Age 19 starts in 7h56m13s

Dec 26, 2014 | Age 18

  • New events
  • Altered old events
  • Slow News Day is funny again
Dec 20, 2014 | Next Age
With less than 2 days until Age 17 ends, planning for the next age is in full swing. Due to the timing of the age end, with regards to the upcoming holidays, we will have a brief (4 day) speed round to allow those who wish to actually see friends and family during the holidays to do so without being penalized in game for having a social life.

The nerve of those losers.

Limbo activations will begin at 12:01am EST December 26th and last for 12 hours. It's pretty much guaranteed that someone in the world will be offended by this choice, so Andy tenders his resignation in advance.

Let the games begin, and Happy Holidays from the RoC staff!
Dec 9, 2014 |
Today we learned the sad news of the passing of our friend and ROC member, Robert Allen´╗┐ a.k.a. Chromed. The severe pain and unrelenting suffering he endured at the hands of that beast cancer is now over. Our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies are with his family and circle of friends today.

RIP, Chromed. The gold is all yours now!
Nov 24, 2014 |
Changes galore:

  • New consolidated inbox with expanded (alliance, private, public and official) chats
  • Mod tool upgrades
  • Stats page no longer displays broken images in buddy type

More changes on the way in the coming days.
Sep 7, 2014 | Major fix
Fixed a bug causing a wrong letter on wtfletters to drop the entire batch.
Sep 6, 2014 | Age 17
Changes this round:

  • Okay, Slow News Day still isn't funny. Guess I'll remove it again.
  • Large events shouldn't bug out the base anymore.
  • Email verification is now needed at the beginning of each round. See below for explanation.
  • Swiper is still disabled.

Email verification! Last age, work was started on a messaging system overhaul, but a problem was encountered very quickly. We have entirely too many bad emails running around, so if we were to forward in-game messages to your email, or email notify you when a thread you marked "Important" was updated, there would be a decent chance we'd be sending it to a bad mailbox. This isn't a huge deal for you, you simply wouldn't get the message; for us, it's a bigger deal because we get penalized for sending emails out that are refused by the server. It looks like we're spamming people, basically. If we verify once, we can start adding in new features that use email without worrying about being penalized.

Tentatively, and absolutely no promises are being made here, my plan is to overhaul the messaging and attack systems this round. Neither should make a huge gameplay impact, so I'm not worried about "beta" or only changing things at the start of the new round. This is HIGHLY dependent on my work schedule, and with all our missed deadlines and wishlists in the past, take it with a grain of salt.

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