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How do I sign up?
Register your account by filling out the few boxes on that page, and finish by clicking the number. It really is as simple as that!

Once signing up, you may reset your account to choose another race once every 24 hours (except in the hours prior to the start of an age, where you can reset indefinitely until the start).

After signing up, you will need to verify your account within 3 days by clicking on a link that gets emailed to the address you signed up with. Since your email is used as your login ID, it is important to use one that is secure and working. We recommend against using free services like Hotmail, which may mistake our verification emails for spam.

If you didn't get the email in a reasonable amount of time, say, 30 minutes, check your junk mail folder or select a new email.
There are 5 races in Ruins of Chaos:
Playing Style
There are a few different kinds of gameplay strategies, and your chosen race's bonus may help or hurt each strategy.

  • Ranker
    • Prefers gaining as many soldiers as possible and trying to get the best rank
    • Usually the most well-balanced armies, while not being overly powerful in any one area
  • Banker
    • Prefers keeping gold above all else
    • Spends gold several times a day
    • Usually hides in the rankings, typically with a highly defensive build
  • Spy/Sabber
    • Prefers being able to find more gold and sabotage more effectively
    • Spends gold mostly toward repairing weapons in war
    • Usually hides in the rankings with high covert stats
  • Slayer
    • Prefers taking all the gold they can
    • Spends their own gold a few times a day; spends other people's gold as often as they damn well please!
    • Typically focuses on attack, and possibly spy if they don't have any spy friends

There are, of course, some exceptions to these trends, but they can vary from age to age depending on what's different about the gameplay settings and who decides to play.