Mar 27, 2022 | Welcome to Age 43!

Welcome to Age 43!

Congratulations to Uldrek on 1st place!

We've decided to go in a slight change of direction this age – some people won't like the changes and some will; we'll assess this at the end of the age, we can't be afraid of change(s).

Here is a list of changes that have been made to start the new age:

  • Weapons will now sell for 75% of their value, not 80% as in previous ages.
  • The (in)famous Industrious event is back!
  • Each account now starts the age with 1 Respec card; these cards will no longer be found in a chest. If you play your Respec card after the End of Age countdown timer has been activated, you will automatically be placed in Protect status during the 30 minutes of Respec. This means that you cannot attack nor be attacked.
  • The "Legendary" chest has been removed.
  • The Gold Rush event has been given a slight bump (now 10%, not 7%)
  • "Stealth Mode Go!" and "Cyanide" events will occur less frequently.
  • Turns and Broken Keys can be stolen via certain actions, at random, for all races.
  • ALL races have had slight tweaks to their bonuses.
  • Top Saboteurs is back! *
  • If you upgrade Smithing while a key is being repaired, the repair time will be reduced by 2 hours.

There may be additional game play tweaks made as the age progresses, so be sure to keep an eye on the News!

Have a great age, and don't forget to stop by Discord and join the conversation there.

Jan 24, 2022 |

A new, optional feature for the public player profiles has been added.  

You may now show your stats, ranks, credits, and turns to other players in your profile if you like.

As an example, your profile can now show:

My SA is 458,440,725 and it's #84
My TBG is ≈6,544,480
My Spy is 656,198,992 and it's ranked #78
I have 117,728 credits saved
My defense is ranked #88
I only have 557 turns left.

For the above example, here are the commands (please note that an extra line is needed between the lines):

My SA is {strike} and it's {strike_rank}

My TBG is {tbg} 

My Spy is {spy} and it's ranked {spy_rank}

I have {credits} credits saved

My defense is ranked {defense_rank}

I only have {turns} turns left.

If you have any issues or questions, contact one of the Game Staff on Discord.

Jan 11, 2022 |

It has come to our attention that some are trying to sell credits/gold for DOGE direct to other players and bypassing the market. We would like to remind all players of our previous News post, specifically:



You will no longer be able to buy/sell credits or gold using DOGE on the marketplace.  Circumventing this rule in any way is a bannable offense.


To confirm:  Both the buyer and seller accounts will be banned. DON'T GET BANNED.

Jan 2, 2022 |

(edited below)


We hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season and are ready for a little non-holiday chaos! 

Here is a short list of the  most obvious changes made for this age:

  Age 42 will be a somewhat shorter age than normal. (No, we won't tell you how short!)

  A Scavenger card now includes the option of stealing Keys.

  Player profile messages will be reinstated. Misuse or inappropriate usage (including harrassing messages, foul language, cheating accusations to name a few) of this feature will result in loss of the profile for the duration of the age.



You will no longer be able to buy/sell credits or gold using DOGE on the marketplace. Circumventing this rule in any way is a bannable offense.



The number of Smithing levels has been increased. The costs and Key repair times have been adjusted accordingly. 



A new chest has been added that will give a random Premium feature, e.g. Smart Stats, etc.

The LEGENDARY chests only contain a Respec Card now. (DOGE has been removed from the chest.) The cost to open this chest has been reduced to 125 keys.

The EPIC chests now require 20 Keys to open them rather than 25.


EDIT:  Additionally, when opening multiple chests at a time, you must now wait 60 seconds between chests or you will receive an error message.


If you have questions or need assistance, click on the Contact link at the bottom of the page to reach Game Staff or join us on Discord by clicking the CHAT link at the top of the page.


Happy New Year! Have a great year and a new age!

Sep 22, 2021 |


The following are the newly modified Smithing Levels. Each level shows the time required to complete Smithing repairs on your Keys as well as the added bonus of reduced repair costs for your weapons:

Level 1 Drawing: 24 hours Key repair time + 1% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 2 Upsetting: 20-24 hours Key repair time + 2% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 3 Punching: 16-20 hours Key repair time + 3% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 4 Cutting: 12-16 hours Key repair time + 4% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 5 Splitting: 8-12 hours Key repair time + 5% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 6 Riveting: 4-8 hours Key repair time + 6% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 7 Welding: 2-4 hours Key repair time + 7% reduced weapon repair costs



The cost of a Legendary Chest has been reduced to 150 keys.



Respec Cards are no longer accepted on the Marketplace and cannot be traded. They are still limited to 3 (three) per age per account.

Sep 19, 2021 |


As you know, there was an issue posting the final stats from Age 40. This will be resolved right after the new age begins, and you'll find the results in the History page.

Here are the changes that have been implemented at the start of the new age:

You will have noticed by now that the amount of gold and turns you received on activation has been doubled from previous ages. Also, external recruiting links are disabled during the Limbo period.



Protect cards are no longer stackable--you can only use one at a time.

The Protect cool-down period is now fixed:  once your Protect card expires, you must wait at least 24 hrs before playing another.

When a Protect Card is activated, there is now a countdown visible on the User's Stats page. Be aware, it is not accurate to the second.



As previously announced, 25% of free Gems in each account were removed at the end of last age. 

Only a total of 10 buffs can be activated at any one time.

The cost of Command Chain, Sab Stats, Rich Messaging, and Log Tools have been reduced by 50%.



All bonuses have been reduced by 50%.



Some of the event duration times have been slightly modified.



A new skill has been added:  Smithing. Each upgrade to the Smithing skill will reduce key repair times and weapon repair costs by 1%. There is a maximum of 7 (seven) upgrade levels.



There is no daily login bonus now.

Players will no longer stumble upon, fall over, or pry open activity crates. Instead, the Daily Goals activities will generate keys with which you can open crates. Some of the keys may be broken and must be repaired in order to use them. The time required for repair is determined by your Smithing level. Each upgrade to the Smithing skill will reduce key repair time by 1%. Level 7 Upgrade (the highest upgrade) is required to fix a broken key and allow it to be used to unlock a crate.

Key Repair Times:

Level 1 = 7-14 hrs

Level 2 = 6-12 hrs

Level 3 = 5-10 hrs

Level 4 = 4-8 hrs

Level 5  = 3-6 hrs

Level 6 = 2-4 hrs

Level 7 = 1-2 hrs

The maximum number of keys you can find per day is 5 (five). It is possible to receive all five keys by any combination of actions (recruiting, attacking, sabbing, spying). If you are only in the mood to attack, it is possible to gain all five keys by repeated attacks.

The amount of keys you have in your account will determine the level of crates you will be able to open. For example, it will require more keys to open an Epic crate than a Rare crate, more keys to open a Legendary crate than an Epic crate, etc. By clicking on the Keys & Chests tab, you will be able to see how many keys you have and what crate(s) are available to you for opening.