for being able to see another player's gold (your spy vs. their sentry) has been changed to 1.125:1

6. At the end of the age, special rank badges will be awarded to the top 3 players as well as the top Alliance. The badges will show up on the players' base page and will remain through subsequent ages as long as the account is active. Name changes will not affect the badges, however, resetting or deleting will mean the loss of the badges. (Don't ask for exceptions.) Other badges will be awarded which will be confirmed in a later post.

7. There is an important change you can expect regarding the carry-over of Gems from one age to the next. Beginning with the end of Age 40, only 50% of free Gems will carry over to the next age. Of course, 100% of purchased Gems and Doge amounts will still be carried over to the next age.

8. We have a new RoC forum which will be integrated into the game! There will be general game areas of the forum which will be open to all players. Additionally, Alliances will be able to set up their own space in the forum with a direct link from their Alliance page in-game. You can expect to see this feature in the very early weeks of the age. 

9. The formula for calculating Alliance Ranks has been slightly modified.

10. Some races have been slightly rebalanced in some key areas in the backend, no percentages in terms of bonuses were changed.

11. You can now see how many Respec's you've used out of your limit of 3.

That's all...for now! 

Have a great age!

May 31, 2021 |

New Chat Option!

A new, easy way to access the new RoC Discord chat has been added to the game for people who don't/won't/can't have the Discord app downloaded. All you have to do is:


1. Click on the CHAT link at the top of your screen, and a new window will pop up which will be your path to the official Discord RoC chat. You will notice that when you join Discord from the game link, you will have "Bot" after your name in chat; also, others will not be able to notify (@) you. This is due to how Discord works; should they change things in the future, we will follow suit.


2. If you already have a Discord account:  When the window pops up, click the "Logout" button in the bottom left part of the screen. 

3. Click "Logon". 

4. Select "Discord Account? Log in" to allow the in-game client to use your Discord account.


By following these steps, you will immediately land in the RoC General chat channel. Enjoy!

Apr 16, 2021 |

Updates to Marketplace and Doge Transactions


As you may be aware, we have recently made some changes that affect the marketplace as well as Doge transactions — some of the changes have been in the works for a while and others have been made due to the recent price volatility.

  • There are now two EPIC cards that can be found in crates: Respec and Doge.

  • All accounts must be active for a minimum of 14 days before the account holders can withdraw Doge outside of the game environment.

  • The new minimum Doge transaction amount on the Market has been revised down to 5 Doge with a minimum fee of 1 Doge to Gamefiar.

  • The minimum Doge withdrawal amount has been increased to 52 Doge (50 Doge + 1 Doge to Gamefiar + 1 Doge network fee).

  • All current Doge transactions in the Market have been cancelled to allow players to re-post due to recent changes in value.


Let us know if you have any questions.


Mar 4, 2021 |

Beginning immediately, we are offering new gem-buying options in the Premium Services feature. You now may choose from 4 new tiers for purchasing gems ($4.99, $14.99, $24.99, and $199.99). Additionally, the established price tiers remain but have been modified so that you receive more gems for your purchase.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding these important upgrades.

Mar 3, 2021 | Welcome to Age 39!

We’re glad you made it through the Beta and are now back to have fun and wreak a little havoc on the Battlefield once more. Below is a review of the current changes as well as a recap of some changes/features made in Beta which have now been permanently implemented in the game. We do plan a few more tweaks that will not affect the overall gameplay and will keep you updated as those occur.

Return of the Doge

Doge has made a return to the market once again! A new (Gamefiar) fee has been introduced for market transactions involving Doge. Also, a new minimum withdrawal amount of 25 Ð (+ network fee and Gamefiar fee) has been added to the game.

Tax on Credit Transfers

The tax on credit transfers has been lowered to 10% of the number of credits being transferred.

Respec Cards

While a player may stumble upon, sell, or trade any number of Respec Cards during the age, they will only be able to play 3 Respec Cards per age.

Vacation Mode

The Vacation Mode feature of the game was designed for players to use when a personal situation prevented them from playing for 4 days or longer and they wanted to preserve their account during their absence. It was not meant to be used as a battlefield tactic or game strategy, so the use of the vacation feature has been changed. A player entering Vacation Mode for X number of days, must wait the same number of days once their account returns to active status before going into Vacation Mode again.

Additionally, Vacation Mode may only be used 3 times in an age. If a dire personal emergency arises, players may appeal to an Administrator to be considered for an exemption.   

tl;dr  If you are in Vacation Mode for 5 days, you must wait another 5 days to go on vacation again after you return. Only 3 vacations per age.

New Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

A lot of things (both big and small) have changed in the digital world since we first gave the green light to RoC. So, to ensure compliance with the rapidly changing laws and requirements for Terms of Service/Use and Privacy Policies, we will be posting the new Gamefiar policies. These updated policies provide important information about how we treat your personal information, what activities are prohibited, specific information relating to your cryptocurrency, and many other important subjects.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with the new policies.

Items Implemented in Beta (Recap)

Global Events Timer and Notification

Notification of the various events has now been changed so that events that are scheduled to run within a 3-hour window can be seen on your Base page. Also, when an event is live, you will be able to keep track of it by watching the handy timer at the top of your page(s).

Additionally, event cooldown/frequency has been tweaked. You can now expect to see major events more frequently.

Turn-Based Gold Estimates

Players may now recon another player, and their estimated Turn-based Gold (TBG) will instantly show on that player’s base page. All members of an alliance will be able to see the TBG estimates based on the recons of their alliance members. Players who play without an alliance must do the recons themselves before the TBG estimates will show.

Protect Cards
Protect cards are 12 hours long and require 2x the cooldown upon returning. You can still play more than one at a time to get consecutive 12-hour periods of protection. However, if you play 2 cards to get 24 hours of protection, then you must wait 48 hours before you can play a Protect card again, etc.

Also, crates only contain one protect card now. No more "OMG I GOT THREE PROTECT CARDS IN MY CRATE!" (Sorry!)

Recruiter Upgrades
The Recruiter upgrades have had a major overhaul. The upgrades now start at 0% savings and stop at 75% savings. The prices have also been changed, so keep a sharp eye out and make sure you know what you are buying! 

Siege & Fortification Upgrades
The cost of upgrades for both Siege and Fortification have been changed.

Daily Login Bonus
The Daily Login Bonus is set so that each day you log in, you receive a bonus; these daily bonuses increase in value each day. In previous ages, if you missed a day, your Bonuses were reset to Day 1 values. This has been changed so that if you now miss a day logging in, you are not penalized and do not have to start over from the beginning. (But you’ll still want to play every single day all the time, ya know!)

New Game Badges & Icons
You will now see a variety of new and improved Game Badges & Icons being used throughout the game. You will notice them on your Friends page and especially in the notifications that will pop up at the top of your pages.

Sabotaged Weapons

At the end of the age, sabotaged weapons (that did not break during the age) will no longer be removed when calculating the final account values. You’re welcome, all you “round number junkies” – we can hear you celebrating already!


  • Your email and password are no longer required to reactivate or reset your account.
  • Various markup (HTML) fixes and other behind-the-scenes changes to fix/reduce database-related errors have been completed.
  • Improved support for those viewing pages with monitors that support higher resolutions
  • Cooldown has returned + behind-the-scenes CAPTCHA fixes have been implemented. 

If you have any questions or need help with any game issues, please contact your Game Staff on Discord or send an in-game message. Have a great age!





Jan 10, 2021 | Welcome to Age 39 Beta. Expect the unexpected.
Stuff will change in the middle of the age! Here's a list of what's changed so far [list] [*]Protect cards are 12 hours long and require 2x the cooldown upon returning. You can still play more than one at a time to get consecutive 12-hour periods of protection--play 2 cards to get 24 hours of protection, then you need to wait 48 hours before you can play protect again, etc. [*]Crates contain one protect card [*]Daily login bonus no longer starts over from the beginning if you miss a day [*]Sabbed weapons will no longer be removed at the end of the age if they didn't break (rejoice, all ye round number junkies!) [*]Your email and password are no longer required to reactivate or reset [*]Events that are scheduled to run within 3 hours are now viewable in your Base page [*]Various markup (HTML) fixes [*]New 'badge' used across the game pages [*]Improved support for those viewing pages with monitors that support higher resolutions [*]Cooldown has returned + behind the scenes CAPTCHA fixes [*]Recruiter Upgrades have been changed. They now go from 0% savings up to 75% savings [*]More behind the scene changes to fix/reduce database-related errors [*]TBG estimation from recon data (alliance else solo) has been added to the game, go to your [url=http://ruinsofchaos.com/preferences.php]Preferences[/url] to enable [*][B]Global Event Notifier feature is now live, go to your [url=http://ruinsofchaos.com/preferences.php]Preferences[/url] to enable. You'll only see this when an event is currently active.[/B] [/list]