Sep 22, 2021 |


The following are the newly modified Smithing Levels. Each level shows the time required to complete Smithing repairs on your Keys as well as the added bonus of reduced repair costs for your weapons:

Level 1 Drawing: 24 hours Key repair time + 1% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 2 Upsetting: 20-24 hours Key repair time + 2% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 3 Punching: 16-20 hours Key repair time + 3% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 4 Cutting: 12-16 hours Key repair time + 4% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 5 Splitting: 8-12 hours Key repair time + 5% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 6 Riveting: 4-8 hours Key repair time + 6% reduced weapon repair costs

Level 7 Welding: 2-4 hours Key repair time + 7% reduced weapon repair costs



The cost of a Legendary Chest has been reduced to 150 keys.



Respec Cards are no longer accepted on the Marketplace and cannot be traded. They are still limited to 3 (three) per age per account.

Sep 19, 2021 |


As you know, there was an issue posting the final stats from Age 40. This will be resolved right after the new age begins, and you'll find the results in the History page.

Here are the changes that have been implemented at the start of the new age:

You will have noticed by now that the amount of gold and turns you received on activation has been doubled from previous ages. Also, external recruiting links are disabled during the Limbo period.



Protect cards are no longer stackable--you can only use one at a time.

The Protect cool-down period is now fixed:  once your Protect card expires, you must wait at least 24 hrs before playing another.

When a Protect Card is activated, there is now a countdown visible on the User's Stats page. Be aware, it is not accurate to the second.



As previously announced, 25% of free Gems in each account were removed at the end of last age. 

Only a total of 10 buffs can be activated at any one time.

The cost of Command Chain, Sab Stats, Rich Messaging, and Log Tools have been reduced by 50%.



All bonuses have been reduced by 50%.



Some of the event duration times have been slightly modified.



A new skill has been added:  Smithing. Each upgrade to the Smithing skill will reduce key repair times and weapon repair costs by 1%. There is a maximum of 7 (seven) upgrade levels.



There is no daily login bonus now.

Players will no longer stumble upon, fall over, or pry open activity crates. Instead, the Daily Goals activities will generate keys with which you can open crates. Some of the keys may be broken and must be repaired in order to use them. The time required for repair is determined by your Smithing level. Each upgrade to the Smithing skill will reduce key repair time by 1%. Level 7 Upgrade (the highest upgrade) is required to fix a broken key and allow it to be used to unlock a crate.

Key Repair Times:

Level 1 = 7-14 hrs

Level 2 = 6-12 hrs

Level 3 = 5-10 hrs

Level 4 = 4-8 hrs

Level 5  = 3-6 hrs

Level 6 = 2-4 hrs

Level 7 = 1-2 hrs

The maximum number of keys you can find per day is 5 (five). It is possible to receive all five keys by any combination of actions (recruiting, attacking, sabbing, spying). If you are only in the mood to attack, it is possible to gain all five keys by repeated attacks.

The amount of keys you have in your account will determine the level of crates you will be able to open. For example, it will require more keys to open an Epic crate than a Rare crate, more keys to open a Legendary crate than an Epic crate, etc. By clicking on the Keys & Chests tab, you will be able to see how many keys you have and what crate(s) are available to you for opening.






Jun 14, 2021 |

Welcome to Age 40!

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend away from clicking, sabbing, warring and general chaos!  Below are some changes you will see in the new age. While this post does not include all of the planned changes for Age 40, it will outline the the most recent ones.

1. We have moved the game to a new server.

2. No soldiers will be awarded from external clicks during Limbo. You may, of course, still share your recruit link, and we hope you do!

3. Speaking of recruit links... you will notice that your recruit link has been shortened (i,e,

4. All Marketplace transactions are now anonymous. Don't try to work around that.

5. The ratio for being able to see another player's gold (your spy vs. their sentry) has been changed to 1.125:1

6. At the end of the age, special rank badges will be awarded to the top 3 players as well as the top Alliance. The badges will show up on the players' base page and will remain through subsequent ages as long as the account is active. Name changes will not affect the badges, however, resetting or deleting will mean the loss of the badges. (Don't ask for exceptions.) Other badges will be awarded which will be confirmed in a later post.

7. There is an important change you can expect regarding the carry-over of Gems from one age to the next. Beginning with the end of Age 40, only 50% of free Gems will carry over to the next age. Of course, 100% of purchased Gems and Doge amounts will still be carried over to the next age.

8. We have a new RoC forum which will be integrated into the game! There will be general game areas of the forum which will be open to all players. Additionally, Alliances will be able to set up their own space in the forum with a direct link from their Alliance page in-game. You can expect to see this feature in the very early weeks of the age. 

9. The formula for calculating Alliance Ranks has been slightly modified.

10. Some races have been slightly rebalanced in some key areas in the backend, no percentages in terms of bonuses were changed.

11. You can now see how many Respec's you've used out of your limit of 3.

That's all...for now! 

Have a great age!

May 31, 2021 |

New Chat Option!

A new, easy way to access the new RoC Discord chat has been added to the game for people who don't/won't/can't have the Discord app downloaded. All you have to do is:


1. Click on the CHAT link at the top of your screen, and a new window will pop up which will be your path to the official Discord RoC chat. You will notice that when you join Discord from the game link, you will have "Bot" after your name in chat; also, others will not be able to notify (@) you. This is due to how Discord works; should they change things in the future, we will follow suit.


2. If you already have a Discord account:  When the window pops up, click the "Logout" button in the bottom left part of the screen. 

3. Click "Logon". 

4. Select "Discord Account? Log in" to allow the in-game client to use your Discord account.


By following these steps, you will immediately land in the RoC General chat channel. Enjoy!

Apr 16, 2021 |

Updates to Marketplace and Doge Transactions


As you may be aware, we have recently made some changes that affect the marketplace as well as Doge transactions — some of the changes have been in the works for a while and others have been made due to the recent price volatility.

  • There are now two EPIC cards that can be found in crates: Respec and Doge.

  • All accounts must be active for a minimum of 14 days before the account holders can withdraw Doge outside of the game environment.

  • The new minimum Doge transaction amount on the Market has been revised down to 5 Doge with a minimum fee of 1 Doge to Gamefiar.

  • The minimum Doge withdrawal amount has been increased to 52 Doge (50 Doge + 1 Doge to Gamefiar + 1 Doge network fee).

  • All current Doge transactions in the Market have been cancelled to allow players to re-post due to recent changes in value.


Let us know if you have any questions.


Mar 4, 2021 |

Beginning immediately, we are offering new gem-buying options in the Premium Services feature. You now may choose from 4 new tiers for purchasing gems ($4.99, $14.99, $24.99, and $199.99). Additionally, the established price tiers remain but have been modified so that you receive more gems for your purchase.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding these important upgrades.